• Anastasia Zharkova

    Anastasia Zharkova[open]

  • Burma Boating

    Burma Boating organizes sailing holidays in Burma(Myanmar)and in South East Asia. Staffed by passionate sailors, trips are available from as little as 5 days or up to 5 weeks. After [open]

  • ChinaHelp24

    If you’re a tourist, a businessman or an academic, this company helps you navigate your way around the China marketplace, including legal advice, supplier solutions and help with shipping.[open]

  • CREER Corporation

    Escort interpreting and other interpreting and translation services in major Chinese cities. Contact Shanghai office for further information.[open]

  • Ethical Encounters - Volunteer Holidays

    Ethical Encounters started in 2008 through the growing need for more support for communities based in rural Africa. Most of the on-going grassroot projects are unable either to financially support [open]

  • Gongyu Village

    Gongyu Village, Zhejiang Province[open]

  • Guideshanghai

    Guideshanghai is part of the Bao Steel Group Shanghai International Travel Service, established in 1994, under the Shanghai Bao Steel Group. Our company features an international staff of experienced, avid travelers [open]

  • Jade Travel

    With Years of Experience in Servicing the Expat Community for travel arrangement[open]

  • Jolie Adventures

    We offer individual treks, yoga, and tai chi retreats in Western China as well as yoga and dynamic dancing meditation classes and tantric massage.[open]

  • Koryo Tours

    We are the experts in organising travel to DPRK - the least visited country in the world. We offer great-value group tours and independent tours and arrange everything from itinerary [open]

  • Leisure Tour, Inc.

    Leisure Tour, Inc. is a travel agency specializing in international flights booking and China tour packages. Our experienced team members have been serving many multinational companies for years like Porsche, [open]

  • Lisbeta Tours

    Dear Visitor! let me welcome you in advance in Shanghai! The "east paris in China"as our city is often referred to !Shanghai is really a unique beautiful and popular city,renowned for [open]

  • Luke Sidecar

    Luke's Sidecar shop is the professional shop since 3-5-1999. Luke has done sidecar business over then years. We have lots of experience exported bike to many counties in the world. [open]

  • Luxury Concierge China

    Luxury Concierge China (LCC) is a travel consultant and service provider. Some of LCC's services include: * tailor made itineraries * hotel bookings with preferential rates * private guided [open]

  • MeetMeinShanghai tour&business assistants Services

    Title : Lovely private tour guides, assistants& interpreters offered in Shanghai& beyond with www.meetmeinshanghai.com Let www.meetmeinshanghai.com offer you the best personal tour guides, assistants& [open]

  • Muztagh Travel Service

    Muztagh Travel Service is a leading tour company specialized in arranging high quality tours to China and its neighboring regions. Since 1997, we are keeping our selves among the top [open]

  • Mystic Morocco

    Mystic’s mission is to partake in a shared journey, where the company would work with the guest from the planning stage all the way to accompanying them on a truly [open]

  • Pear Garden Yao

    Activities: Pears picking and visit Zhuanghang Town for goat meat. Fruit picking time: 27 July - mid Auguest Fees: No entrance fees Pick-up: No pick-up Departure Date: Choose your own departure date Customizable: Yes! About [open]

  • phil guide

    Are you coming to shanghai? we are experienced team, our goal is to save your money to help you gain more fun. we helped many business person /travellors all around the world [open]

  • SAT China

    Knowledgeable and enthusiastic association of personal tour guides and travel planners. Travel logistics are all handled by the staff, including planning the trip, booking accommodation, ordering train/plane tickets, arranging airport [open]

  • Shanghai C&L International Service Company

    Hi friends, this is Claire Lee based in China. I am your personal English tour guide with solid experience in guiding foreign tours, interpreting service for visitors and business people [open]

  • Shanghai Concierge

    Wonderful Shanghai City Coach Tour; Old Shanghai City Coach Tour; Excursion Coach Tours to Suzhou, Hangzhou, Zhouzhuang Water Village; Available Everyday! Licensed Bilingual Tour Guide! Private Tour with Chauffered Limousine available! Acrobatic & Huang Pu River [open]

  • Shanghai Sideways

    As its name says, Shanghai Sideways provides you with a sideways look of Shanghai, the 20 Million inhabitants’ city. A sideways look first and obviously because we invite you aboard our [open]

  • Synotrip Travel Guide and Tour Guides

    Private tour guides for Shanghai – with expertise in local history, shopping, business and nightlife – are available for hire through this middle-man company. Drivers, assistants, tutors and interpreters are [open]

  • Translation Service

    We provide a package service for expat travlers to shanghai during weekends(sat & sun) including guiding, translation, car rental, dinner organizing, hotel/air ticket booking, shopping etc. As our target clients [open]

  • Yejo Travel Co Ltd

    Yejo Circle proposes original journeys to explore the country side near Shanghai with a blend of Nature-Culture-Spirituality. Refresh-Inspire-Empower your Life Get R.I.E.L.[open]