Fun Things To Do if you have no friends in Shanghai

Traveling alone is often an option for many people. Not only local tourists, but some travelers are also desperate to go abroad without a partner, to be a solo traveler.

One of the most targeted destinations in China, the Bamboo Curtain country is Shanghai.

If you are a solo traveler and do a trip to Shanghai, there are 23 fun things to do if you don’t have friends in Shanghai.

Some Fun Things You Can Do If You Don’t Have Friends in Shanghai:

  1. Getting Around the City with Shanghai Fastest Train, Maglev TrainShanghai Fastest Train, Maglev Train

Going around the city alone will be really fun if you really enjoy spending more time alone.

Traveling like this can make the travel experience more relaxed and carefree because it will be more flexible depending on your mood.

After all, traveling is all about mood and desire.

You can use the Shanghai Maglev Train to visit downtown Shanghai.

This sophisticated vehicle does exist in Shanghai, so domestic tourists must try the experience of trying the super fast train.

You can also alternate routes according to the destination to be visited in Shanghai.

Once you reach the station, try to take the Sightseeing Bus. This vehicle can drop off passengers whenever and wherever they want.

  1. Feel the Vibe When Visiting the Historic Site Memorial Hall of Fushou GardenFushou Garden

The Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden is one of the historical places suitable for you to visit when traveling alone in Shanghai, especially if you like tourist destinations with historical value and local culture.

The Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden is indeed a burial complex, so you need to be brave enough to come here alone.

Interestingly, visitors here can see some antiques, ancient manuscripts, and albums of ancient musicians.

Tourists will also be presented with famous statues in the city of Shanghai.

This burial complex looks horror for some people, but you will enjoy your walk when there are many flower views in the Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden you can enjoy and take some photos. 

  1. Visit the Shikumen Residence Museum TempleShanghai_Xintiandi-2

For those of you who like historical places or learn about other regional cultures in other countries, the Shikumen Residence Museum can be the best choice when visiting Shanghai.

This museum presents many temples as a characteristic of Chinese culture.

You don’t only find temples, but you can also enjoy Kungfu attractions and find lots of buildings that have been built since ancient Chinese.

It turns out that the Shikumen Residence Museum has been around since 1850, so it has a high historical value.

Visitors will be amazed by the shape, which is a mixture of Chinese and British culture.

This shikumen consists of two floors made of wood and stone material. The museum located at Taicang Street No. 25 Shanghai is highly recommended for tourists for a culture tour in Shanghai.

  1. Enjoying the Old City Vibe of Zhapu Lu Old Town Area

     Zhapu Lu Old Town Area

Traveling alone is more fun to walk and enjoy the surrounding scenery without having to get confused, taking pictures with other friends.

For those of you who are visiting Shanghai, then you are obliged to walk through the old town area, which is quite famous, namely Zhapu Lu, located on Zhapu Road.

It should be noted that Zhapu Lu has become an area that is always crowded with visitors, especially from outside Shanghai.

The reason is this place will serve a large selection of delicious and recommended foods and snacks by locals.

Tourists can also pamper themselves with massage parlors in Zhapu Lu Old Town.

One of the most famous things in this area is that Chinatown is located on the border between Zhapu Roda and Haining Lu which has been around since 1908.

  1. Learn Confucianism at the Shanghai Confucius Templethe Shanghai Confucius Temple

Temple building is one of the most identifiable features of China.

Many tourists say, if people have not visited this area, it will not be considered that they have visited this Bamboo Curtain country.

For those of you who visit this country alone, to be precise in the city of Shanghai, one of the temple options you can visit is Shanghai Confucius.

Tourists can directly learn about the teachings of Confucianism.

Residents around the Shanghai Confucius temple have indeed embraced this teaching.

The temple is located in the city center, so there is no need for difficult travel access to get to one of these cultural destinations.

  1. Take Pictures of Buddha Statue at Jade Buddha TempleJade Buddha Temple

This location is the best choice if you are interested in seeing a huge and lying Buddha statue.

Jade Buddha Temple is included in a fairly old area between the city of Shanghai and its modernization.

Jade Buddha Temple itself has been built in 1982 so that it has been known by tourists from outside China.

This is the reason that this tourist complex has become one of the icons of Shanghai.

You need to know that the Buddha statue in the Jade Buddha Temple is made of real jade.

This shows that this building is indeed upheld for its sanctity, and its beauty is preserved like a very clean crystal. Its own height reaches 190 cm with an emerald throne.

  1. Hang Out at On the Bund Rooftop Diningthe Bund Rooftop Dining

Hanging out alone won’t be a problem if you are enjoying it, especially if the place is very entertaining and has a breathtaking view.

Of course, this is very interesting to do in Shanghai.

For young people whose hobbies are hanging out, On The Bund Rooftop Dining can be an exclusive choice to enjoy the city view at night.

This place is indeed an exclusive dining area and doesn’t be surprised if you have to spend a lot of vacation money.

The most interesting icon of On the Bund Rooftop Dining is that visitors can see the view directly to the Pudong New Area.

Unfortunately, tourists must make reservations in advance, because this restaurant only provides limited reservations.

  1. Exploring the City With the Shanghai City BusShanghaiBusSightseeingTour

Exploring the beautiful and modern Shanghai is one of the main attractions for travelers who are traveling alone.

They can go around here and there without having to worry if their partner asks them to go to another location.

You can also get around various places around Shanghai by using the Shanghai City Bus.

This public vehicle will take tourists anywhere according to the route chosen by the passengers.

In addition, you can also visit anywhere as long as you are still in the city of Shanghai using this City Bus.

But don’t forget to pay the fare with exact change and put it in the box provided.

  1. Enjoying the Night at The Bundthe-bund-2362812_1920

The atmosphere of the pier and the beautiful night view are things that cannot be missed to be enjoyed in Shanghai.

You can enjoy it by visiting The Bund which was once a stopover for ships on the Huangpu River.

The Bund will offer a sensation of how beautiful it is to enjoy the atmosphere of the Huangpu River, which is the heart of the center of Shanghai.

The most interesting thing is the row of buildings with charming architecture on the sides.

Initially, The Bund was one of the busiest and oldest areas in Shanghai.

Many foreign rulers will build office centers in this region. Don’t be surprised if you find many buildings with old architecture in this location.

  1. Studying Cultural History At Yu Gardenyu garden

For those who are interested in seeing historical relics from the past from the city of Shanghai, then Yu Garden is one of the most appropriate choices to visit.

This area is an old complex with a historical park covering an area of about 200 thousand square meters.

Yu Garden is always crowded with visitors, especially ib the holidays.

This garden has a unique and superb architectural style.

Visitors will also be presented with beautiful views of flowers and large trees while visiting this tourist area.

If you prioritize a culinary experience in Shanghai, then don’t forget to stop by street food.

Visitors are advised to come at night because the view will be much more captivating because of the sparkling lights around Yu Garden.

  1. Enjoying the Beautiful View of Shanghai from the Oriental Pearl TV TowerOriental Pearl TV Tower

This place is recommended for those of you who like to enjoy urban areas, especially at night.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower has now become one of the destinations for tourists to be able to see the city view from a height.

This tower has a height of about 468 meters, this makes it the most iconic and unique monument of Shanghai.

So it’s regret if you don’t visit Oriental Pearl TV even if you just go alone.

Tourists can also visit during the day or night and enjoy the city view from the deck.

They are also offered to learn about history through the Shanghai City Historical Development Exhibition Hall.

  1. Staying at the Hotel Shanghai World Financial Centerthe Hotel Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center is the 8th tallest building in the world and 4th in China.

This area is also the highest hotel, namely the Ritz Carlton Shanghai. Of course, this will provide an exciting experience for anyone.

Imagine if you could stay alone and enjoy time alone in this upscale hotel of the tallest building it will really fun.

It should be noted that the height of the tower reaches 492 meters, so it is perfect for enjoying the view of Shanghai from the tower.

  1. Shop for Famous Brands on Huaihai Roadhuai hai middle road

For those of you who want to shop for famous brands and of course original products, you can visit Huaihai Road.

There are so many famous brands in this shopping paradise ranging from Gucci, Tiffany, Adidas, H&M, Zara, and many more.

This area is a fairly long road about 5.5 km.

Visitors can also find several large shopping markets in Shanghai, starting from the Golden Bell Plaza, Pacific Department Store, and Hong Kong Plaza.

Make sure to save on expenses if you are in this area because it is a paradise for famous brand shops.

  1. Enjoying the Exhibition at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition CenterShanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

This place is suitable for those of you who like to visit exhibitions of various themes, this is because the Urban Planning Exhibition Center will provide it in the form of city planning and construction in the form of miniatures.

Of course, this is the main attraction for tourists to spend time.

The Urban Planning Exhibition Center is in the People’s Square area, which covers an area of more than 3600 square meters and also a height of up to 43 meters.

This area was previously only opened for certain purposes until it was finally accessible to the public in 2000.

Visitors can also get various information ranging from infrastructure, transportation, environment, globalization to developments in Shanghai.

If you are interested, you can visit it to learn more about this big city in China.

  1. Shanghai Zoo, the Right Place to Unwind from the Busy City of Shanghai15. Shanghai Zoo

A zoo could be the best choice for you to see many kinds of animals, especially if this place is visited in a foreign country where the animal collection will be much more interesting than in your own country.

There, you can enjoy exotic animals at the Shanghai Zoo, especially to meet pandas as typical animals from China.

In addition, you can also see collections of other animals such as kangaroos, monkeys, snakes, penguins, tigers, and many more.

  1. Visit and Enjoy the Old-Library Vibe of the Yangpu LibraryOld-Library Vibe of the Yangpu Library

For those of you who like to read books, the library is the most interesting place to visit, especially if this can be done in a foreign city or even in a country like China to be precise in Shanghai.

Shanghai does have many unique libraries. One of them is the Yangpu Library which is a building that is more than 80 years old.

Of course, this place also has its own historical value and is interesting to explore.

  1. Reading Books at the Qingpu Water Library the Qingpu Water Library

Just like the Yangpu Library, you will find many places to read books that are unique in Shanghai. One of them is the Qingpu Water Library. Don’t be surprised if visitors are amazed by the beauty of this building.

Qingpu Water Library has a very unique and beautiful building concept.

This large building has a predominantly green color and is built on the water so that it provides an interesting experience for visitors.

  1. Enjoying the Festival of Lights in XintiandiLights in Xintiandi

The atmosphere at night with the lights festival is the main attraction for tourists.

You can also enjoy it at Xintiandi. Don’t forget to prepare the best camera to get high quality and beautiful photos and videos to capture the moment.

Lots of beautiful flowers blooming on the side of the road.

Of course, this row is a collection of lanterns with beautiful lights.

Generally, this festival is held annually in November, so you have to adjust it to your calendar before coming to Xintiandi.

  1. Visit the Largest Buddha Statue in China, the Lingshan Grand Buddhathe Lingshan Grand Buddha

Not only a sleeping Buddha statue, but you can also visit the largest one in this country with a height of up to 88 meters.

The Lingshan Grand Buddha itself is located in the southern part of the Longshan Mountain area.

Visitors can immediately see a large altar with two water containers on its sides after entering the gate of this area. You will find a pair of large footprints in the middle, and each of them has a width of 0.6 meters and 1.2 meters.

Visitors need to climb 216 stairs first to approach the Grand Buddha.

This area has been arranged on seven ascending platforms which have been adjusted according to the number of tiered stupas.

Tourists can visit it at the opening hours of 07.00 to 18.00 and tickets cost 210 Yuan.

  1. Take Photos with Marine Life at the Shanghai Ocean AquariumShanghai Ocean Aquarium

The beauty of the sea creatures should not be missed to be immortalized. Interestingly in Shanghai, there is already a giant aquarium and the longest living place for many species with its own charm.

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium consists of two buildings that have a pyramid shape.

The total area of this area alone covers an area of approximately 20,500 square meters.

The main building of the Ocean Aquarium is still divided into several parts, such as the China Zone and South America Zone.

You can visit here alone by paying a ticket of 160 yuan for an adult.

The operating time of the Ocean Aquarium itself starts from 9 am to 6 pm. It is free to take pictures.

  1. Take a Walk in City Center in People’s SquarePeople’s Square

The city center in Shanghai is one of the main attractions for tourists, especially if you can see it directly in different ways, for example from the top of a building like in People’s Square.

This area was originally a horse racing arena which was considered the number one place at that time.

Furthermore, People’s Avenue builds a central trajectory area with People’s Square to the south and People’s Park to the north.

This area is indeed vast, which is around 140 thousand square meters.

You can see thousands of doves that will provide a peaceful atmosphere while enjoying the view of the city center.

People’s Square is indeed vast, and consists of several sections so don’t lose your way and get lost in this area.

  1. Studying the History of Universe at the Shanghai Natural History Museumthe Shanghai Natural History Museum

Learning from other cultures is really fun. This can make you get to know more about history in other countries.

One of them is the Shanghai Natural History Museum which offers many collections for visitors.

This museum has many exhibits and collections such as robots, animal world, extraterrestrial life, and others that are closely related to science and technology.

This building has a solid architectural impression, so it is suitable for use as a photo background and takes Instagram pictures.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy the garden outside this museum which has engaging and interactive art installations.

This area is charming as a photo spot, especially for visitors with their children. As for the hours of operation starting from 9 am to 4 pm.

  1. Take A Walk on Nanjing West Road1. Shop for Famous Brands on Huaihai Road

Nanjing West Road is a road commonly used for vehicles.

Visitors can freely walk on the edge of the sidewalk to see the density of this area with rows of shops and shopping malls.

There you can shop freely because this area has many shops that sell well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and so on.

There are also shops offering fake branded goods so that visitors can buy them cheaper.

However, don’t forget to rely on your bargaining skills because this shopping center will charge high prices, especially for foreign tourists. That is, this step is one way to get it very cheap. 

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