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Discover Baguazhang with Joy

Location 1 : Traditional classes in the Park (French concession) Location 2: CLS venue 田子坊泰康路200弄,3号楼,#311 Tianzifang, Taikang Rd, Lane #200, Bldg 3, #311


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Discover Baguazhang with Joy

Baguazhang is a beautiful martial art form, considered also as an internal practice (or nei jia gong). It is one of the three main Chinese martial arts of the Wudang school.
Practicing Bagua one can improve health drastically, preventing disease and promoting longevity.
It is by having balance between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body is when we can find peace.
Baguazhang is a form to maintain harmony in our personal life.

Weekly schedule

Tuesday : 7-8am
Thursday: 7-8am
Sunday: 7-8 am

First class free
Drop in 50:
Monthly class fee: 600rmb

From September 3

CLS venue
Tianzifang, Taikang Rd, Lane #200, Bldg 3, #311

Open class: Saturday, Sept. 3
Time: 11am -12

Ongoing classes from September 3:
Every Saturday from 11am-12

First class : free
Drop in class: 150
5 class package: 600rmb

For info and registration please contact Joy
Wechat: 13564972240 (

Check out intro Dragon Baguazhang link: