Is 4K Gaming Worth It?

If you’re a big gamer, you might be thinking of upgrading your monitor to a 4k system, but with the added cost, you may also be wondering if the extra bucks are really worth it, and if it will bring anything additional to your gaming experience.

What Does a 4K Monitor Do?

A 4k monitor essentially gives you four times the number of pixels as a 1080p, giving you a beautifully sharp image and a more realistic picture. This, in theory, is perfect for gaming, but it does have a few provisos as well which we will discuss further in this article.

The great thing about 4k is that it’s great for gaming, but even everyday tasks such as streaming a movie or looking at images from your holiday are going to be greatly enhanced by this wonderful piece of kit.


Well, here is the good news. Yes, 4k monitors are still more expensive that your average PC monitor, but they have recently dropped in price a lot, which makes them much more accessible to the average user. You can get a Lenovo 4k Gaming PC for less than $800 and a monitor for use with a desktop PC for around $200. This is an absolute steal for this amazing technology.

There are, however, some snags you need to be aware of…

The Downside

The downside is that a 4k screen resolution can be quite demanding on your system, meaning you really need to consider whether or not your processor can handle it. If it can’t, you will experience a drop in performance.

You only really have two options here: you stick with a lower quality screen resolution, such as a 1440p display, that you can run with a lower performing system, or you get a faster processor that can easily handle the 4k screen resolution.

You don’t want to sacrifice your gaming experience for the sake of a slightly higher resolution, but if you have a great quality machine and processor already or you’re thinking of purchasing a new high end set up, then 4k could be a great way to achieve immersive gaming.

Other Considerations

There are a few other considerations to think about when looking at 4k systems for gaming.

Firstly, some older games are not compatible with such a high screen resolution. This can, in some cases, cause blurring or even black lines where the game is being ‘fit’ to the screen.

You’ll also need to configure your settings to work well with your new screen, for example, making icons a larger size as they may not scale up to the new resolution well.


4K monitors are amazing for gaming if you have the right processor to back one up. You can ensure the rest of your hardware will be suitable to run a 4k display by checking with a professional. If your computer is up to scratch, then a 4k monitor could complete the outfit and create a really immersive gaming experience for you. Remember, also, that older games may not transfer to the new system too well, so if you mainly play older games then 4k technology may not be right for you.

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