Shanghai is one of the most popular travel destinations. Ask any tourist who is planning to come to China and he will mention this city as a «must visit». It is full of ancient buildings with Chinese culture, traditional restaurants, and awesome events, but also it’s a modern center of China where you can find any brand of apparel, modern cinemas, and luxury hotels. There is no doubt that Shanghai creates many emotions and impressions, that’s why each year there are about 300 millions of tourists here.

Shanghai has become a popular place for many people to move to. Good level of salaries, different companies, financial centers, and friendly people… All these things make Shanghai look very nice to those who want to leave their country and start a new life in another one, or even for those who just want to earn money and come to Shanghai for some months.

But imagine… When a city has so many things to offer, how can it be possible to understand what to choose? Which restaurants would be better for you? Which hairstylist is the best? Which hotels are the most comfortable? How to get a taxi? Where to read the news? Where to find a party not so far from home? Where to go if you have mental issues? You can search for hours to find the information. But we decided to help you 🙂 Here are 99 links that will make your life in Shanghai definitely better. Enjoy!

Food and beverages.

  1. – read all the news about cafes and restaurants in Shanghai, find new ones, see some ratings.
  2. – the most popular website to see all cafes, bars and restaurants: use filters (by cuisine, location, or price), find what you like, read comments and choose where to have a dinner tonight.
  3. – online supermarket with delivery in Shanghai.
  4. – all news about new food tours, new cafes, etc.
  5. – delivery service in Shanghai, works like Uber Eats, you can get any warm/hot food, you can download an app.
  6. – links to the organic food markets and stores for those who prefer to eat healthy.
  7. – the most popular market in Shanghai, the website shows the dates and the news about the market.
  8. – list of all supermarkets in Shanghai with the location.
  9. – food delivery service from different restaurants in Shanghai, its difference is that Sherpa delivers only cuisine of foreign countries.
  10. – for the street food lovers; list of the most popular places with fast-food in Shanghai.


  1. – find here all the necessary information about upcoming events, tours for tourists, main attractions.
  2. – read news about traveling in Shanghai (new places to see, events).
  3. – local tours with guides in Shanghai.
  4. – popular service which helps to rent a bicycle and travel around the city, you can download the app.
  5. – Chinese taxi which is similar to Uber, its rates are much lower than the usual taxi has.
  6. – the best map for Shanghai.
  7. – the best app to buy any trains or flights to travel from/to Shanghai, you can download the app.
  8. – a low-cost airline which allows you to find the cheapest flights from/to Shanghai.
  9. – the source which will help to understand where to go in Shanghai metro.
  10. – here is the list of the most popular travel agencies who can help to travel from/to Shanghai to/from any part of the world.


  1. – read some news about hotels in Shanghai, read about trends.
  2. – find hotels in Shanghai using different filters and see their ratings.
  3. – the most popular website to find and book any hotel in Shanghai using different filters (price, location, stars, breakfast type).
  4.–China/homes?screen_size=large&refinement_paths%5B%5D=%2Fhomes&query=Shanghai%2C%20China&place_id=ChIJMzz1sUBwsjURoWTDI5QSlQI&search_type=autocomplete_click – list of all apartments which can be booked in Shanghai with the ratings.
  5. – a website where you can find a host and spend there some nights for free.
  6. – website to find an apartment to rent for a long time (shared or non-shared one).
  7. – the best hostels in Shanghai for those who want to spend not too much money.
  8. – the website with the modern ideas to exchange houses (you can give keys from your house to someone from another country and he’ll give you the keys from his house in that country so that you can travel and live for free during some time).
  9. – the website where you can buy or sell your house/apartment.
  10. – the best hotels 5* in Shanghai.


  1. – here is the best website for those who want to get to the university in Shanghai: all of the universities, admissions, and requirements are mentioned here.
  2. – find where to buy books or where to read them, learn new authors.
  3. – classes and workshops in Shanghai.
  4. – the website for the students which helps to find a right university with the details about price, location, housing, etc.
  5. – all driving schools in Shanghai.
  6. – language schools in Shanghai.
  7. – different classes for kids.
  8. – the best international schools for kids and youths in Shanghai with reviews.
  9. – online free courses from Shanghai Jiao Tong University on different topics.
  10. – list of different courses for adults with a possibility to get a certificate.


  1. – tips for Shanghai medicine.
  2. – list of all hospitals in Shanghai.
  3. – all dental centers in Shanghai.
  4. – the website where you can ask any questions to professional doctors if you don’t have enough time to come to the hospital and to wait in a huge line.
  5. – all pharmacies in Shanghai.
  6. – all SPA centers in Shanghai where you can get a massage and other services which will make you feel better.
  7. – all vets (pet hospitals) in Shanghai.
  8. – Shanghai resorts to improve health.
  9. – therapists in Shanghai which can help to improve mental health.
  10. – list of insurance companies in Shanghai.


  1. – here is the website of the commission of commerce, find upcoming business events here, also here you can ask questions about laws and import&export.
  2. – find all the information about financial zones and industrial parks in Shanghai, learn more about investment here.
  3. – stock exchange in Shanghai, learn more about financial trends, markets, and products.
  4. – read all the news about finance in Shanghai.
  5. – find jobs in Shanghai, good for both Chinese and non-Chinese people.
  6. – all the business exhibitions.
  7. – website to rent an office in Shanghai.
  8. – the biggest list of jobs in Shanghai.
  9. – internships in Shanghai which will help to start a career in a big company.
  10. – freelance jobs in Shanghai.


  1. – popular online shop for men and women in Shanghai, use filters and find outfits which you want.
  2. – all the information about new shops and apparel trends.
  3. – all the shopping malls in Shanghai with ratings.
  4. – the website where you can buy online almost everything.
  5. – list of shops with furniture.
  6. – it’s similar to Taobao but it’s focused on electronic devices.
  7. – IKEA in Shanghai where you can buy anything for your home.
  8. – list of Shanghai markets where you can buy everything from toys for kids to souvenirs.
  9. tps:// – the website where you can order a special shopping tour in Shanghai (you’ll be taken in special shopping centers and the specialists will help you to bargain and not lose your money).
  10. – auto dealers where you can buy a car.


  1. – a service that helps to find a maid for a low price, you can download an app.
  2. – modern service to order a hairstylist or a manicurist, choose what you need exactly and the master will come right to you.
  3. – list of all cleaning house services in Shanghai.
  4. – list of all property agencies in Shanghai which can help to buy or sell a house.
  5.– the best laundries in Shanghai.
  6. – all the companies in Shanghai which can help to move or relocate your stuff when you move out.
  7. – website to find a petsitter, each of them has a rating.
  8. – the website where you can find a babysitter or post your resume to be the one.
  9. – banks of Shanghai where you can exchange money or get other services with the location.
  10. – list of tailors located in Shanghai.

Community and social.

  1. – read all the social news in Shanghai.
  2. – social platform in China which allows us to chat with others, send photos, etc.
  3. – Chinese Spotify where you can listen to any songs.
  4. – source to find travelers or local people in Shanghai to meet and hang out with.
  5. – website to meet people from different parts of the world, which can help to find people in Shanghai or to chat with some foreigners.
  6. – Chinese Youtube where you can watch anything you want.
  7. – the website where people share their stories, ask for advice, where it’s possible to ask any question, and share your opinion.
  8. – website, and app to find a date or a new friend.
  9. – Tik Tok which is one of the most popular social media now which specialization is to create short funny videos and to get followers.
  10. – game streaming service which helps to find people to play online with.


  1. – news about all the events in Shanghai (special parties, games, performances, etc.)
  2. – list of upcoming events and festivals.
  3. – list of dance studios in Shanghai with mentioning all of the dance styles in each studio.
  4. – all sports clubs in Shanghai.
  5. – all cinema theaters in Shanghai.
  6. – swimming pools in Shanghai with the location mentioned.
  7. – the best clubs/bars for the nightlife in Shanghai.
  8. – one of the most popular places in Shanghai: Disneyland, all prices and activities are mentioned here.
  9. – all the upcoming concerts in Shanghai.

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