TikTok, formerly known as, is one of the trendiest social media platforms in the world. It is more popular among teenagers and youngsters. If you want to run a business online, TikTok is one of the perfect places to promote and advertise your brand among the wider audience. 

Are you looking for the best guide to improve your marketing growth?

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11 profitable ideas for getting success on TikTok marketing: Utilize Influencer Marketing

1. Create TikTok Business Account 

Before you start to promote your brand on TikTok, you need to set up your TikTok business account. With a TikTok business account, you can include more information to your profile and access your profile metrics and audience insights. 

Here are the steps to set up a TikTok business account: 

If you already have a TikTok account, you can easily set up your TikTok profile, 

  • Tap “me” at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Click three dots at the top. 
  • Select settings and privacy ->manage my account->switch to a pro account. 
  • Choose your account type and choose the category for your company. 
  • Tap next. 

Now you can access your business account and add information about the company.

2. Optimize Your TikTok Bio 

Bio is the perfect place to introduce yourself and your brand to your potential followers. So, tell your followers who you are and what you do. Almost every TikTok bio has an engaging emoji, and it can help you show you to express your brand without using extra characters. 

TikTok allows you to add clickable links in your profile bio, which can directly drive traffic to your website. You can also include a call to action button in your bio that will help your followers to interact with you. 

3. Find Your Target Audience

Before you start to create content on TikTok, you need to learn about your audience. Already we know TikTok is more popular among Gen Z users. So, you can easily reach your brand to a younger audience. 

You should spend some time researching your audience on TikTok and other platforms. You can also use TikTok analytics to find your target personas and reach them to develop your marketing strategy. 

Once you’ve reached a potential audience, you can research what type of content your audience likes and engage with. It can help to get effective content ideas for your brand!

4. Post Your Videos Everyday 

Being consistent is one of the essential factors for marketers if you want to become popular on TikTok. Because there are tons of videos posted by the users each day. When people like your videos, they have an interest in seeing more of your videos. So, don’t get them to wait for you because many creators distract your follower’s attention. 

If you’re a beginner and want to build your brand with a huge audience, you can create and upload lots of videos to your account. It can help to receive more users’ attention within a short time. 

5. Create Something Unique And Engaging TikTok feature Image

TikTok provides lots of features that help to engage your audience! Here are some video ideas for your marketing growth: 

  • Educational Videos – TikTok is an amazing platform for sharing informative content in an easy to learn format. You can use the TikTok platform to share educational videos. 
  • Make a Tutorial – Everyone has an interest in learning something new and creative! TikTok allows you to create tutorial videos such as makeup skills, cooking, and more. 
  • Capture Current Events – Nowadays, most users can get their news online. TikTok is one of the trendy platforms to cover all current events. Therefore, you can search for current events that are relevant to your brand. 

6. Upload Hashtag Challenges 

TikTok is more and more popular for hashtag challenges! On TikTok, most people love to take up a challenge and make 7 upload their own creative videos accordingly. Challenges basically include a hashtag name to make them easy to find!

If you launch an engaging hashtag challenge on TikTok, you can receive active followers to your TikTok profile quickly, and they can participate in your challenges with just a few clicks. Most brands can also use hashtag challenges to encourage their audience and make a popular TikTok channel. 

The best hashtag challenge on TikTok is #tumbleweedchallenge! He challenged users to upload videos that showed themselves with a western music theme playing in the background. These challenges got more than 10.4 million engagements within a short span. 

7. User-Generated Content 

User generated content is the most effective tactic to increase your brand awareness on TikTok. UGC can be defined as the content created by customers, influencers, employees, and other business accounts. 

If you can find a way to encourage your customers, you can create user generated content. It can help your audience to interact with your product and services easily and generate sales. 

Nowadays, most brands can use this strategy to drive brand awareness on TikTok organically. The ultimate reason for TikTok’s success is entirely on user generated content. Because this strategy gives effective marketing campaigns with creative and innovative content ideas. 

8. Use Trending Hashtags 

Hashtags are the pillars of your brand growth, which helps to reach your brand to a huge audience. TikTok videos with trending hashtags will help you to get more success rapidly. You have to use a combination of broad and niche hashtags that helps to increase your engagement. 

For Instance, if you create a travel TikTok video, you can use hashtags like, 

  • Generic hashtag – #tiktoktravel
  • Location hashtag – #usa, #california
  • Broder hashtags – #travelcouple 

It helps your audience to find your videos within a few clicks easily. 

9. Utilize Influencer Marketing 

Of course, influencer marketing is one of the powerful strategies to develop your marketing growth. If your products suit an influencer audience, you can run a successful influencer campaign on TikTok. 

The key to partner with influences is to find an appropriate goal such as, 

  • Targeting authentic followers and customers. 
  • Promote products to a massive audience.
  • Generated sales or drive traffic to your website. 

It can help you to achieve your goals on TikTok successfully! But you should find the perfect campaign that is relevant to your brand, product, and services. 

10. Use TikTok Advertising

When it comes to TikTok advertising, there are lots of options for brands and businesses can explore, here are few types:


  • Infeed Native ads: 

It is a traditional ad format on TikTok, and it appears in the native news feed of TikTok on the “For You” page. These have the options of adding website links and order now buttons on the ad itself. 


  • Hashtag Challenge Ads: 

With these ads, you can easily target specific consumers to your website. Users can see a specific banner ad, and that will take the user to the instructions page. 


  • Brand Takeover Ads: 

A brand takeover is the purest form of TikTok advertising because only a single brand can take over per day per category. It helps to use a mixture of images, GIFs, and short video clips to your ads that link to your landing page or hashtag challenge.

11. Track The Right Metrics 

Want to get better results on TikTok? You have to keep a close eye on your TikTok analytics. TikTok provides an inbuilt analytics tool, which helps to access the overall performance of your profile, posts, and user demographics. 

To access TikTok analytics, 

Login to TikTok -> click your profile picture ->click view analytics.

Here, you can see your, 

  1. TikTok followers analytics 
  2. Profile analytics
  3. Video analytics 

You can also access, 

  • Total like count of your post
  • Total number of comments and shares
  • Total video views
  • Average watch time and playtime
  • Traffic source type


TikTok is the perfect social network to promote your brand and connect with an engaged user base. You can use these 11 ideas to your TikTok profile, and you can definitely get more success on TikTok marketing!

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