China is amazing. It is often described as a “factory of the world” and best known for almost every kind of product that could be bought here. Chinese people have a crazy ability to produce imitations or let’s say fakes of world brands. Today we are going to consider fake markets in Shanghai. It is one of the four biggest cities in the People’s Republic of China and of course, millions of people are coming to this city to buy and bargain just every day. 

Where are the fake markets in Shanghai and how to get there?

The prices for fake products in Shanghai is a little higher than in other cities in China. There are many fake markets all over the city, but we will review only several of them that are the most popular: 

1, Shanghai Science & Technology Fake Market. Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Station, line 2 (green). The market is located inside the station itself. Operating hours: from 10 am to 7 pm. 

2, South Bund Fabric market. Metro station, exit 3, Nanpu Daqiao station, line 4 (deep purple). Operating hours; from 10 am to 6 pm.

3, Nanjing lu Fake market. Exit 2, Nanjing Xi Lu station, line 2 (green). Operating hours: from 10 am to 5 pm.

4, Yuyuan Market. 

5, Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market. 

6, Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market 

7, Fenshine Market is located at 580 Nanjing West Road.

8,Weekly Friday Muslim Street Market.

9, Ap Plaza.

10, Qipu Road Clothing market. Tiantong Road metro station (line 10) Operating hours: from 10 am to 6 pm.

11,Caojiadu Flower market. Exit 3, Longde Lu station, line 11 (deep red). Operating hours: from 10 am to 5 pm.

12,Shanghai Electronics Market

13, Xujiahui Electronics Market

14,DVD and Music Markets

15,Shanghai Shiliu Puhong Qixiang Cloth Market

16, Suzhou Village City God Temple Market. 

17,Hong Kong Famous Shops Street. 

18,Xiang Yang Fake MarketOpening hours – from 10 to 18.

19,Muslim Market. 

What is a fake or so-called black market in Shanghai?

A fake market is a kind of place where people can buy goods from the world’s leading brands at a cheap price. Fake markets in China sell relatively inexpensive items of goods that are 100% high-quality replicas.

You can find here everything from Gucci, Prada, Nike to Fendi, Channel, and many other best-known brands. These are great underground areas that sell goods produced in China and it is impossible to leave without making at least one purchase.

1,Shanghai Science and Technology Metro StationShanghai Science and Technology Metro Station fake market

This fake market is probably the biggest and the most expensive one in the whole of China. Since many foreigners come to bargain with this fake market it has the highest prices compared to other fake markets in the city.

There are thousands of shops here selling traditional Chinese souvenirs, clothes, watches, toys, etc.

Certainly, it is possible to find here very high-quality things, cheap knock offs as well as great quality replicas.

Depending on your budget you can buy decent quality items and very expensive and glamorous ones. The vast majority of people are coming here for hot-ticket items like handbags, watches, jewelry, etc.

But if you want to buy a top-quality item then you probably will be invited to a secret office that is located a little bit far away from the market.

Usually, it is done to hide away from the Chinese police. Rooms under the ground or in an old or a very unpleasant building often open doors after a special knocking or a call. ,

2,Qipu Road Clothing marketShanghai Science and Technology Metro Station

Very huge fake market-warehouse. Local Chinese come here very often to bargain and buy products. If you don’t know the Chinese language it is not recommended for you to go, there. You can buy here fake sportswear, men’s and women’s jeans, fake brand bags, children’s toys, sneakers, and cheap cosmetics.

3,Ad plaza (aka AP Xinyang Market)

The area of this counterfeit market in Shanghai is 57,000 square meters. It is conveniently located right above the Science and Technology Museum station, has collected more than 1000 retail outlets.

This fake market in Shanghai is one of the largest and most popular. It attracts more tourists than locals and prices are higher than in Qipu Lu.

All floors are looking the same so you should know where to go and what to buy. If you shop for business, then buy in volume. The more items you buy the low price you get. 

3,Hongqiao New World Pearl MarketHongqiao New World Pearl Market

Hongqiao New World Pearl Market is not exactly in the city center, but worth a visit for pearl lovers.

On the ground floor, there are standard handbags, wallets, souvenirs, shoes.

But on the second floor, you will find an extensive jewelry market with pearls in different sizes and colors.

4,South Bund Fabric marketSouth Bund Fabric market

It is a huge three-story market where they sell only fabrics and provide tailor services.

Here, you can not only buy the fabric you like but with the help of tailors, you can fulfill any of your design dreams: from trousers and dresses to cashmere coats – anything you like and in almost a couple of days. Some tailors speak English.

5,Hong Kong Famous Shops StreetHong Kong Famous Shops Street

Hongqiao New World Pearl Market is not exactly in the city center, but worth a visit for pearl lovers.

On the ground floor, there are standard handbags, wallets, souvenirs, shoes. But on the second floor, you will find an extensive jewelry market with pearls in different sizes and colors.

6,Xiang Yang Fake Market

This is a clothing market in Shanghai, located right underground at the Technology Museum metro station.

It sells outfits from famous pseudo-brands, as well as toys, watches, jewelry, and all kinds of gifts in memory of China. 

7,580 West Nanjing Rd 

This is a four-story counterfeit market in Shanghai that sells absolutely everything from socks to furs.,

8,Muslim markets in Shanghai

Among other things, there are weekly Muslim markets in Shanghai. You can visit them only on Fridays. They sell food for Muslims here.

The markets are interesting because here you can observe the life of Chinese Muslims. Many of them outwardly resemble Tajiks or Uzbeks, and their cuisine is strikingly different from traditional Chinese.

Typically, these markets are located near mosques, for example, on Husi Street.

How to Bargaining on the fake market? 

Bargaining in the Shanghai markets is very welcomed and even expected.

There are millions of the same products that are offered by various vendors in black markets.

Learn to keep negotiations because it is a very positive expertise for your future shopping here. Remember that by negotiating you can decrease the initial price by 10 times!

So be flexible, fair, and be patient. Chinese love to haggle and this is their way of life and the way they earn money.

Helpful hint. If you don’t find a compromise and the shopkeeper doesn’t want to bring down the price just walk away from the shop by saying that you will go to another shop and you don’t like the price.

This is a very good and effective trick that helps in nine times out of ten. You will be chased down by the seller to buy a product. 

Use the following rules if you want to buy more thing at a lower price here:

1,Try to come to the final price that is five-ten times lower than the initial one. 

2,Keep calm and take it easy to bargain. It is normal here.

3,First of all, search for your favorite product on Taobao. You will be surprised by actual prices on this platform. After going to the market and bargain until getting the basic price. 

.Inform shopkeepers that you already know all basic prices on items in China since you have been living here for several years. 

. Makeу friends with Chinese. They will help you to negotiate and find out actual prices in the market. 

Always keep personal safety rules. Very often vendors invite customers to isolated places to show the best quality fake products.

In many cases, this can be true, but in certain not. Avoid being alone and don’t follow random people to a strange place. You might get robbed. 

Why You should shop in Shanghai fake market

Why? Because this is a place where you can find almost everything at a very good price.

Many of the replica brand products are hidden away. Just ask for what you are looking for and the vendor will bring a really good and high-quality product from a back room, often behind the curtain, or will invite you to go to another place.

Usually, vendors have back-street shops. They are amazing. People are surprised when entering them. One can get the impression when entering such expensive brand boutique. 

Shopping for clothes 

Check out for the best clothes in the Fabric Market. Here you can buy any tailored dress or a suit.

But the most prominent clothes market is Qipu Lu Clothing Market. Here you may find tons of cheap and expensive seasoned clothes.

It is recommended to go there early and bargain hard and be sure that you will go out with high-quality clothes at a reasonable price. 

Shopping for electronics 

For camera lovers and professional photographers, it is better to go to Xing Guang Photography Equipment Centre. 

Nanjing Road Souvenir (& Fake) Market

There are loads of souvenirs, bags, t-shirts, apple products, copy electronics, clothes, and sportswear here. This is a classic type of fake market in China. 

How is the quality of the stuff you bought on the fake market?

There three different levels of quality in the markets: low, medium, and high. 

Low quality is represented by very poor design and cheap product appearance.

Usually, low-quality replicas are not accurate. Usually, storekeepers offer to go to another store for the best quality products if you tell them that you are not satisfied with their products.  

Medium quality. In another store, you will find better quality products that are more accurate than previous ones.

For example, a leather bag will be better, but still not of the best quality. By insisting to find something really good walk away. This will make vendors follow you and show some really good things.

The best quality. Such products are usually hidden in small places. They could be stored on small shelves and compartments and have a much higher price.

The details of a product are usually so identical that no one can tell the difference between the original and a fake one. 

Most shopaholics come to China to buy replicas of the best-known brands. Chinese journalists are no longer accredited for European fashion weeks.

Because after they appear there with their cameras, the next “new collection” of some expensive label enters the Chinese markets earlier than at home.

Of course, this is big damage to well-known Fashion Houses. Certainly, every Fashion House has its brand policy but they can do nothing since it is impossible to intervene in the affairs of other states.  

How is it done?

Maybe most people don’t know but there are lots of fabrics in China that produce various fabrics for European fashion houses.

For example, there is a factory in Guangzhou that officially produces fabrics for Hugo Boss brand and at the same time, this factory produces fabrics for different Chinese brands.

This is quite legal. Very often these factories add an almost invisible dot or a dash to the fabric drawing so no one can lay claim for illegal use of the pattern. This is how fake branded items are born and sold in fake markets in China. 

Your cherry on the top

Use the mobile Application-Shanghai Fake Market if you plan to visit China. Find popular items, save your time and money, and find out low priced items. 

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