• BoBo Club

    Hong Kong-based learning center with educational courses in language, arts and music, as well as multi-intelligence programs and playgroups. A cheerful and motivating environment for kids, with all classes conducted [open]

  • FaceArt Music InterNations

    FaceArt Music InterNations is an "open house" music and arts club providing music education and a creative performing space with an exciting roster of performances from international artists. FaceArt is [open]

  • The Fun Factory

    China is full of factories; clothing factories, electronic factories, car factories and plenty of different factories all over mainland. But only one factory brings magic and fun to your celebrations. [open]

  • Hays Education

    Hays is one of the largest specialist recruiting company in Asia Pacific and the UK. Hays Education in Shanghai specializes in providing professional advice for qualified teachers, and helps them [open]

  • iSummer Tech Camps

    America’s #1 Tech Camp, now in Shanghai. America's #1 Tech Camps, held at 60 prestigious universities in the US including Stanford, Columbia, MIT, UCLA & NYU, is now in Shanghai! Technology [open]

  • J. Shine Learning and Family Fun Center

    J. Shine Learning and Family Fun Center provides an environment with exciting learning experiences together with a year-round family fun activity-calendar for urban families living in Shanghai with children aged [open]

  • Jessy's Funland (Closed)

    This play center offers incredible toys and games, along with guided arts and crafts, that are designed to foster learning, emotional confidence and social interaction – all in the name [open]


    Early Education to 2.5-7 yrs old kids, of sensory integration exam and training. Enlighting courses including Story time, Air Clay and Creative Art.[open]

  • Joy-Arts Piano School

    Joy-Arts Piano School is a professional piano education home service company that has been providing all-in-one packages since 2000. Their tutors are licensed and conservatory trained with overseas PhD degrees [open]

  • Kiddy Education TEFL Courses

    TEFL Kids Shanghai's weekend courses help you focus on some of the key issues surrounding teaching English: being in a classroom with a group of non-native speaker students, motivating them, [open]

  • Kids Elements

    This art center offers a series of fun and innovative courses to free your child’s imagination. Kids Elements is geared towards teaching 18-month-old to 16-year-old children through hands-on art activities [open]

  • KidzArt China

    KidzArt, the top American creative art school, specializes in multi-form art based creativity classes for children from age 2 to 12 in either Chinese or English language. With a strong curriculum [open]

  • Little Bugz Play Centre

    The Little Bugz Play Centre is a recreational and learning centre for youngsters.[open]

  • The Little Urban Center

    The Little Urban Center (LUC) is a children’s enrichment activity center specifically designed in layout and operating philosophy where imagination and creativity are empowered in a ‘club like’ atmosphere, through [open]

  • MoNo Music Studio

    Mono Music Studio specializes in music training, studio service, performance and event planning, etc. We offer bilingual training, and everyone is welcomed! The studio is conveniently located right next to [open]

  • Percussion Tutor

    Hello, are you interested in learning to play percussion? I'm an American technology and music teacher here in Shanghai and I'm offering private lessons for concert percussion (snare and bass [open]