Let’s get straight down to the numbers; Disneyland Shanghai is opening on June 16th. Tickets go on sale on March 28th. Prices for one-day tickets are as follows;

June 16-30th (opening festivities); 499 RMB
Peak tickets (weekends, state holidays, all summer); 499 RMB
Off-peak tickets (weekdays); 370 RMB

Special pricing for specific guests: children (or 1.4m and below, for some reason), seniors (65 years old and above) and guests with disabilities will get 25% discounts, infants (1m and below) will receive free admission. A two-day ticket will be available with a 5% discount.

That means that Disneyland Shanghai, on an off-peak day, will be the cheapest in the world. Yes.

How Much A Trip Could Really Cost

That doesn’t factor in how you get there, where you’re staying, what you’re eating, and how many pairs of styrofoam Mickey Mouse ears you want to bring home. It’s the start of the month, and flush with a fresh paycheque, we’ve already planned out our Disneyland expenditures using this handy little web tool our friend sent us.

Which day

Which day? Well, we need to be there on day one, of course, so… summer period, third option…1, 2, 3 day?

Do we want a 1, 2 or 3-day ticket? 3-day, of course, got to try all those new rides before someone else vomits on them…


Get there


Do we get there by foot, subway, car or taxi? The only people walking are those who live next door or those who treat Disneyland trips like some sort of holy pilgrimage. Dubways will be too crowded and the new station looks awful, we don’t own a car, so… taxi it is!

Stay where

Where are we going to stay? At home, a budget hotel, a guesthouse, or one of Disneyland’s own shiny new palaces? Well, we’re there for 3 days, so we’d probably save money on the taxi by staying at the park, but budget hotels and guesthouses probably don’t have safety deposit boxes for our precious, precious 3-day tickets. Guess the only safe and affordable option is to stay at either the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel or the Toy Story Hotel…


Eat What

What to eat while we’re there… nothing, fried chicken and a coke, international cuisine from the themed restaurants, or a proper meal by Wishing Star Lake. We didn’t come all the way out here to eat KFC, and we’ll be staying at the hotel right next to the lake, so a proper meal by the lake it is!


How many souvenirs do we plan to buy… come on? As many pairs of styrofoam Mickey Mouse ears as we can fit into the back of the taxi, we’re taking home at the end of the three days.

So! How much is that all together–




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