Even though you love work, of course there are times when you feel tired. Times like this do require you to leave the house for a while on vacation. But if you are in Shanghai and want to go to the beach, you don’t need to go too far from home. Shanghai has several beaches that are well worth visiting.

Vacation on the beach is fun. Bury your toes in the warm white sand, bask in the sun and play in the clear blue saltwater. The beach is indeed the right choice if you want to spend vacation time.

You can go to Shanghai to play on the beach, enjoy the embrace of the sea breeze, feel the waves, and appreciate the power of nature! While the beaches in Shanghai may never rival beaches in Indonesia, Greece or Maldives, there are a few good places to soak up the sun, sand and give yourself relax sensation.

The beaches in Shanghai are perfect for escaping the busyness of the city of Shanghai.

Can’t wait for the holidays?

Enjoyshanghai.com has selected some of the most beautiful beaches in Shanghai, you know.


Here are 4 of the best beaches in Shanghai that you must visit.

  1. Jinshan City Beach 金山海滩Jin shan Beach

This beach is only approximately one hour from downtown Shanghai. This artificial beach’s sand is imported from “China’s Hawaii” beach in Sanya, Hainan Province. Besides being able to relax, lounging in the sun and frolicking in the water, you can also experience other attractions and experiences, because at Jinshan Beach you will find crowds playing all sorts of beach sports, such as volleyball and other beach sports.

If you want to go on a family trip, Jinshan City Beach might be the right choice. It’s good for bringing kids to play sand here. The sand is delicate and clean. Not only that, you will also find fresh, delicious, authentic and cheap seafood around the beach. Simply go to the beach, relax, and have close contact with nature.

Bring your tents, play, dig sand, fly kites, barbecue is also good, and there are crabs, prawns, there are various beach bikes and yachts, etc.

It is delightful to take a walk on the beach, blowing the sea breeze, and see the sea in Shanghai. Palm trees are planted on the beach, and there are many children’s facilities. Standing on the high platform, overlooking the beautiful view in front of you.

The coolness of the sea wind blends the ice drink excellently, and the harmony of nature covers the entire beach!

And there is a barbecue stall on one side of the beach, one or two shops inside, and an exhibition on the other side, depicting Jinshan’s wonderful view.

Great choice around Shanghai! Because Shanghai does not have an eye-catching sea and natural beaches, Jinshan City Beach is a relatively ideal holiday.

  1. Song lan shan松兰山 beachsong lan san beach

 This beach is located near Ningbo, the location is indeed a bit far from downtown Shanghai, to arrive at this beach it will take approximately three or four hours from the heart of Shanghai. But believe this, it’s worth the extra time if you have it as it is more of a proper beach than anything near the city.

You’ll find a beautiful bay area, reefs, caves, and delicate sand on this beach. Fishing tools are accessible if you like – otherwise, you can just wander at the stretch of nine little islands visible to you from the coastline. It’s a fantastic place for a weekend getaway when you’re feeling bored or just need some time to yourself. Enjoy your vacation time!

The three hours you spend to get here from Shanghai city will be well worth it for the delicate sand, scenery, and not crowded. Apart from taking a dip, you can also fish, see caves and picture-worthy rock formations, and small islands out in the distance.

Near Songlangshan Beach, you can visit the Tashan cultural heritage dates back 6,000 years and Amitabha Temple of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). There is also a statue of the legendary General Xi Jiguang of the Ming Dynasty (960-1279).

Also, folk legends and fishing culture, complete the natural landscape of the mountains and sea, which add beauty and features to the resort.

While most Shanghai people may consider a day trip to Jinshan Beach, we recommend going the extra distance to Songlanshan Beach out near Ningbo. You will remember this experience!

  1. Bihai Jinsha Wonder World 奉贤碧海金沙Bi hai jin sha

This beach is located in Jinshan District, a little too far from the city of Shanghai. Although it can’t be compared with the natural blue seas and beaches in other cities or countries, there is such a place on the edge of this blind metropolis that it can be a good place for children to have fun, dig sand, fly kites, and touch shells. During the summer, it will be very hot, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

It is excellent to visit Bihaijinsha in the summer. Swimming in the afternoon, leaning on the rocks to watch the harmonious fountain at night, you can step on the mud to find crabs and watch the sunset, which is wow and fun.

This large recreation area with 680,000 square meters of seawater area and 70,000 square meters of golden beaches is the best place to play in the water during the hot summer. With children or family members, playing and swimming in this seawater feels like a vacation — in a rare blue sea in Shanghai.

The spectacular area activities are even more varied, such as water walking ball, equestrian show, 5D cinema, water bike, go-karting, water tricycle, and a fishing center, which can meet different needs tourists.

The entrance tickets are affordable. Bring a tent if you go, it’s more comfortable.

  1. Nanhuixincheng Beach 南汇海滩Nan hui beach

It is great and fun for strolling and taking pictures in Nanhui New Town Beach in the summer nightfall.

Nanhui New Town Beach is a relatively new urban beach located in Shanghai’s suburbs. It is free to the public, no ticket fee, and there are not many tourists, and the sand and seawater are generally clean and tidy.

Nanhui New Town Beach is located in Nanhui New Town, the most southeastern part of Shanghai’s area. It is a landscape region that reflects the reserve resource function of wetland and coastal tidal flats. It has a beautiful reflection when the tide is low.

Nanhui Xincheng Beach is magnificent. There are just a few places in Shanghai where you can see the sea. When visit, relax and take a look at the view around. It is remarkable. It is also an excellent choice to watch the sunset from here. So, what are you waiting for? Come visit Nanhuixincheng Beach and take pictures!

So, let’s go to those beaches on the weekend!!

Who is not happy when going on vacation to the beach? Playing with the waves and sand seems to be a source of happiness for many people, especially when summer arrives. Are you one of the beach tourism enthusiasts?

How to enjoy the beach can be by hearing the waves and feeling the soft sand. In addition, people can also take pictures on the most beautiful beaches. You can come here with a camera, because surely you don’t want to miss a beautiful moment while here.

Those are the most beautiful beaches in Shangai that can be used as your next vacation destination. Get ready to explore every beach in Shanghai and tell the world about its beauty.

So what are you waiting for, come to Shanghai, spend your vacation enjoying the beautiful and amazing city of Shanghai. To top it off, come and visit Shanghai’s unique beaches. See you in Shanghai!

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