More and more foreigners starting to learn Chinese, however, found the best and efficient ways to Learn Chinese could always help you save time and enregy.  Looking for easy ways to become fluent in the language uttered by one-fifth of the world population? Well, everyone is not lucky enough to study in china and have a grip on the Chinese vocabulary. If you are the one and seeking to have a grip in Chinese within 3 to 5 days, you are at fault.

Learning a new language, especially Chinese, is not a piece of cake. It takes arduous efforts, a positive mindset, and, most importantly, motivation to master it. 

Mandarin, a national language of China, is also spoken widely by the nationalists in Taiwan and Singapore. Many of the Diasporas in different countries like Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brunei, and western countries consider Chinese as the third spoken language. Such widespread acknowledgment of the language makes it hard to find a place where no person talks in Mandarin.  

According to the Ethnologue, one in 6 people speaks mandarin worldwide. Means roughly 1.3 billion are native speakers, and 917 million speak Mandarin. So without any doubt, mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. So In this blog post, we are sharing top-notch logical methods to learn Chinese faster. learning Chinese will bring you in touch with the culture of 20% of humanity, which has a significant influence on the world.    

15 best ways to learn mandarin

1.   Listen to mandarin most often

In the beginning, a new language sounds undifferentiated noise. You don’t have the sense of words. But Listening to mandarin regularly is an easy and fun way to learn. It will enable you to learn different words or have a few words resounding in the brain. 

  • Look for the things that you enjoy watching, like Chinese movies, TV shows, or cartoons. 
  • Subscribe the YouTube channels that contain the recommendations for learning Chinese vocabulary.
  • The podcasts and audiobooks that contain the repetition of Chinese vocabulary are also a great way. 
  • Some aural comprehensions can also help to get used to the words.  

2.   Invest time to memorize simple vocabulary, 

Once you decide to learn Chinese characters, use whatever method you want and invest a couple of hours every day. Because there are a lot of chances that you will forget the vocabulary and need to relearn it. So to memorize the useful Chinese vocabulary, you can adopt different ways like;

  • Start with the list of some helpful vocabulary containing basic characters like names of body parts, days of the week, months, time of the day, colors, and foods. 
  • Upon listening to a word in English, try to convert it in mandarin.
  • If you don’t know about it, note it down and check it out later.
  • Paste the Chinese labels around household items like sugar pot, coffee table, etc. to learn mandarin without even realizing it. 

Note: Accuracy and pronunciation are primary in mandarin. An improperly pronounced word can give an entirely different meaning. Like saying má (I want coke) instead of mā (I want cake), have a different sense.     

1.   Learn numerals and conversational phrases

The numerals in mandarin are logical and easy to learn. You just have to know the first ten numerical, and then you can quickly learn up to 99.  After learning the vocabulary, numbers, and acsent, let’s move to everyday talk’s simple communicational phrases. Like Hello (nǐhǎo), yes (shì), no (bú shì), thank you (xiè xiè), etc.

2.   Focus on patterns

Initially, don’t try to grasp perfection in Chinese grammar. Instead, try to recognize patterns. The patterns will build a frame for you, and around that frame, you can easily say whatever you want to. You can have a book named Intermediate Reader In Modern Chinese to learn the patterns. So don’t worry about Chinese grammar and get fluent in Chinese. 

Chinese grammar is not tough. It is free of complicated verbs, tenses, conjugations, and related stuff as used in English grammar.

3.   Follow the scriptorium technique.

Another excellent technique for improving learning skills is to follow the scriptorium technique. Alexander Arguelles, a linguist, and polyglot, developed it to help you pay attention to Chinese language details. It involves three exercises.

  • First, loudly read the sentence
  • As you write the Chinese words, say them aloud
  • After writing the sentence, again read it loudly

This activity will keep you focused and allow you to refine the mandarin Chinese fantastically.  

4.   Read often  

Read a wide range of things, especially those that excite you. You can start by reading Chinese history, cultures, or other books that have engaging and entertaining content. You can also read novels or books based on fictional stories. So first, determine your interest and build the habit of reading to learn mandarin. 

5.   Imitate the intonation 

Do you now often read and listen to Chinese? Well, the next thing you have to do is to practice imitating what you have read or heard to. Don’t second guess yourself, and without any hesitation, let the words flow out of your tongue. Don’t worry about the pronunciation because once you build the ability to imitate the tones, you will gradually be able to speak naturally. 

6.   Make friends with a native speakermake friend with Chinese

One of the best ways to expand your horizon regarding the Chinese language is making friends with locals. Sharing dinner or going to a bar on weekends with natives will introducing you to the new language skills. You will be able to improve your pronunciation and grammar. 

7.   Sign up with the language course

If you need some exceptional mastery in Chinese, it is better to consider a formal setting. In Asian countries. Many Chinese volunteers pop up with cheap language courses. Look out for them and sign up. If you feel shy about joining the class alone, drag any friend with you. This will be more fun and exciting for you to learn mandarin. 

8.   Take a journey to China

Another best to completely immerse yourself in mandarin is to visit China or Taiwan. This will allow you to learn Chinese faster. When you take a trip to China, must join mandarin courses at Keats school. It is the most popular mandarin Chinese school that welcomes 40% of the returning students every year and helps them meet their language learning goals. 

9.   Join channels or accounts on social media

I know social media might be a distraction for you when you are trying to study. But for learning mandarin is no more a distraction; rather, it’s a bliss. A wide range of fantastic resources are available on Facebook, Instagram, youtube that are perfect for teaching Chinese. 

10.  Don’t give yourself a tough time

Learning a language is not an easy task; it’s a gradual process that takes time. Chinese is one of the toughest languages that demands persistence and commitment. So give your time and make it fun. Otherwise, keep learning will become a burden to you. Discover various exciting and enjoyable avenues to learn. 

11.  Study on online learning Chinese resources 

Now, we are living in an age where everything is accessible within a few clicks. There are different online resources like Chinese forums, dictionaries, podcasts, and software from where you can quickly learn mandarin. Some of the best resources for learning Chinese are Anki, Jukuu, Tatoeba, MDBG, etc.; Thoroughly take the information about these resources and study Chinese on your phone freely.

12.  Keep practicing 

No matter how busy a schedule you have, free up some of the time, set aside, and practice the material you have learned so far. It will encourage you to learn more and will help you to remember things easily and quickly.    

13.  Take advantage of the Chinese dictionary app.

When it comes to learning Chinese, you can take advantage of Chinese dictionary apps. Their benefits are quite overwhelming. The great thing about these apps is that they cover every aspect of the language. They are handy and allow you to look up the words or refresh the memory when needed. Few of the best apps are 

TrainChinese: a comprehensive dictionary with natural-sounding audio recordings and exemplary sentences. 

train chinese app

HangPing Pro: an app compatible with Androids, has both handwritten character recognition and audio function. It allows the users to paste messages from the clipboard into the search box and instantly get the vocabulary list.  

Hanping Chinese Dictionary

FluentU: another best app that has everything to turn your language learning experience more personalized and exciting. It includes viral commercials, songs, street interviews, inspiring talks, chances movies, etc. 

Wrapping up

Learning mandarin can help you to acquire great jobs and business opportunities in all those countries where it is spoken. China is rapidly progressing and becoming the world’s economic power, so it opens the doors to foreign investments, which, of course, requires the knowledge of Chinese. So those who can speak Chinese has more chances to prosper and get a high paying job. 

The increased impact of the Chinese on different marketplaces has become difficult to stop. So learn mandarin and enjoy its benefits.  

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