In case you hadn’t noticed, world famous all-women’s fitness center Curves is in Shanghai! And you should’ve because they’ve been here since 2015. But if you’re just hearing about it, that’s okay! Because it means you still have time to get ready for the summer season.

Well, you’re actually a bit behind, it’s already June. But better late than never, and just to give you a heads-up on the best way to get fit in time for the beach, we sent Jane out for the full Curves experience and asked her to report back.

Curves China is more than just a regular gym. The guiding principle behind it is to help women be proud of themselves. They say they want to help you be more self-confident and independent. You want to be aware of your own disadvantages but turn them to your advantage, to believe in yourself, to follow your intuition, not other peoples’ opinions. To lead a happy, healthy life. In a word, Curves wants to help you “rule your own world.”

With such an overwhelmingly positive, self-affirming philosophy, Curves seems to have set the bar pretty high. And honestly, after trying it myself, I can say it seems like it’s more than just lip-service.

8 Awesome Ways Curves Goes The Extra Mile For Women:

1. Professional body examination. That’s a really cool thing. You probably won’t find it in any other gym. Before I started my Curves program, the special equipment analyzed my body composition. Looked like a typical scales, but the device told me interesting things about myself that I was never aware of. Not just my weight, but my fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass and many more things.  According to these instructions, you can start exercising in a more effective way. Members of Curves do a new one every month, in order to check on the progress.

2. No need for personal coaches. Ok, not completely, personal coaches are still great for checking your form and making sure you don’t hurt yourself. But Curves Smart is a personal coaching exercises system that provides constant feedback on the workout. After the body examination, I got a small chip that contained information about my weight and strength. I just put it in the machine and it adapted according to my body. While I exercised, it monitored my heart rate and showed on the screen whether I was doing the workout correctly.  At the end of the session, I received a progress report, which included information on how many calories I’d burned and which muscles I’d trained. Fit-tech!

3. Only 30 minutes a day actually working out. The workout plan was designed to get an efficient full-body training on the Curves circuit. That circuit is a 30-minute work-out routine on the machines. Sounds too easy? Try it yourself and then tell me. The circuit has all kinds of hydraulic machines, which create resistance that intensifies the strength of the body.  The system is designed in a special way – you never stop moving your body. I had to change the activity every 30 seconds from machine workouts to dance steps on a mat, which wasn’t easy. This way, my body adjusted to a comfortable “weight-loss mode” without boring me to tears.

4.  They’ll Teach You To Dance. There were these simple dance steps that you do on the circuit in between machine workouts. The dance moves are from all over the place, with stuff like Latin rhythms, Broadway jazz, classic swing, funky hip hop, you name it. It’s like a Step-Up movie minus the terrible acting and unrealistic pressure to succeed. The Curves people say they’ve got boxing, balancing and toning routines planned for the future, so it looks like they’ll teach you to box, balance and I guess tone in the future too!

5. Club Events! Apart from sports activities, Curves China focuses on the complete development of the woman, strengthening her from the inside. Besides fitness coaches, Curves has professional nutritionists, stylists and skincare experts and other specialists, who help to develop and improve woman nature.

They regular hold educational events, cooking classes, beauty workshops, physiology consultation and more. They say “more,” I honestly can’t imagine what stone they’ve left unturned there, but like I said, it’s honestly looking like they’re cutting no corners when it comes to making women feel good.

6.  It’s Also Outdoors! Curves China provides outdoor sports activities: climbing, Frisbee, beach volleyball, golf… their main goal is to turn workouts into a habit and healthy lifestyle. A good effort, especially considering the air quality here, but you can’t say Curves isn’t being comprehensive.

7.  Awesome, Convenient Location. Located in the heart of Shanghai (5 minutes’ walk from People’s Square) the gym offers a beautiful interior, pleasant music, fully equipped fitting rooms (showers, shampoos, flip-flops, clean towels), yoga matts and bar. Bring your uniforms and shoes. Curves will take care of the rest.

8. Prices. Half-year membership is 3,108 RMB, which is pretty good, considering how tailored the training is. They’re not just letting you loose in a gym, they’re helping you get the most of it, and the Curves experience extends beyond the work-out. On top of that, the one-year membership, at a cost of 4,776 RMB, is a pretty sweet deal, too.

If you want to give it a try yourself, they’ve got two locations open now.

 In Xuhui

1199 Middle Fùxīng Road, near Jiāshàn Road

复兴中路1199号, 近嘉善路

Tel: +021 6422 6916

In Huangpu

23 West Běijīng Road, near Xīzàng Middle Road

北京西路23号, 近西藏中路

Tel: +021 6315 2527

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