• myLohas

    Vending organic beauty products, myLohas offers Shanghai dwellers natural, safe products for the skin, hair and body. Ranges include items for both children and adults.[open]

  • Sephora

    Sephora, the "Beauty candy store", is a global beauty authority with over 500 stores in 14 countries. Sephora's stores, with its signature open-sell and high-end design, offer customers the freedom [open]

  • Stone Gallery @ Julu Lu

    Fine jewellry made of gem-stone and semi-treasure stone, et in silver and gold. Handmade jewellry with Amber, Topas, Citrine, Amethyst, Garnet, Tourmaline, rose quartz and more. Stop by to enjoy [open]

  • Swiss Perfection

    SWISS PERFECTION comes from world famous Clinique La Prairie Cellular Therapy Center which was found in 1931, extracts cellular essence (IRISA®) from cells of IRIS Germanica root, makes use [open]