We’ve all heard about it, but we pray it won’t happen to us. It’s like misplacing your entire life and having it laid out on a banquet table to be greedily devoured by the next stranger that stumbles into the back of the cab after you.

We assume there was a crazy night out involved. I mean, what else could make you take your eyes off your phone? WeChat contact lists, sensitive text messages, naked pictures of your significant other (or, God help you, yourself), and other less important things, like bank details and credit card information, it’s all in that little shiny brick. There’s also a possibility you’ve misplaced your wallet or keys or something else boring like that. But we did some research and found people are most worried about misplacing their naked pictures, so we’re going with that.

But there’s no need to worry. We’ve worked out an easy-to-follow emergency plan for getting your stuff back. And it’s all based on how trashed you were.

Case 1: Totally on point – You have a receipt


You were either designated as Minister of Getting Everyone Home Safe and your inherited sense of responsibility didn’t let you forget the taxi receipt, or you’ve trained your subconscious to collect all fapiao no matter how wrecked you get (maybe you read our fapiao article?). Either way, you’re good. Simply call (Warning: you might need a Chinese speaker) the number on the fapiao (after 服务电话), explain the situation and let them know the number of the car, represented by these characters (车号). The service will contact the driver and tell them what’s been lost. The sooner you make the call, the greater the chances of getting your stuff back, so we recommend threatening, begging or bribing someone else to use their phone ASAP.

Case 2: Little Tipsy – You remember the color of the taxi

Your drink probably wasn’t quite strong enough to change the reality around you, so you still remember clearly the color of the cab. In this case, you can directly call the taxi company and report your situation. Note, you’ll probably need a Chinese speaker. Tell them what time, where you got on and got off, and they’ll probably be able to identify the car.

Failing that, there’s a chance the driver handed in your precious photo-archive/only-way-to-contact-your-friends at the company’s lost-and-found.

Taxi company phone numbers:

Cab ColorCompanyChinesePhone Number
light blueDà Zhòng大众出租车62580780
light green/ yellowQiáng Shēng强生出租车62581234
dark blueHǎibó海博出租车61132828
blackLánsè Líanméng蓝色联盟65295588


Option 3: Pretty Drunk – You remember roughly where and when


Seems like the night was really good and the only thing you remember was getting out of the cab at that Family Mart. We suggest you go to the nearest police station. You can ask them to let you see the security camera footage around the time you vaguely remember getting home, and you might be able to make out the cab’s license plate. Ask nicely and the police find out which company it belongs to, which’ll get you back to option 2!

Option 4: Black-out, Hot Public Mess – Do not remember a damn thing


You wake up on a bench in the Expo Park next to a Canadian named Greg and you have no idea how you got there– you’re screwed, dude. Go to the police station nearest where you probably got the cab in the first place, and they might be able to spot the license plate on the footage

But without the specific time and a place, don’t keep your fingers crossed, you’d probably trip yourself up anyway. Time to change your passwords, pin-codes, log-in details and start working on your excuse in case those pictures get out there. Sorry, I can’t help you with that one.http://enjoyshanghai.com/articles/how-to-register-your-phone-before-the-govt-shuts-it-down/

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