Classified Rules

Here are ways to get your post DELETED and/or your account DEACTIVATED.
If you read any of the following statements and think, “HEY! That’s exactly what I am doing!” then your post will be deleted and your account may be deactivated.


  • I am posting my entire ad in a language other than English.
  • I use multiple usernames to post the same or very similar ads.
  • I post the same ad each and every day.
  • I am posting spam.
  • I am posting something that is not specific to Shanghai.
  • I am ignoring sections and just posting my ad at random.
  • I am posting my ad in every section to try to gain more eyeballs.


  • I am attaching sexually explicit and/or nude pictures.

Seeking Men / Seeking Women / Just Friends

  • I am selling a sexual encounter, either blatantly or winkingly. Any ad that results in an exchange of money does not belong in this section. Your account will be deactivated if it is brought to our attention.
  • I don’t really understand the art of innuendo and am just using sexually explicit language to describe my horniness.
  • I am a dating service.
  • I am posting something other than a personal ad for myself.

Language Exchange

  • I am exchanging language lessons for money. If so, please post in the Tutor Available section of Jobs.
  • I am not actually interested in exchanging languages; I am just trying to get a local lady/gentleman alone.
  • I am an English/Mandarin school masquerading as an individual interested in exchanging languages.
  • I am a company that provides a service for connecting people with language exchanges.

Travel Partners

  • I am posting an ad for something other than a request for someone with whom to travel.

Notice Board

  • I am a company who is being cheap by posting my ad to this Notice Board rather than buying a proper ad space.
  • I am a restaurant or club who is posting an event here instead of posting in the designated Event section.

Congratulations / Farewell

  • I don’t read English very well and am posting in this section by chance.


  • I am selling musical gear. If so, please post your ad in the Music section of Buy/Sell.


  • I am a company advertising a service to locate, buy or sell property.
  • I am posting an ad that has nothing to do with property.
  • I am a moving service.



  • I am hiring someone for a currency other than RMB.


  • I am offering a tutoring service of some kind. The Teaching section is for those looking to hire a teacher. Please post your tutoring service ad to the Tutor Available section.
  • I am a company offering a service to find you a teaching job.

Tutor Available

  • I am not an individual tutor; I am a school or company trying to lure people into joining.
  • I am a service that employs tutors.
  • I am from Wow Mandarin.
  • I tell people to email a different address than the one I am registered under on Enjoy Shanghai.


  • I am advertising my services as an ayi/housekeeper. In which case, you should post your ad under Domestic Help Available.
  • I am a company trying to recruit ayis/housekeepers.
  • I am a company that provides a service that connects ayi/housekeeper with paying households.


  • I am attempting to cast someone for a sexually explicit movie.



  • I am not an individual. I am a cheap company using this space as a way to advertise my goods without paying for it.
  • I am selling illegal goods.
  • I am selling a VPN or similar service.
  • I am selling something I stole.
  • I am selling something for a currency other than RMB.


  • I am selling a bunch of iPhones (or other fancy electronic device), because I am either a company/store, thief or scam artist.