As the first international club with the pioneering concept of “Five Clubs in One” in China, Shanghai Town & Country Club (STCC), combines business networking, opportunities to socialize, a great environment for quality family time, international standard dining and the opportunity for the athletic life all together. It is aimed at providing every member family with unique, entertaining and healthy activities, creating wonderful family memories. STCC will have its grand opening in mid-April.

Adopting a membership by invitation policy, STCC guarantees the privacy of its members, while ensuring the high quality standard of membership. STCC with its unique array of amenities and international standards, will serve as a social platform which will benefit all members. Joining STCC will become the lifestyle symbol for the Global Families in Shanghai and China.

The brand new concept of “Five Clubs in One” meets the demand of every single member. Gentlemen can expand their social circle and carry out business meetings either in the Private Lounge or even more informally in the Golf Center. Ladies can experience being pampered in the spa or enjoy Michelin-level cuisine with the whole family.

Also STCC want the children to grow up leading a balanced and healthy life, with the cornerstones of sports properly taught, having fun with family and friends, enjoying the cultural side of life and understanding a healthy diet being the focus.

So with STCC’s  specially hand-picked, trained and dedicated team, creative and innovative programming, tied in with the unique sports and recreation facilities, international quality dining options, it will be recognized in true club style, as the “Home Away From Home” for all the family.

The club also designs various activities for children of different ages, enabling them to learn more from entertainment and build up friendships. Committed to offering the most humanized and professional one-on-one service to every member, STCC spares no effort in establishing a premier community with the feature of Family Heritage, creating the perfect family memory for each member.

Additional being a member of STCC is like being a member of many different clubs worldwide. As STCC has established reciprocal rights with many of the leading clubs of the world, such as the Tokyo America Club of Japan, and the Pacific Club of Hawaii. As a member of STCC, you can enjoy the premier services as a member when visiting those clubs.

One of the key features of STCC is the unique programing of an array of cultural, family and fun activities under the banner of “Only @STCC” and so in May for the first time in Greater China, STCC will host the first Guinness World Records Carnival. This will also be an event not to be missed.

As part of the Grand Debut, Imperial Suzhou River Mansion will also be unveiled with a sales limitation of merely ten units. Each family that purchases a residence will naturally become a lifelong member of STCC. This is the ultimate lifestyle which provides the uniqueness of STCC as your living room, tied in with round-the-clock and high-end supporting facilities, it will provide a unique lifestyle that combines work rest and play together.

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