Doing a day safari is a way different experience to the night equivalent. Firstly, the amount of game you see is way higher and in addition you can be more adventurous in going off-road. On the first morning of our safari, we encountered a zebra who poked its head out of the tree. It’s an awkward but strangely beautiful animal but it does stare at you in a very dumbfounded way. Zebra came across our car next. ‘


Our guide Devon told us that Zebras are so weak that cannot hold any weight even though they have a big ribcage. The biggest highlight of the two day safaris was seeing a mother cheetah and her three offspring running around and looking graceful. The cheetah walked around our game drive vehicle before proceeding to show off on a tree like preening supermodels. The young ones then ran off, swinging their tales around like big whips.


The other big highlight of our two days of day safari was being chased by a big bull elephant. The bull was about 21 years old and was angry that we were going near his water hole and the other females in his herd. We had to race away because he was running really fast. Eventually, he gave up, went to the watering hole, pushed the other females out of the way and then went to sleep standing up. Day safaris provide you with a completely different and eventful experience compared to the night equivalent. Put it on your travel bucket list.


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