• Broadway

    Wide selection of American, European, and latest release DVD's with good quality and reasonable prices. 本店拥有大量欧美文艺片,好莱坞经典老电影,最新上映新片大片,品种丰富齐全堪称一流。 本店所提供的商品均为优质片源.价格公道,保证质量 此外,本店还提供各类CD 音乐DVD等,供您选择![open]

  • Chaterhouse

    A mix of culture, east to west, characterizes a cosmopolitan city like Shanghai. Chaterhouse is a traditional bookstore that builds on western enlightenment which stock up a wide variety of [open]

  • CNPIEC Shanghai

    Shanghai CNPIEC imports and exports cultural information media including books, newspapers, audio-visual products covering areas such as education, commerce, industry and technology. The Shanghai store also offers international newspapers and [open]

  • Garden Books

    Decent selection of English books with a play area for kids, cafe and ice cream.[open]

  • Old China Hand Reading Room

    Nice little hide away with a decent selection of English books and a neat menu of tea and nibblies.[open]

  • www.booksdirect.com.cn

    Your English Books available in China NOW - High Quality and Superb Customer Service! FAST & FREE delivery to homes and offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing! Check out our English [open]