How to Get Smarter at the Shanghai Library For Free

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016 

under Education & Career by Vicki Zhang

I volunteered at the reception desk for lectures held at Shanghai Library for three years. It was a remarkable experience because noteworthy experts in almost every field you could think of might have come by and given a speech/lecture there. And the best part of it: free of charge for all, with only negligible exceptions.


My personal favorite was “Different Approaches to Artistic Creation: Architecture, Literature and Paintings” by Mr. Paul Andreu, who designed Pudong International Airport. Recent lectures include modern interpretation of Mozart’s music and analysis of Shanghai’s DisneyWorld. Sounds fun, eh? Here's how to sign up for these free lectures at the Shanghai Library in a hot Shanghai minute, using WeChat.


Step 1: Search and subscribe according to its official account: lecturelibrary


Step 2: Click “信息info” on the bottom left corner, and then select “English” if you don’t read Chinese. If you do, click around and help yourself out, what are you even doing here?



Step 3: Now we want to look at the schedule of the lectures. Schedule of July is currently up, and August's should be available sometimes in late July.



Step 4: After deciding on the ones you like, take note of (a) the booking code and (b) the time period available for registration.



(By the way, you could call the number at the bottom if you have any questions regarding the lectures.)


Step 5: You are only allowed to register from the date noted and onwards. Registration closes a few days before the lecture. When it’s time to register, type and send the corresponding bookingcode in your conversation with the official account.


Ta-da! Now you know how to attend lectures at the grand city library. Although most lectures are held in Chinese (great opportunity to practice the language since most speakers talk slowly and with a thick hometown accent), there are sometimes ones in English. Go sign up and...




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August 01, 2016