Are you thinking of adopting a furry new friend? We made the list of the most Common Dog Breeds in Chinese to help you make this decision easier. 

China is a country where dogs of different and unique breeds are considered a sign of wealth and prosperity. They consider the dogs sacred and a symbol of good fortune. Chinese dogs encompass all the unique characteristics and are usually not found outside china. 

From Tibetan to chow chows, indigenous Chinese dogs are the most popular pets in China. About 25% of the Chinese household own a dog, which is approximately 91 million dogs. 

Considering the importance of dogs among Chinese, today, we have penned down a few common dog breeds in China. Let’s have a look at them.    

The Largest Dog Breeds

1.    Tibetan MastiffTibetan Mastiff

If you are looking for a large furry new friend for your children? This is the perfect one for you. Tibetan mastiff is a strong dog, used to protect temples and excellently guard your homes. They have an excellent memory, which allows them to get trained and socialized in their early life.

Generally, their height is 80cm, and weigh around 90 kg. The average life span is about 11 years.


2.    Shar-pei


Shar-peis are the dogs that are covered with the rolls, which provide them a tender look. Previously, they were used to guard tombs during the Han Dynasty, and now shar-peis are the most valuable pet. They are strong dogs that follow all the training tactics. 

Shar-peis are found in a wide range of colors like chocolate, black, blue, arctic, etc. these are so spectacular that you can’t resist cuddling them.

They are usually 50cm high, and 30 kg is their average weight. Their life expectancy is ten years.

3.    SheepdogSheepdog

This old Chinese dog breed is good-natured large dogs that enjoy the comfort of home. They are adaptable to different families and lifestyles. Sheepdogs also dispose of love and affection to all the family members. So get this new loyal and loving furry friend and enjoy its company.

They tend to live up to 11 years.

The small dog breeds

4.    Lhasa ApsoLhasa Apso

Lhasa apso, a dog breed that is famous for carrying a good fortune in Tibet. These are fast dogs with peaceful personalities who love children and prefer to play with them. Lhasa apso is usually found in spans golden and sandy tones.

They have a height of 25cm, which is relatively short. At the same time, they tend to weigh only 8kg. The average life span of Lhasa apso is around 15 years.

Note: cleaning the ears is the most bothering thing for them.   

5.    PekingesePekingese

This dog breed doesn’t have a peaceful and obedient personality, so they need special training for patience and petting. Initially, the Pekingese breed used to guard the palaces of Chinese emperors, but to make alert, they don’t often bark; instead, they move to the person to communicate.

They have a short body with large eyes. Black, cinnamon, grey, and cream are the common colors of their fur.

They can be carried almost everywhere because the weight is not more than 5kg.  

6.    DachshundDachshund

Dachshunds are known to hunt badgers and other animals like foxes, rabbits, etc. these versatile dog breeds are popular with many nicknames such as sausage dogs, doxie, and a wiener dog.

They tend to live for about 14 years. 

7.    Chinese crested dog

Chinese crested dog

Chinese crested dog exists in two forms; one has a large coat while the other is hairless with the limited lengthy hairs at the bottom and head. They have the affectionate and obedient personality for the masters but are chary to the strangers.

These Asian dogs look elegant and are very playful for the kids. The coats are of gray or brown tones. They are 30cm tall with 5kg weight. This faithful pet is expected to live around 15years.

8.    Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is another small Chinese dog breed used to gift the Chinese royal families as a sign of good luck. This friendly and playful animal makes a good bond with the children and strangers. The coat colors of Shih Tzu are usually of different tones like golden, brown, white, and gray.  

They are not more than 27cm tall and weighs only 7kg. Their life expectancy is of mostly 16 years.

The Calmest dog breeds

9.    Tibetan Kyi Apso Tibetan Kyi Apso

Tibetan Kyi Apso is one of the rarest dog breeds, mainly originated from China, hard to find. The long and dense double coat allows them to survive harsh climatic conditions. They exist in a wide range of colors, such as blank, tan, and different blue and red tones. Generally, Tibetan Kyi Apso is found to be loving and calm dogs with high adaptive intelligence.

This average-sized dog breed weighs 45kg. Their average life span is 15 to 16 years.

10. Bone mouth dogBone mouth dog

This dog is the original version of Chinese char Pei. They have less meat, pointed tail, shorter hair, harsh coat, and fewer wrinkles. 

These stand about 23 inches and are known for the blue-black tongue. Bone mouth dogs are very affectionate and active. They are faithful and loyal to their masters. They may tend to live for about 12 years. 

11. Akita:Akita

Akitas are the mountain dogs that have the head similar to bear’s thick coat and possess feline-like feet. These calm dogs are friendly and joyful with family members but are reserved around strangers. Akita enjoy the company of other dogs of the same sex. Their average life span is 11 to 15 years. 

12. Basset houndBasset hound

They are purebred dogs that show affection to the pet parents. They are adaptable to different environments and lifestyles. They need a specific physical activity to remain fit because they have a high tendency to weight gain. 

The average life span is 10 to 12 years.

13. BoxerBoxer

The well-known boxer dog breeds have earned a considerable reputation due to their patient and calm nature. They are playful and protective towards the children. These brown-eyed dogs are very social in their early puppyhood. 

The average life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.

14. Saint Bernard Saint Bernard

Originally Saint Bernard is loving and affectionate companions. They smoothly go through obedience training due to the intelligent. Saint Bernard help the lost and injured travelers to find. 

The longevity range is 8 to 10 years.      

The smartest dog breeds.

15. Japanese chinJapanese chin

Japanese chin has a doubtful history. Most historians believe that they originated from Japan, while others claim that they are from China. But experts believe that China is their birthplace, due to their strange resemblance with Pekingese. These amazing lapdogs are quite entertaining companions. Their coat develops fully in about two years.

These surprisingly loyal dogs are very affectionate and intelligent. Feline like attitude is their primary personality trait.

They are 27cm high with an average weight of only 4kg. Japanese chin can live for 12 to 15 years on this planet. 

16. Xiasi QuanXiasi Quan

This smartest Chinese dog breed came from the southern Guizhou province of China. These unique dogs have the best hunting abilities. Xiasi Quan or Bai long Quan has a lean muscular build with a white coat. Due to high intelligence, they are easy to train and socialize. These high energy dogs love to play different minds and body-stimulating games like puzzles, tug of war, pit bulls, etc.

These dogs stand about 50cm and weights 11 kg. The life span is 11 to 15 years. 

17. Formosan mountain dogFormosan mountain dog

Formosan mountain dogs are the landrace breed of is the small island of Taiwan. Unlike their names, these are found in the mountains and stroll around the streets in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. These dogs are suitable for multiple jobs like guarding, hunting, search, and rescue, etc.

The high energy and the right environment allow these intelligent dogs to learn the commands quickly.

Note: due to the dog eating culture in Taiwan, they were about to extinct, but the Chinese nationalist party in 1945 made efforts to conserve them.

The life span is 10 to 13 years. The average height and weight are 50cm and 17 kg, respectively. 

18. Kunming wolf dogKunming wolf dog

This Chinese breed dog resembles a German shepherd in appearance. They came into being as a result of breeding between wolves and German Shepard. The small feet of the dogs strongly reminds you of the cats. To alert their master, these dogs straighten the tails.

These smartest dogs are best for the police or military work due to their agility, activeness, and leadership role.

They heights about 63cm and weighs 35kg. The average life expectancy of Kunming wolf dog is nearly 14 years.

19. Tibetan spanielTibetan spaniel

One of the oldest Chinese dog breeds is the Tibetan spaniel. It originates about 2500 years back in the Himalayan regions. Unlike their name, these dogs are not from the spaniel family. However, some of their physical traits resemble spaniels. They are extremely smart and intelligent. But they can’t stand alone for a long time, so demand high affection and attention.

These dogs can live for about 15 years. The dogs stand around 25cm and weight 7kg. 

20. German ShepherdGerman Shepherd

German shepherds are the smartest Chinese dog breed. They are aggressive but easy to train. They are famous for biting, so obedience training in school should be preferred. German sphered are healthy breeds, but improper diet can lead to severe disease. The average lifespan is 9 to 13 years.   

21. DalmatianDalmatian

Dalmatians are highly energetic dogs that need plenty of physical activity. So if you are looking for a jogging partner, this breed is best for you. They are sleek and intelligent, so they can early get trained for the guard job.

The average life span is 13 years.  

The most popular dog breeds

22. Chinese Chongqing dogChinese Chong qing dog

Chinese Chongqing, a medium-sized dog with a sturdy body, originated from China’s Chongqing and Sichuan regions. They have a distinctive appearance, like have a short and sparse coat. They have a highly aggressive personality, so they are perfect for the guarding.

They will stand at approximately 45cm and weigh between 20 to 25kg. They are an amazingly long-lived Chinese breed, often survive up to 16 years.

23. Tibetan terrierTibetan Terrier

Tibetan terriers are the best furry friends. They are easily adaptable to the different lifestyles and are affectionate to nearly every family. This breed of Chinese dogs is pure and suitable for the protection of shelters. These powerful dogs need plenty of your attention, and they love to do exercise.

Their height is mostly 35cm and weighs about 12kg. The life span ranges from 12 to 15 years.   

24. HuskyHusky

Huskies are the dogs often seen with the elite class Chinese owners. They have a thick mane that makes them perfect for the harsh climates. They are very energetic and active that you can’t cope with them in a small place. They can easily escape and can jump fences of greater than 2 meters. In the early days of their lives, huskies should be appropriately trained.

Their height and a weight range between 50-56cm and 20-27kg, respectively. Huskies can typically live for 12 to 14 years.

25. Alaskan MalamuteAlaskan Malamute

Alaskan malamute belongs to the same genetic family as of Haski. They both are popular cousins, but the later one is slightly smaller. They are independent and usually tend to chase cats, rabbits, and other small dogs. Malamute is friendly and is suited to the colder climate. They can live a large number of years, often up to 15years.

26. Doberman pinscherDoberman Pinscher

These powerful and energetic dogs’ stand up to 60cm. They possess a sleek body covered with the black, blue, or red glistening coat. They are the most loyal dog breed in the canine kingdom.

The average life expectancy is about 12 years.

27. NewfoundlandNewfoundland

Newfoundland dog breeds are friendly and adjustable to different households. They need a large amount of food to weighs, increase the weight up to 100 pounds, and need an exercise of about 20 to 40 minutes every day.

The longevity range is ten years.

28. RottweilerRottweiler

A Rottweiler is a dog with the glistening black coat and rust markings. This well-bred dog has a calm and confident personality. They are very playful to the outsider’s bellies and are dear to the owners. The obedience training sessions develop positivity in them.

The average life span is ten years.   

29. Pembroke weish corgisPembroke weish corgis

Pembroke weish corgis are the big dog with short but powerful legs. They are found in various colors like black, ta, red, etc. and are surprisingly quick. This sensitive pet enjoys playing with the kids and other family members. 

The average life expectancy is estimated to 12 years. 

The cutest dog breeds

30. Chow chowsChow chows

Chow chows are famous Chinese dog that has an unusual breed. Large heads, hidden eyes in the thick mane, and a black tongue make them unique. They are closely related to other dogs like Norwegian elkhounds and Keeshonds. Chow chows are prone to severe health conditions like cataracts, hip dysplasia, diabetes, and different cancers. Often they are aggressive, but your attention and care can calm them.  

The average Life span is 12years. They are mostly 50cm long and weight 30kg.

31. Golden retriever  Golden Retriever

The golden retriever closely resembles Labrador. They love to swim and are easy to train. These high energy dogs often roam here and there so they can’t live in the small compartment. If you have one, you can take him to the parks frequently. They are too friendly and playful to humans and other dogs. 

The average life span of a golden retriever is 11 to 12 years. In weight, they range between 15 to 34 kg, and their average height is 50 to 60cm.

32. Samoyed Samoyed

The Samoyed is originated from Siberia but mostly found in China. In terms of the characteristics, it closely relates to husky and Alaska malamute. Due to the history of inbreeding, Samoyed suffers from different genetic disorders. 

The average life span is 12 to 14 years. 

33. Poodle Poodle

The poodle is a special type of dog breed that is obedient, excellent in sports and even herding. There are three varieties of such dogs i.e., toy, miniature, and standard. In China, the most common type is Brown Toy Poodle. Their average life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.

34. Bichon Frise Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise closely resembles the toy poodle. They are the cheerful and friendly companion dogs that love to accompany the children and other animals. The young bichon frise needs some obedience training. They can live for an extended period (usually up to 13 years), but the autoimmune diseases, if caught, can result in their early death. 

35. Cocker spanielCocker Spaniel

The cocker spaniels are the beautiful dog breed. They are the cheerful and beloved companion of kids. The snuggling on the couch with their favorite kids makes cocker spaniel happy and pleased. They are adaptable to different circumstances. 

The average lifespan is 15 years.

36. Spitz Spitz

Japanese spitzes are ideal dog breeds developed in Japan in the 20s but are now commonly found in china. They are widely popular due to their patience and favorable temperament. These dogs are prone to a runny nose. 

The life expectancy of spitz is estimated at 15 years.   

The naughtiest dog breeds

37. PugPug

This small Chinese dog breed was considered sacred in ancient china. They were used to live in palaces in their comfort zone. Pug dog breeds possess a calm personality with high-grade intelligence. They have a high tendency to get fat, so for the health, involve them in some physical activity and feed a balanced diet.   

The dog’s weight doesn’t exceed 10kg, and they can live for up to 14 years.  

38. Labrador retrieverLabrador

Labrador retriever, the most popular Chinese dog breed. They are best for hunting birds and guiding the other blind dogs. Labradors are usually white and yellow, but some are also found in chocolate brown and black color. However, they are friendly and playful even towards strangers but still need some leach training.

The average life expectancy is 10 to 12 years. The weight and height are 35kg and 60cm, respectively. 

39. Yorkshire terrierYorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are very affectionate towards their owner. Their enthusiasm makes their master happy. This tiny hound also possesses excellent prankster skills.

Height is 7 to 8 inches, and weight is about 7 lbs. the average life span is 11 to 15years  

40. Maltese Maltese

This small silky white dog is affectionate. Their compact and smooth body depicts elegance. These are adaptable pets who easily make a friend of all ages. These are long-lived canine companions. 

Summing up, you can get almost any of these dog breeds easily in china. Go and buy any of these adorable pooches and enjoy the company of your new canine companion.  


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