Various interests and the business needs that you run often require you to access various facilities in financial services. Not only in manual form, but in various online financial services, you also need to understand very well. Things like this are important to know from the start because you may need some sudden financial assistance.

The rise of online transactions that have occurred lately has made you familiar with the various conveniences and benefits of conducting various financial transactions. Not only limited to various transactions within the country, but financial transactions between countries are also possible things to do easily and quickly.

Making money transfers to China has become commonplace for most internet literate people and various online transactions. This seems to be a necessity that needs to be done for the smooth running of the various affairs you do, especially for those who have a busy online business.

Check out some easy ways if you want to send money to China below:

Western Unionwest union

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Transfer fee: It depends on what way you choose to pay (debit/credit card, bank account, pay-in-store, or wire transfer). You can learn more here.

Transfer time: 1-2 days

Western Union or abbreviated as WU is a facility that is fairly easy and widely used throughout the world. In addition to its wide and fast coverage, Western Union also applies a number of sending fees that are quite cheap compared to other transfer facilities.

To make a transfer via Western Union, you only need to go to the closest agent around your home/office. Don’t forget to bring a valid ID, as this will be required on the submission form.

Fill and complete the submission form with your identity and other required data. Make sure you fill it in with correct data and in accordance with the original. Submit the funds and also a number of fees charged for sending money to China that you will do. Don’t forget to sign and bring home proof of the shipment you made.

Or in simple, here’s how to transfer money to China using Western Union:

  • Go to the nearest Western Union branch office in your city.
  • Fill out the money transfer form provided by the officer.
  • The officer will verify the data by matching it based on the filled form.
  • Submit the money to be transferred.
  • Send proof of transfer to the recipient for collection at Western Union in their country.


Transfer fee: US$0

Transfer time: Fast. In a matter of minutes.

Who doesn’t know PayPal?

This money transfer facility is quite widely used around the world. PayPal is a trusted virtual account and has a number of facilities that will make it easier for users to make various financial transactions quickly. PayPal is very widely used by online transaction enthusiasts worldwide, both for shopping and other business interests.

To make transfers via a PayPal account, both you and the recipient of these funds in China must first have a PayPal account. To create an account or PayPal account, you only need a credit/debit card as a tool to verify the account so that you can use it to receive and send money to China.

Transfer of funds via PayPal can take place easily and quickly. The fees charged are also fairly low. You only need to fill in the transfer fields available on the PayPal application or website and easily make the transfer process.

It is straightforward to send money to China via PayPal:

  • Log in to your PayPal account (can be in the application or on the website)
  • Click “Send Money” at the top of the page
  • Enter the name of the recipient and the amount
  • Then click “Continue”
  • Check the recipient’s data and nominal, then click “Send Money”


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Transfer fee: Skrill adds a fee of 3.99% to their wholesale exchange rates. The exchange rates vary and will be applied immediately without notice to you

Transfer time: Fast. In a matter of minutes.

Almost the same as PayPal, Skrill is very well known and widely used in various online transactions. Skrill makes it easy to make payments/money transfers online to China. The high need for online transactions makes people need various online and inexpensive money transfer facilities, and Skrill is here to be one of these service providers.

To be able to transfer a number of funds via a Skrill account to China, it is certain that you and the person you are referring to must have a Skrill account. That way, you can send money to China online, and it’s also easy.

Transfers via Skrill accounts are very safe, which is why Skrill is the choice of many people who always carry out various financial transactions online. Skrill also has a wide range, where you can easily withdraw the funds contained in it.

If you intend to send money to China, then it doesn’t hurt to consider Skrill as the correct transfer tool for this.

Bank to BankBank of China

Transfer fee: Depends on the bank

Transfer time: Depends on the bank (usually 2-5 working days)

Not so different from sending using Western Union, this interbank transaction also uses an offline system. This means that you have to go directly to a sending money service to make a money transfer. Check out the steps for sending money to China via a bank below:

  • Go to the bank where your account is registered
  • Make sure you bring your identity (KTP / SIM / Passport) and a passbook
  • Tell the teller your purpose is to send money to China
  • Furthermore, the teller will guide you to send the money to China.

Previously, you also had to know the destination country’s currency exchange rate, namely China, so that the nominal money to be sent was not wrong. But unfortunately, offline delivery like this takes a lot of time because you have to queue.


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Transfer fee: Depends on the bank

Transfer time: Depends on the bank (usually 2-5 working days)

Unlike transfers using Western Union and banks, sending money to China using ATMs is a more modern money transfer, which is digital-based. With a digital sending base, of course, it will be more practical and not time-consuming. However, you must know some things like:

  • Bank swift code to go to in China
  • Beneficiary account number
  • Reference number.

You can get the swift code from the local bank that you are using. This method may look easy, but it has a big enough risk if you are not careful in entering your account number and reference number correctly.

After making the transfer, make sure you save proof of transfer to anticipate things that are unwanted and inform the recipient in China to confirm whether the money you sent has been received or not.

Money GramMoneyGram

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Transfer fee: US $ 5 for sending US $ 1-US $ 49; US $ 11.50 for sending US $ 50-US $ 499; 2% for sending of US $ 500 and above.

Transfer time: 1-2 days (depending on the location of the sending country)

Maksimum transfer: US$ 10000 per transfer

Apart from Western Union, Money Gram must also be included in your recommendation for sending money to China. This international money transfer service provider has spread across 170 countries and 104 thousand agents in the world, including in China.

But unfortunately, not many people know about Money Gram. Even though Money Gram provides a fairly low transfer fee when compared to other sending money services.

Using MoneyGram Online, online sending fees to bank accounts in China start at US$ 2 for transfer amounts less than or equal to US$ 100 and US$ 3 charges for transfer amounts greater than US$ 100. So, it’s cheap.

When this post was published, MoneyGram has collaborated with many local banks in China, such as:

  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • Bank of China
  • Bank of communication
  • China Construction bank
  • China Everbright Bank
  • Harbin
  • Lingshang Bank
  • Hunan Rural Bank
  • Qinghai Rural Bank
  • Guangdong Rural Bank
  • Henan Rural Bank
  • Huaxia Bank

The delivery is also fast. The funds you send can go directly to your destination’s Chinese bank account in just minutes during bank working hours in China. One disadvantage that MoneyGram has is that the maximum amount you can send online to a bank account in China is only US$ 5000.


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Transfer fee: US US$6.89 USD fixed fee + 1,15% variable fee

Transfer time: Fast

Wise or previously TransferWise is an international money transfer service that focuses on making its services more affordable than banks, especially by means of making transfer fees cheaper and more transparent.

Currently, Wise provides money transfer services to 71 countries, accepts money transfers from 43 countries, with approximately 1000 routes (country combination) and 57 types of currencies, as well as 1 method of inter-bank transfer.

Wise can be your smart choice to send money to China. Fast service, reliable customer service, initial ease of use made Wise shortlisted on the best ways to transfer money to China. Although categorized as a new player because it has only been operating since 2011, Wise has grown very rapidly and brought disruption that has sparked a revolution in the global money transfer industry.

World RemitWorld Remit

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Transfer fee: US$ 2,73

Transfer time: Fast. in a matter of minutes.

World Remit is a money transfer service provider from around the world. The system is, you send money to the world remit service account, then those will send it to China.

The sending cost is also not that expensive, and the sending procedure is easy.

The interesting thing that World Remit offers is that you can send money directly to your destination’s Alipay account via World Remit. This is possible because World Remit collaborates with Alipay. So World Remit makes it easier for anyone who wants to send money from abroad to China.

The method is also very easy. You have to make sure that the person you are referring to in China has an Alipay account. You can immediately send money from World Remit to your friends or family’s Alipay account in China.

How to send money to China using World Remit:

  1. When opening World Remit, you will be asked where you want to send money, then choose China
  2. Select Alipay if you are asked how you want to send the money
  3. After that, enter the amount you want to send to your target Alipay account in China. World Remit will automatically show you the exchange rate and shipping costs that are charged.
  4. Next, you will be asked to enter information for your account, such as your name, email, and phone number
  5. After that, fill in your recipient’s details such as your name, address, and the recipient’s Alipay ID in China
  6. You will be asked to choose how you pay, whether using an account bank, debit/credit card, and others.
  7. Then click Pay.

Please note that the person you are sending to has enabled their Alipay to receive remittances. If so, the money you send will arrive in minutes to their Alipay account.

How do you choose the most appropriate and safe means of sending money?

There are so many needs that force you to carry out various kinds of financial transactions, including money transfer transactions abroad.

This, of course, will require great care and also the selection of the right transfer facility. Ensure the recipient of the funds agrees and knows the means of transfer that you will use so that the transaction can run well and smoothly.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the amount of fees applied, lest you experience losses due to transfers in the number of funds and also unbalanced fee.


The guide above is a review of the best way to send money to China. Hopefully, the above guidelines can help you determine the right money transfer platform to make your activities of sending money to China easier. Please note that regulations, transfer times, and transfer fees can change at any time following the company’s conditions. So make sure you keep updated about the information on how to send money to China.

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