So maybe calling your parents isn’t enough. They need hard, solid evidence that you’re not starving or having your organs harvested in China. You can send them a box of Longjing tea, or a handcrafted qipao, with all that money you made from selling one of your kidneys, but how? How do you send your kidney-qipao to Swaziland?


The good news is that it’s not so hard, nor is it so expensive. China Post is cheap, and they have express mail services on nearly every corner of Shanghai. You’re bound to wander into one on your way to work, or the bar. If you happen to not work, bar, or wander, you can always type EMS into Baidu maps and make your way to the nearest one.

The cost to ship depends on your package weight and final destination:

Destination countryPaper documents (less than 500g)Goods

(less than 500g)

The price per 500 g (after 500g)
Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan9013030
North Korea, South Korea, Japan11518040
South East Asia13019045
Australia, New Zeeland16021055
India, Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey24030080
UAE, Eastern Europe, South American countries260


African countries370445120

China Post will take anywhere from 10 to 21 days to deliver a parcel overseas. You can track your package here:

If you’d rather put your parcel in the hands of DHL Express, expect to pay more for faster, perhaps more reliable, service. Check their website to find out more about rates on weight and destination.

So pretty straightforward, sending your faraway loved ones a material representation of your wellbeing. Nothing says I’m doing fine, like a handcrafted Qipao. Just make sure you get your mother’s size right.

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