Are you concerned about your increasing weight? Want to lose it to get back in shape? Well, you are not alone.  According to a report 2/3rd of the American adult’s population is overweight and 1/3rd are obese. In this scenario, considering the Chinese herbs for weight loss are the best option.

Controlling weight is not an easy feat. You need to maintain day to day routine, which is quite a challenging task. Researchers have been working for several years to come up with different ways to regulate body weight. However, many weight loss supplements are on the way of development. Although there is no miraculous weight loss pill in the market, some herbs have found to be effective with no side effects. 

It would help if you practiced patience for healthy weight loss. A regular workout regime and a balanced diet are the key factors for boosts metabolism and control weight. Apart from these, adding some herbs to your routine, definitely burn your calories, and reduce the waistline. Say goodbye to your worries and keep reading this blog post to learn about the best Chinese herbs for weight loss.

Why should you try Chinese herbs for weight loss?

The Chinese herbs can help you to melt excess weight and reach your ideal body size. Some of the Chinese herbs act as a mild diuretic that majorly curbs the water weight, while some others improve the metabolism due to their thermogenic properties. The herbs can minimize your desire to eat by stimulating the sensation of fullness. They come with no possible side effects.

The herbs add flavor to your meals. So, diversify your spice cabinet and couple the herbs with the controlled diet to see the magic!

Some other effects of Chinese herbs

The Chinese herbs date back a long time and are popularly used for the ailments such as

  • Respiratory issues
  • Allergic reactions
  • Heart health
  • Gynecological diseases
  • Psychological conditions

Promote your healing process along with the weight loss and maintain a perfect balance between your body and mind.

19 Chinese herbs for weight loss

Here is the list of 19 most popular Chinese herbs that may help you to lose unnecessary weight. Let’s get started,

Chinese herb #1: Gingerginger

Ginger has been used as a favorite spice, for a long time in cooking and baking of numerous dishes. It can help with a wide range of diseases due to their anti-inflammatory properties. A study suggests that ginger promotes digestion, curbs hunger, improves metabolism, and rapidly burns the fats, which ultimately helps you to reach your weight loss goal. 

Gingerol is the major component of ginger which significantly maintains the blood sugar level and controls the deposition of fat at the hip portion.

Ways to take ginger for effective weight loss

Consume the following best ginger combinations that will surely stop your fat accumulation.

  • Ginger with lemon,
  • Ginger with apple cider vinegar,
  • Green tea and ginger,
  • Ginger juice containing a small amount of lemon and honey.

Chinese herb #2: Ginseng人参

Not many people are aware, but ginseng is also a Chinese herb that helps to shred stubborn fat. Ginseng is also found in Korea and America and used as a complementary treatment of ailments. Ginseng, a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, has various health-boosting properties.

According to the study consuming the Korean ginseng for two months, twice daily improves the microbial flora of GIT and significantly reduces the excess weight.  Another study shows that ginseng is a powerful plant that combats obesity by preventing fat absorption.

Chinese herb #3: Hawthorn berries山楂果

Hawthorn berries is Another Chinese herb that is a common component of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to add flavor to the teas, candies, and sweets. If you have any heartburn or indigestion, try some sour hawthorn berries. We assure you that this Chinese weight loss formula will do magic to your waistline, and you will become a hero.

The typical recommended dose of hawthorn berries is 200mg to 3 g per day. This dose will purport significant health benefits like strengthen the heart muscles, improves digestion, and help you to battle with the belly fat.

Chinese herb #4: Goji berriesGoji berries

Unlike strawberries and blueberries, that are famous for their taste and health benefits, goji berries are an important ingredient of Chinese traditional medicine. It is a healthy fruit that has been used for centuries to enhance energy, concentration, relaxation, and overall wellbeing.

A study by national health services (NHS) reveals that goji berries are the best source of vitamin A, C, zinc, iron, fibers, and other minerals. It is rich in about 8 amino acids that aids in weight loss boosts immunity and work to enhance resistance against diseases. According to the health experts, intake of goji berries as a snack reduces the desire to eat at mealtime.

Safe intake of goji berries

Take 30 g of goji berries per serving as 23 calories are present in it. Sprinkle some berries in the salad or yogurt and enjoy their delicious taste. 

Chinese herb #5:Cinnamon肉桂

If you are worried about your increased weight, we suggest you add Cinnamon to your diet. In China, Cinnamon dates back to 2800 BC, and it’s the first to be used in bakery items. The sweet and pleasing scent of Cinnamon in your favorite food items improves your journey to better health. Flavorful Cinnamon is the natural way to get rid of stubborn kilos and achieve your weight loss goal.

The Japanese study suggests that complementing the workout and diet with Cinnamon fights the visceral fat. Let’s make cinnamon tea .to lose your weight simply

Chinese herb #6: licorice root.甘草

If you are struggling the body fat, then choose licorice root as it is the best Chinese herb that regulates body fat with no possible side effects. This sweet herb improves the process of digestion, helps in itching, swelling, and redness.

According to a study by American doctors, taking licorice keeps you satiated for a long time and you consume little calories. Another study suggests that licorice is a dietary fiber that is packed with vitamins, and nutrients, helps in the long term weight management. 

Chinese herb #7:Mangosteen山竹

Kokum is also a Chinese herb that helps to melt the accumulated body fat. It is said to have a significant role in the improvement of digestion and to relieve constipation. After eating this appetite suppressant, you will feel no more hunger pangs.

A study reveals that kokum is effective no only to lose weight, but it also helps you to get rid of body fat. Moreover, garcinol, an active component keeps the human body from inflammation, which commonly leads to obesity. Diabetes and other health conditions can also be cured through the use of kokum as it is rich in vitamin C and prevents oxidative stress. 

Chinese herb #8: turmeric root姜黄根

Turmeric powder is a compulsory spice in our meals. But it is also used as a treatment of various diseases for a long time. Turmeric deals with various ailments like metabolic disorders, stomach ulcers, and obesity. You don’t need to take a considerable quantity of turmeric root; instead, a small amount can also prevent inflammation and combat obesity.

Turmeric is not a weight-loss miracle; it acts on the fat tissues and hinders their growth. Along with the turmeric intake, make sure that you take a diet deficit in calories.

Chinese herb #9: fenugreek葫芦巴

Fenugreek is a spice, commonly used in food items. It keeps you full for a long time and aids in weight control. According to a study, a regular intake of 8 grams of Fenugreek controls the hunger pangs, keeps you satiated for a long time, and reduce the food intake. Another study showed that the daily consumption of Fenugreek could reduce food intake by 17%. This can lead to lower calorie intake and hence weight loss.

How to take fenugreek seeds for weight loss

  • Have some Fenugreek seeds overnight soaked in water.
  • Take Fenugreek tea empty stomach.
  • Consume sprouted fenugreek seeds.

Chinese herb #10: Lotus seed莲子

Lotus seed is also a traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss, but it is not much popular. The soups, stir-fries, teas, Japanese desserts, and Chinese pastries, most commonly contain lotus seeds as one of the ingredients. Combining the lotus seed with other metabolism-boosting herbs helps to treat diarrhea and improve the functioning of the liver and spleen. The presence of essential fibers, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus in lotus seed enhances the digestion process.

How much lotus seeds you should take?

Take 2 to 3 lotus seeds every day. You can either add it to your salad or eat it individually by seasoning with black pepper or salt.      

Chinese herb #11: cayenne pepper辣椒

Cayenne pepper is also a spice that brings flavor to the dishes. Its major component is capsaicin which shows various health benefits. According to research, capsaicin improves metabolism and burn extra calories from the body. Another study suggests that the intake of cayenne pepper creates a feeling of contentment and reduces hunger pangs.

If you don’t like the taste of cayenne pepper, you can either add it to different dishes or take the cayenne supplement.

Chinese herb #12: bitter orange苦橙

Bitter orange, also known as citrus Aurantium is a weight loss Chinese herb used for centuries. Although it is native to China, now it is also grown in Hawaii and California. Bitter orange is used for the treatment of various diseases, and it also helps in obesity.

Synephrine is an alkaloid found in the bitter orange, which is best to reduce heartburn, create a feeling of being full, and hence aids in weight loss. 32 mg of the synephrine every day is believed to provide the best result to deal with obesity.

Warning: similar to the ephedra and St. John warts, citrus Aurantium also have some harmful effects on health. So be cautious while using it.

Chinese herb #13: Caralluma Fimbriata/cactus仙人掌

Caralluma Fimbriata is a famous Chinese herb, used in weight loss supplements. It acts on serotonin, a neurotransmitter that increases the appetite. According to a study, the Caralluma Fimbriata herb greatly reduces belly fat and helps in weight loss. You only need to take 1 g of the herb regularly for 8 weeks, and you will notice a significant loss in weight.   

Chinese herb #14: gymnema sylvestreGymnema Sylvestre

This herb is used to control the blood sugar level naturally. If you are looking for the natural remedy for your increased weight, Gymnema Sylvestre is the best option as it contains the gymnemic acid which wards off the sugar cravings and helps you to feel less sweetness in the food. A study revealed that Gymnema Sylvestre is found to be best in appetite control and reduce food intake. It helps to maintain the weight even if you take fat-rich food.

Chinese herb #15: green coffee bean extract绿咖啡他

Another best weight loss herb is green coffee bean extract. These unroasted beans are commonly found in diet pills. The green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which has a potentially positive impact on healthy weight loss. A study reviews that if you consume coffee beans according to your BMI, you will notice an inevitable reduction in the belly fat with no significant changes in the diet intake.

The coffee beans can reduce the 2.5 kg of the body weight.

Chinese herb #16: aged Mandarin peelaged Mandarin peel

This Chinese herb is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It aids in the treatment of indigestion, vomiting, and other digestive problems. The aged mandarin peel is packed with fibers, vitamins, and minerals which fights obesity and helps in healthy weight loss. 

Like the Tangerine itself, it also aids in the elimination of excess fat reserves and controls bloating. Moreover, it also improves the lymph system, which reduces the fluids from the body and enhances weight loss.

Chinese herb #17: mung beans绿豆

You can regularly use mung beans in soups, congee, and pastries. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that helps to eliminate harmful chemicals and excess heat from the body. Mung beans are a great source of a multitude of nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, folates, and fibers which enhance stress control. It Improves digestion and aids in weight loss.

According to a study, this Chinese herb has the ability to suppress the ghrelin hormone (commonly known as the hunger hormone). Once you eat such legumes, it will make you feel fuller to almost 31%.

Chinese herb #18:   Yerba Mate马黛茶

Yerba mate is a traditional Chinese herb used for weight loss for centuries. It contains polyphenols and caffeine, so it is an important ingredient in energy drinks. The blood sugar level lowering properties makes yerba mate highly useful for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. This herb is loaded with some other nutrients that improve the mood, enhances the energy level, suppresses the appetite, and helps in the loss of extra pounds.

How to make yerba mate?

Consume yerba mate tea twice daily (containing 10g of yerba mate) for rapid weight loss.

Chinese herb #19: oregano

You might love the sizzling of oregano herbs on your pizza slice or a bowl of pasta. But besides providing flavor, oregano also importantly helps in weight loss. Carvacrol is an active ingredient in the fresh oregano which aids in dissolving the body fats, improves digestion, and curb bloating. According to the study, carvacrol directly impacts the genes and controls fat accumulation. You must add a pinch of oregano in your dishes as it reserves the essential oil. 

Do the Chinese herbs really work?

It’s a common misapprehension that only taking the herbs will help you to lose excess weight without any diet or physical activity. If that is the case, then the world would be free of obese people. For you to get the best results, putting some work is very necessary.

Firstly a calorie-restricted diet should be your priority. Taking the Chinese herbs, together with low-calorie intake, will drastically boost your weight loss. The herbs will help you to control your appetite, improve the energy, and allow the excess body fat to be used as an energy source. But for all these remarkable results, cut down the pizzas, burgers, and pasta and get free of frustration.  

To see results, in the long run, help yourself with the exercise and Chinese herbs. Wait and watch how effective fat burners are the herbs.  

Final thoughts

Have you ever visited China? If yes, then you must have noticed that not even a single individual is obese. What’s the reason behind it? Do they not eat? Well, the Chinese are food lovers, and they spend much of their time preparing and eating food. However, among all the Europeans and Asians, the Chinese are slim and healthy. They optimize their digestion and get rid of obesity through the regular intake of weight loss herbs. These herbs are the best weight loss solution of all times that anyone can use.

So no matter what kind of diet you prefer, the Chinese herbs can potentially reduce your dietary needs and help you in weight loss.   

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