Each of us may have a different clarification of love. In romantic love, there is some kind of magic that occurs between two people.

Those who have experienced this feeling know that there is a paranormal connection when you are with the right person.

It may feels like the rest of the world is literally slipping away. The man or woman you are with is your world during the time you are together, and everything seems wonderful and much easier.

While it may seem like a temporary or fleeting state of mind, the truth is that it is generally a long-term state of mind.

At that point, there is a deep connection where you are moved by the other person’s feelings and inspired to make him or her feel good.

In general, expressing love may differ in different countries in the world, but still, in general, it brings a deep sense of caring.

How Chinese express their love

However, there are countries where the first experience of expressing love, as it happens, the first kiss takes place quite early.

You may be asking yourself, Is China one of them? In fact, In addition to location, there are many other factors that indicate the approximate age for experiencing the first kiss.

One survey revealed that more than half, more precisely 51.09 percent, of young Chinese people go on their first date even before the age of 18, among whom those that live in single parent families date earliest at an average age of 15 years.

In fact, many studies show that the younger the generation, the earlier the first date.

For example, post 1995s have their first kiss earliest at an average age of 12 while, on the other side, those born in the 1970s or before date latest.

To all intents and purposes, facial expression is an essential element in human social correspondence.

The facial expressions of individuals who react to different emotions diverge from culture to culture. Chinese people express emotions mostly through eyes.

More precisely, you can rarely see an expression of interest-excitement and disgust-revulsion on their face.

Chinese are more reserved and calm than the other nations when excited or disappointed. They use eyes to express their love and passion they feel to some person.

Their main characteristic is calmness and peacefulness. As it happens, they aim to control facial expressions, generally when expressing excitement and revulsion.

Chinese men do believe that a gentleman should be able to control different emotions and sustain gravity. At that point of view, you cannot hear very often a Chinese saying: “I love you”.

They say the words “I love you” only when they have an extremely serious relationship and are in love with that person.

As well, they do not use those words with families and friends, but they definitely do express love and affection in their own way.

One of the ways of expressing love and passion is through jokes and gifts. They are more likely to joke around with friends and gift girlfriends / boyfriends than to just tell them “Ilove you”.

Additionally, Chinese have also other words that actually mean that they love that person. For instance, through saying “I miss you” or “I am thinking of you”.

You can also say “I love you” through sending some meaningful flowers, or singing your favorite Chinese song, or maybe even sending some love emoticons and love texts.

Typical case is when they say ”Eat some more” to some person. Though it may seem strange, food means something big, important and valuable for the Chinese culture and if someone asks you to eat more, it means that the person actually cares about you.

It is really important for Chinese if the person that loves them actually shows that in the right way. You can see a bit of confusion on their face if you just say ”I love you”, you literally have to kiss or touch them while saying it to show that you really mean it.

On the other side, Chinese girls are moreover looking for a gentlemen beside them. A man that will know how to express his love and passion that he feels for her with gentle gestures and not only with single words.

Moreover, If you want to express a really deep love to a Chinese, you have to impress his or hers family. Chinese love their families very much, they are very traditional and will always fall in love with a person that everybody around them loves.

Otherwise, you may be asking how old or how young is too old/young to date in China. Strictly speaking, almost everywhere in the world people that are born after 1995 more or less started accepting every option as the right option.

People opened their minds more and started thinking that it is not the age that decides whether the person is enough young or old to decide for himself if he has the right age for having the first kiss and date.

According to that, more and more studies show that Chinese after 1995 additionally started accepting relationships with an older girlfriend, or even ones in which the partners have a huge difference between their age.

What is the average age for the first kiss in China?

However, Chinese students leave high school with a much less love experience than the other cultures. As a matter of fact, they have so much works to do. As a point, society needs to eliminate this self-imposed time limit at the first kisses.

Why? Because kissing until a certain age does not measure your value in the romance division and definitely does not indicate you are cool.

In effect, that is certainly not a sign of maturity. On the other side, in Chinese culture everything goes fast.

However, it is not abnormal bringing up marriage and children on the first date. To be fair, as it happens, this is great because at least people know what they want.

But yet, on the other side, it can also be a little terrifying. With Chinese, the talk about marriage and children does not stop after it has been discussed once.

It may be casually brought up daily, or even multiple times a day. The real reason behind that may be the great pressure from friends, family and friends of the family to get married and have a family of your own.

If you had your first kiss before 18

You may be asking if it is right if you had your kiss before you turned 18 years according to the Chinese average age for taking the first kiss.

The answer is yes, because even though Chinese are more traditional and balanced people, the very greatest percent of them had their first kiss when they were under 18 years old.

Moreover, the place where they live does not have that huge impact on their decision for when is the right time to take the first kiss.

According to that, whether they live in a city or a countryside the average age for the Chinese’s first kiss is, however, under 18 years old, or more precisely at around 15 years old.

Although we have the words to simply say “I love you” and to express our affection, passion and enthusiasm for our loved ones, it does not facilitate verbal expression and can be shown very differently in some cultures.

However, love is an exceptional and the only state of mind that can make us think that everything is great and that it can be even greater if we constantly do some things to make our loved ones feel marvelous.

In my opinion, Chinese people have a great way of expressing love, because in the end it really does not matter the age, or the community.

Chinese make things slightly and in their own way. They want to be original and to express their love, passion and excitement in a very different ways. Those people literally want to make the other person feel comfortable and loved in every way possible as long as they feel that strong feeling from the other side.

At the end of the day,everyone of us needs someone that can show passion and love in every possible way.

Accordingly, rules can be rules, but, however, when you are in a deep love relationship with someone, no matter where you are in the world or where are you from, you will always find a way to express your love and affection you feel to that person.

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