Do you want to trim your body without any potential side effects? Well, Chinese weight loss teas are trending to make your waistline slimmer.

With the growing enthusiasm to stay in shape, people are moving towards healthy choices. 

They are more convinced to use the herbal teas to remain fit.

Deine in Chinese tea majorly improves digestion and enhances fat decomposition

Tea is the most popular beverage in China. The tea-drinking dates back to the 3red century in china, so no doubt it has become significant in Chinese culture.

China exports a large proportion of its teas in Morocco, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, and African countries.

According to a report, the gross income earned by Chinese teas exports reached a whopping 85% in 2019.

Another report suggests that in China, the domestic intake of Chinese teas is 9 times greater than coffee, and the sales and production of Chinese tea are expected to increase in the coming year.   

Which Chinese weight loss teas can do the magic to your body shape? Want to know that?

Well, swipe below to know the 15 best Chinese herbal teas for weight loss. 

15 best Chinese weight lose teas

1. Pu-erh tea

1.Pu-erh tea

Pu-reh tea is popularly known for its ability to shred the body fats by improving metabolism.

The caffeine in the tea releases certain hormones that allow the body to consume the fats as an energy source and protect the abdomen from unnecessary fats.

This tea is also a natural statin that lowers the concentration of triglycerides.

Pu-erh is produced in the Yunnan district of china and is sold in the form of brick or cake.

You just separate a small piece of the cake, brew it and enjoy the steaming hot cup of Pu-erh tea. 

Quick tips:

  • avoid the use of additives in the tea
  • Prefer to take it ½ an hour after the meal.

2. Oolong tea2.Oolong tea

Oolong tea is another traditional Chinese tea that has the ability to avoid fat absorption and decompose the lipids, which results in rapid weight loss.

A study revealed that oolong tea has the ability to inhibit fat absorption by up to 20% and boost energy expenditure by 2.9 %. So take the oolong tea for six weeks regularly and enjoy your slimmer waistline.

The unique flavor and fruity aroma are also the key characteristics of oolong tea, making it an even refreshing weight loss beverage.

3. Green tea3.Green tea

Green tea is also associated with fat loss because it contains flavonoids called catechins, which promotes metabolism and eliminates free radicals from the body.

It is also rich in caffeine and vitamin C or B1 that secretes gastric juice and rapidly digests the food. Green tea is the healthiest option to lose weight fast.

To reap maximum weight loss benefits, ensure that you drink 4 to 5 cups of green tea along with at least 25 minutes of exercise.   

Fact: apical leaves of the camellia Sinensis plant are the main source of green tea.  

4. Dark tea4.Dark tea

Dark tea (hei cha), also known as post-fermented tea, is popularly produced across china. The tea is available in the bricks or cakes form.

Dark tea is high in amino acids, caffeine, and phospholipids, which regulates fat metabolism, improves digestion and melts unwanted fats from the body.

Apart from this, dark tea is also best to control blood pressure and blood sugar level.

If you are a lover of some delicate teas like green tea, initially, it would be difficult for you to get accustomed to strong dark tea while once you continue drinking it, you would enjoy the mellow taste of dark tea.

Quick Tip: for maximum benefits, take the dark tea before meals.

5. Semen Cassie tea5. Semen Cassie tea

Sip Semen cassia tea and get rid of excess fats. Semen cassia is a cold herb that promotes bowel movements, optimizes metabolism, and helps in weight loss.

The tea also banishes the dampness and pathogenic heat from the body that is also the cause of fatness.

The tea is also the best laxative, so it is good for people suffering from constipation.     

Add 30 gr of semen cassia in a cup or teapot and pour boiling water into it. You can add the boiling water repeatedly throughout the day.

Quick tips: 

  • for the fast results, brew semen cassia with chrysanthemum, barbarism, and crataegus.
  • To prevent the fat accumulation, Take at least 10grams of semen cassia daily.

6. Black tea6.Black tea

Another effective Chinese weight loss beverage is black tea. It is high in caffeine, a flavone that assists the fat decomposition and dissolves the stored fats.

Caffeine also creates an ideal body to accomplish the weight loss plan by removing the body’s water weight and wastes.

The exposure to air and oxidation gives a characteristic brownish dark color to black tea.  

Quick tips:

  • don’t drink more than 3 cups of black tea per day because excessive intake can lead to calcium loss.
  • Prefer to take the tea before workouts or one hour after taking meals.  

7. Lemon tea7.Lemon tea

Lemon tea can fight for your belly bloats or body fats. It contains d-limonene content, which allows the body to cope up with metabolic disorders and high-fat-diet-induced obesity.

Besides this, lemon tea is also rich in vitamin C that decomposes fats, purifies the blood, and promotes metabolism.

So to deflate your belly and to get flawless skin, add lemon tea to your diet.

Quick Tip: to enhance the flavor of lemon tea, add honey, kelp, or rose into it.  

8. Jasmine tea8. Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is typically green tea with the blossoms from the jasmine plant placed inside it.

The flowers remain soaked until the aroma of jasmine infuses. This famous Chinese tea boosts the body metabolism and aid in weight loss.

The high content of caffeine and polyphenols EGCG in the tea promotes the burning of extra calories.

Besides this, pantothenic acid and folates in the tea also favor the fat-burning ability.

The tea is readily available in teabags, pearls, and loose leaves in the market or online health food stores.   

9. Chamomile tea9.Chamomile tea

Another Chinese super detox fat burning tea is chamomile tea. It wards off unnecessary fats from the body and helps to reduce stress and insomnia.

The studies revealed that chamomile tea improves the sleep cycle and helps people to optimize their daytime wakefulness.

Chamomile tea is obtained from the flowers of M chamomile that is famous for its anti-obesity properties.

Steep a bag or flowers of chamomile in hot boiling water for about 10 minutes.

Drink the infusion at least 45 minutes before bedtime to achieve the best benefits.   

10. Ginseng tea10.Ginseng tea

Ginseng tea, also a natural appetite suppressant, improves the body’s immune system and enhances the metabolism to lose weight effectively.

Ginsenosides and saponins in the tea promote the focus and concentration.

Ginseng tea is also power-packed with multiple vitamins and antioxidants that remove the free radicals from the body.

Accompany this tea with a healthy diet and regular workout to lose weight rapidly. So if you want to stay fit, chug a cup of tea every day.

11. Peppermint tea11.Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is Another weight-loss tea that is effective in battling unwanted chubbiness from the body.

Peppermint tea is the most refreshing beverage that soothes and relaxes the body.

It suppresses the appetite, boosts digestion, and improves metabolism, which is vital in weight loss.

Peppermint tea also has countless health benefits due to volatile components such as menthone, hesperidin, eriocitrin, etc.

Peppermint tea delivers relatively less caffeine than a cup of coffee so keep it in your cabinet to enjoy a delicious bedtime treat.

I assure you once you make a habit of drinking this aromatic tea, you will forget your fancy cup of green tea.

12. Goji tea12.Goji tea

Gogi tea is made up of goji berries packed with powerful antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It has been a traditional Chinese medicine weight loss tea for centuries.

The unique sour flavor and vibrant hue are the main reasons for the increased popularity of this tea.

Gogi tea is not only useful to crank up calorie burn, but it also slows down the aging process. The effects of the tea last for four fours.

Quick Tip: 

  • making the tea with 14g goji berries is a safe amount to lose weight.
  • Mix goji tea with green tea to boost the fat-burning process.  

13. Ginger tea13.Ginger tea

Ginger tea is the most popular, nutrient-dense weight loss herbal tea on the planet.

It promotes the metabolism that aids in weight loss. Ginger tea also blocks the bloat causing enzymes of the body and soothes the stomach pain.  

Quick Tip: 

  • to enhance the flavor of the ginger tea or to make it less potent, add cinnamon, cloves, cardamom in it.
  • You can drink ginger tea anytime in the day, but morning time is best for maximum benefits. After awakening, take the tea within 30 minutes. It will improve your metabolism and detoxify your body.   

14. Barberry tea14.Barberry tea

Barberry naturally contains a fat-burning chemical known as berberine.

Berberine boosts the energy expenditure and supports the functioning of different body organs such as the kidney, liver, and heart.

A study suggests that regular intake of berberine containing supplements for three months can significantly decrease BMI.

Hence, barberry tea is magic that rapidly melts off the excess pounds and supports weight loss.    

15. Hibiscus tea15.Hibiscus tea

Drinking traditional hibiscus tea is another great way to lose weight.

It is packed with flavonoids and anthocyanins that regulate lipid metabolism and promotes fat elimination.

Take the hibiscus tea and deflate your puffy, bloated stomach.

Caution: hibiscus tea can significantly lower the blood pressure, so consume no more than three servings of 8 ounces.

Chinese weight loss, tea side effects:

All Chinese weight loss teas are safe and effective.

They contain the non-toxic leaves, flowers, and seeds of the respective plant. However, ingesting the overdose of any of the strong tea can cause health issues like insomnia, vomiting, nausea, and increased thirst. Moreover, weight loss teas can also affect the efficacy of medicines. So avoid taking the prescribed medicines with tea.

Where can I buy those teas?

 Are you a tea hog, especially of Chinese varieties? Prefer these best places to shop high-quality Chinese teas. However, if you live in china, you can easily find the teas from any superstore or tea shop.

Online tea stores

  • Chamagood:is an e-commerce store launched by Beijing Chama Network Technology Co Ltd. All the varieties of the teas are easily available here. The store sells the teas at reasonable prices and aims to integrate the tea with the routine of consumers.
  • Teadaw:Is another major emerging force that targets organic Chinese teas. Teadow presents 100% organic, preservative-free, natural, and certified teas. So no matter if you live outside China, you can buy high-quality Chinese tea at a single click.
  • Zuipin:is also the largest e-commerce platform that sells diversified varieties of Chinese teas. They also offer tea accessories to meet your needs.  
  • TeaVivre:is another online website developed by passionate Chinese tea lovers. You can get your desired Chinese tea all the way from China.

Wrapping up

A vast majority of people are suffering from obesity worldwide. Now, most of them are properly wondering to know the remedy that supports them to stay slim. The high-end remedy is no other than Chinese weight-loss teas.

So as more people are getting aware of teas’ health benefits, they are consuming the best quality teas. Say goodbye to the suspicious remedies and try out these weight loss teas. 

Replace the high-fat beverages with these Chinese weight-loss teas and fit back to your tight apparel.     

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