With greater interactivity and mutual productivity between China and other nations, more and more businesses are not only dealing with universal issues of company cohesion but also with cross-cultural differences. Enter Consciously.

Launched five years ago as a management consultant company, Conchius has created programs to train staff on local and international business issues, from developing a strong team with efficient management to overcoming cross-cultural boundaries. The professional trainers offer varied courses in Chinese and English for both private clients and public seminars, aimed at incorporating both local and foreign employees into a dynamic team.

Divided into three basic subcategories, Conchius’ programs offer tailored solutions to businesses in all industries. They can, for instance, evaluate a company’s goals and create objectives to forward these goals, or target team members within the company and help clarify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement in individuals and managers.

Perhaps the most interesting and original of Conchius’ options are the Training solutions, which include Individual Achievement courses, targeting each team member’s skills; Cross-Cultural courses, aimed at developing mutual trust and understanding between employees; and Management courses, which guide and inspire managers to better utilize the skills of their subordinates.

Any person who’s been in a management position running a team of individuals can readily understand how difficult it is to ensure each member of your company works efficiently and effectively as a unit, especially when many of the men and women are from different backgrounds and nations.

Conchius’s courses target both cerebral self-evaluation and group interactivity. Their most researched and innovative course, Management Excellence, combines the methodology and psychology of managing people with a fun and original hands-on workshop, which tests decision-making and problem-solving skills under intense circumstances. With the instructors taking on roles, the whole experience is rather like an interactive piece of drama, with participants as the main characters creating their own plot. The action is filmed by an energetic cameraman and reviewed at a later stage. It is an unusual and memorable way to teach companies about team dynamics, communication skills, and group synergy.

“People don’t really retain it, they don’t really learn it unless they experience it. If you don’t have the active part, it tends to go in one ear and out the other,” says Managing Director, Tomas Gustafsson.

Bottom Line: A more interesting and innovative way to train staff.

Author: Enjoy Shanghai

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