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4th floor, 4th stand, Hongkou Football Stadium, Hongkou football stadium metro



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55600658 / 15921304376

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Setup since 2003, Planet laser is a high-tech, live action laser game played in a themed arena where special effects fog, laser beams, pulse-pumping music and other players create an exciting, entertaining adventure. Players score points by deactivating opponents and their base stations with their laser guns while defending themselves and their team’s base station from opponents.

Before each game, players are led to the briefing room where a games marshal gives a customized explanation of the rules, the game, equipment functions and safety guidelines. Once briefed, players head for the equipment room, where they strap on their laser vests and prepare for action. Hearts pumping. Senses alert. The door swings open and the action begins!

Special Guns:

Except for regular gun, Planet Laser has near 20 kinds of special guns, such as AK Sniper, M16, Shot Gun, Grenade, Machine Pistol, G36, AK47 and more. Each one has special function. Planet Laser is the arena who has most special weapons in the world