The pets are a lifeline and a pillar of strength for a lot of people. Cats, in particular, are among one the most popular and best companions you could ask for. But just like humans, cats can have some social needs which some people become unable to fulfill either because of their busy schedule or due to various other personal reasons. Shanghai is no different in that regard and because of that various services have been introduced in the city but even with all those pet services, the conditions of the pet care aren’t that praiseworthy.

Current Situation of the Cat Caretakers in Shanghai

The popularity of pets, of cats, in particular, is increasing day by day in Shanghai and more pet caring centers and services are being introduced with every passing day. But even with all the continuous effort of caretaking organizations to make the lives of the cats and cat owner easier, things are still far from perfect. There are still thousands of stray cats roaming in the streets of Shanghai and one of the contributors to this increase in the number of strays is the expensive or inadequate cat daycare services. While a lot of these organizations are promising to provide and fulfill the needs of the playful cats and take good care of them, they are either too expensive or their services and care are inadequate to satisfy the needs of the cats and end up stressing them out. Most of these caretakers either don’t have enough knowledge about taking care of cats like their nutritional, physical and social needs or they are not hygienic enough to keep your furry friend in good health and might end up making them ill instead. Because of these reasons, the cat owners who are either too busy in their professional or social life and cannot cater to the needs of their feline companions on a regular basis and need a reliable partner who can look after their feline family members with as much love and care as their owners. Those who cannot find any reliable caretaking companies or organizations end up abandoning their cats which in turn ends up increasing the number of strays and abandoned cats.

But it’s not all bad. There are those who are trying to make an effort to resolve this situation by providing all the required services like grooming, boarding, and daycare of cats by meeting all the needs of this playful feline species. But as mentioned above, some of these are too expensive and average pet owners cannot afford these services. Besides, there too few professional service providers since most of the caretakers in Shanghai are the locals who agree to take care of your cats for a certain wage per day or per night. Since they are promising to take care of your cat for a single day or night, these per day wages end up as too expensive to afford on a regular basis. Besides, they are not equipped to take care of your cats and there is no guarantee if your cats are getting the attention or they need from their caretakers or play around with them. Also, you cannot be sure if they know about the grooming needs of a cat and it can be difficult and time-consuming to find someone equipped with such knowledge besides the professional daycare, boarding and grooming service providers.

This could affect the cats in a bad way and could impact their health and mood from the built-up stress as a result. So in order to find a service provider whom you can trust with your fluffy friends, you need to have a certain degree of knowledge about the basic needs of a cat and how you can actually cater to those needs. With such knowledge in your arsenal, you will be able to identify whether a service provider knows what they’re doing and whether you can trust them with your cats.

Here’s all you need to know about taking care of your cat and how you can find out if the said person has the necessary knowledge and expertise to take care of your kitty.

Needs of a cat and Best way to Take care of them

Cats are known as low maintenance and self-caring creatures. They will see to most of their needs one way or the other but it does not mean that they are completely independent and don’t need to be taken care of. In fact, there are several factors to be considered when taking care of your cat which not only includes their diet but also the playing time, sleeping hours, sleeps spots, grooming styles and methods and providing an enriched indoor environment for your cat to spread its legs.

The dietary needs of a cat are not too complicated. Since the cats are the cousins of their larger feline family members like lions, tigers, cheetahs, and leopards, they too, like their meat-loving cousins, are true carnivores. To satisfy their hunger, high-quality wet food is the best choice for your cat since it will keep your cat in good health by providing a sufficient amount of proteins and it will also take good care of their dental health. However, be careful to avoid feeding the food with too many carbohydrates or grains since the grains will affect the dental health of your furry friend.

You must also have access to clean water at all times. It would be optimal if your cat could drink the mineral or filtered water but tap waterworks as well. Cats are extremely sensitive to smell and will not drink from the bowl if the bowl is not clean or if the water is not fresh. If your cat keeps avoiding the water bowl, wash and rinse it thoroughly and try again.

Cats are very proud creatures and are very careful when it comes to their whiskers. They don’t like to bend their whiskers so make sure that the feeding and water bowls are large enough.

About their sleeping hours and needs, the sleep time of cats on average is about 16 hours a day and cats like to sleep in high places so that they can see what’s going on around and below them. Ensuring that your cat has a few nice high spots to nap is one of the best ways to keep your feline friend in a happy mood.

Cats spend 4 to 6 hours of the day playing, exploring, grooming and stretching their limbs. The best way to keep your cat occupied is to provide him with an enriched indoor environment. That means you need to have a lot of toys for your cat to play with, which you can keep swapping or changing periodically so he doesn’t get bored with them. Another strategy to keep your cat happy is to play in a different room with him every once in a while. Also, make sure to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes a day with the cat and give him lots of love through cuddles and passing praising comments will really make him happy.

Spaying or neutering your cat is necessary in order to mitigate his needs and urges for mating.

Grooming your cat is one of the most important and essential elements you need to take care of. That means trimming his tails, brushing him on a regular basis and keeping his dental hygiene in check so you don’t have to visit the Vet for dental problems that may occur as a result of carelessness.

Besides these basic needs, your cat will always have urges to stretch his limbs and to scratch things. Be sure to have a scratching post for them to scratch and stretch their limbs to their heart’s content. The scratching post must be hung about 30 inches from the ground or should be tall enough to meet that requirement. And catnips are one of the best ways to keep your cat happy since cats absolutely love catnips. You could stuff the toys with catnip to raise your cat’s interest in stationery toys which would seem boring to him otherwise.

Now that you know what your cat needs in a cat boarding, grooming, and daycare facility, you can find the right one for your cat pretty easily. In fact, we will even introduce one such service provided to you.

Smart Ppet Cat Daycare Service shanghai

Smartppet is one of the very best pet service providers in Shanghai and is like a premium hotel for your cat. Not only are they equipped with all the facilities, knowledge and love your cat will need, they also offer their services at reasonable prices. It is a lot more than just a pet store; it is an adobe of cat lovers.

Smartppet provides the best natural foods to meet all the nutritional needs of your cat from the brands and sources that you know about. They provide the best on the house service and have a huge selection of toys that would definitely pique the interest of your furry friend. Their grooming services are topnotch and have professionals who know what they are doing and love and care for the cats from the bottom of their hearts.

They also maintain a full pet information record for each and every one of their furry visitors to keep their mental and physical health in check. So your cat can stay in perfect health at all times and if something goes wrong, they’ll find out the problem right away and deal with it. Their staff loves your cats as if they were their own so you don’t need to worry about your kitty being ignored or underappreciated.

They are the best service providers you will find in Shanghai and their reputation in catering for the cats speaks for itself.


Cat-sitting specialists hope to take care of Shanghai’s rising number of pet lovers-Paragraph 2 Onwards



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