• Silk Road

    All the basics of Xinjiang cuisine can be found in this fundamental restaurant, its simplicity creating the impression of true local flavor. Dancers included.[open]

  • The Silk Road

    Dine amongst handmade art and engraved copper chandeliers from Xinjiang Province at The Silk Road. The restaurant serves more than just the food of the region: it creates a fun-filled [open]

  • Spice Bazaar

    The rustic, wood-paneled interior of this Dongping Road eatery is tasteful and understated, and gives little away as to the provenance of the food you are about to enjoy. But [open]

  • Uighur Restaurant

    Top Xinjiang cuisine with plenty of bustling, shouting and whooping. Bring your dancing shoes - you may be required to undulate your belly while jangling metal armlets.[open]

  • Xibo

    Uighur restaurant that aims to take a more sophisticated approach, avoiding the kitsch that defines other Xinjiang establishments. Western presentation and style augments the toned-down flavors of the dishes.[open]

  • Yershari XiYu Food

    Original from the traditional Xinjiang Cuisine and with a perfect mixture of middle Asian, Middle Eastern as well as Turkish flavor, Yershari always holds the spirit of nature, delight and [open]