Welcome everyone who are interested in Chinese Culture and Mandarin language. If you are new in Shanghai, It is a great opportunity to start to know this lovely place. Start to learn Chinese and make more friends here, we are helping you to improve your Mandarin in a efficient way.

This is the an community talk activity hold by Mandarin House. In addition to the exciting and enriching aspects that come with living and working in this city, we know that people can also sometimes feel overwhelmed while living here. In this lesson, you can not only learn new and useful vocabulary for daily life, but also have the chance to know popular news that Chinese always like to talk about such as food, dating, traveling, job hunting etc.

This events provides you the opportunity to talk with other Chinese learner to find more useful hints or methods to study Mandarin and Attend Chinese culture events.

We provide “Personalized Course”:
 Choose anytime that you want to study
 Mobilizable Classroom (Home, Café, Park)
 HSK test guidance
 Reasonable prices
 We help VISA and accommodation if you need
Link to Apply:http://u490791.viewer.maka.im/k/4XUMFDLA
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