Red wine boosts your appetite and speeds up digestion. It should be especially nourishing in the coming cold winter months. Except in these situations…

1. NOT with coffee

These two babies do not mix. Taken together, the caffeine and the alcohol spike blood circulation and you run the risk of over-stimulating blood vessels in the brain and heart. If you really crave a cup of cappuccino or espresso, do so 3-4 hours after drinking your wine.

2. NOT more than 2 glasses

The medically recommended daily amount of red wine intake is 1-2 glasses (dang dang dang), or about 0.4-0.5 liters. That may not sound like a lot, but we’re talking what’s healthy for you, not what’s fun. Also, don’t think you can save up your daily doses and binge on the weekend. Much like sleep, you can’t bank your daily intake. Also, hydrate properly after your wine. It’ll help you the morning after.

3. NOT chilled or on ice

Some people prefer to have red wine chilled or on the rocks. Cold wine is actually very bad for the digestive system during winter, and red wine on the rocks is bloody sacrilege. Ask any French person, and then duck. The best temperature to set your red wine at is 14-18 degrees Celsius.

4. NOT with hot-pots

Hot-pot and wine is a rare enough combination traditionally, but with creative/cutting-edge cuisine becoming popular all over Shanghai, be sure to stay away from this particular East-meets-West. Wine combined with hot spices can be too much for the stomach. Don’t blame the Sichuan spice for your subsequent discomfort.

5. NOT with smoked products

The good old Nordic smoked meats are great for almost all occasions, except when paired with red wine. Here is some science: the chemical nitrite in smoked goods, mixed with wine, creates acid that damages your teeth. As if you weren’t doing them enough damage already.

There you go, 5 rules for your red wine this winter! Take it away and remember to enjoy responsibly [Editor’s Note: hahaha. ]. Bon appetit!

Author: Enjoy Shanghai

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