Shanghai Skyline is a unique, beautiful, and touristy destination. Visiting this city will enthral you and leave an everlasting memory of the journey. One of the favourite destinations when visiting Shanghai is the Shanghai Skyline – home to many massive, futuristic and sci-fi looking buildings.

Stunning and astonishing visuals – are the most influential magnets for local and international tourists to visit and kill time in Shanghai. Towering high into the sky, this group of tall buildings depicts extraordinary architecture. As if the high-rise buildings blend with the sky.

In this place, you will see a group of futuristic buildings, but there are four most famous buildings that are the main target of tourists when visiting to enjoy the beautiful Shanghai Skyline in Pudong District: The Pearl Tower, The Shanghai Tower, The Jin Mao Tower, and Shanghai World Financial Center (The Bottle Opener).

How to Get to Shanghai Skyline?

How to Get to Shanghai skyline

1,The Pearl Tower

Brief Information:

Height                : 468 meters (1,535 feet)

Built                    : 1994

Location             : 1 Century Ave, Lu Jia Zui, Pudong, Shanghai, Tiongkok

Special features       : 15th highest tower in the world

The Pearl Tower

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

The Pearl Tower is the first building that is said to define the Shanghai Skyline, and this is the tallest building in Shanghai before other buildings were built. It is a beautiful and unique tower, which has been a great tourist hub since it was built.

This building also known as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. This remarkable Shanghai landmark is standing by the bank of the Huangpu river, Shanghai.

With a height of 468 meters (1,535 feet), it was the tallest structure in China before it was surpassed by the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) in 2007. Now, it is the fifth-highest tower in the world.

The building is located in Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Surrounded by the Yangpu Bridge in the northeast and the Nanpu Bridge in the southwest, the architecture of this building seems to show the picture of “twin dragons playing with pearls”. The entire scene is a photographic jewel that excites the imagination and attracts thousands of visitors year-round.

The Pearl Tower not only offers beauty and architectural philosophy, but many features can be enjoyed when touring The Pearl Tower: 

  1. Observation Decks
  2. Shanghai History Museum
  3. Space Capsule
  4. The Revolving Restaurant

2,The Jin Mao Tower

Brief Information

Height             : 420 meters (1,380 feet), 88 floors

Built                 : 1999

Cost:               : about 530 million USD

Location          : 88 Century Ave, Lu Jia Zui, Pudong, Tiongkok

Special features    : third tallest in Shanghai, 19th tallest in the world

The jin mao towerImage by StockSnap from Pixabay 

One could say this is the most attractive building in Shanghai Skyline. The design and structure are unique, highly recognizable and iconic.

The Jin Mao design is superb, with 88 floors at 420 meters approximately, combining elements of traditional Chinese architecture and Gothic influence into a fabulous modern building.

What is unique about this building is that it has two high-speed elevators with a speed of 9.1 m/sec, which means that it only takes about 45 seconds from the first basement to the skywalk. Wow right! Maybe you don’t want to lose the opportunity to have that kind of experience.

Adrenal-loving tourists will never miss one cool destination in this tower, skywalk. The best part about this tower is that there is a skywalk around the building.

The skywalk ride in this building is known as the Thrilling Glass-Bottomed Walkway. It offers visitors the most thrilling way to take in spectacular views of Shanghai. The glass walkway protrudes out from the 88th floor of Jinmao Tower at over 340 meters above the ground. This skywalk is known as the highest handrail-free walkway worldwide. Get ready to make your heart beat fast! 

3,Shanghai World Financial Center / The Bottle Opener

Brief Information:

  Height              : 492 meters (1,614 feet)

  Built                  : 2008

  Cost                  : 1.2 billion USD

  Location           : 100 Century Ave, Lu Jia Zui, Pudong, Shanghai, Tiongkok

  Special features     : Fourth tallest building in China, eighth tallest in the world

Shanghai World Financial CenterPhoto by Benjamin Patin on Unsplash

I must say that Shanghai Financial World Center (SFWC) is the most futuristic-looking structure in Pudong’s business districts. This building is nicknamed “The Bottle Opener” as if you saw a bottle opener standing in the middle of Pudong’s district.

It’s the world’s tenth tallest building with 492 meters tall (1,614 feet), and the fifth tallest in China.

In one visit to The Bottle Opener, you can see two other tallest skyscrapers next to you, such as the Shanghai Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center because they were so close. These three buildings sit in a cluster next to the Pudong River in the Lujiazui financial district.

The night lights and dusk sunset scenes are astonishing. But in rainy and foggy weather, the views will be a bit obscured. So, good luck.

The building nickname is unique, ‘The Bottle Opener’ principally for its distinctive shape, but also because the view might be better enjoyed with fine foods and beverages of the luxury restaurants across the Huangpu river.

  1. The Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai TowerPhoto by Raychan on Unsplash

Brief Information:

Height                : 632 meters (2,073 feet), 128 floors

Built                    : 2014, opened 2015

Cost                    : 2.2 billion USD

Location             : 501 Yincheng Middle Rd, Lu Jia Zui, Lujiazui Residential District, Pudong, Shanghai, Tiongkok

Special features       : tallest in China, world’s 2nd tallest building (2016)

With the super-advanced techniques and design, this skyscraper is honoured as a magnificent top building worldwide. These are what you can expect from this skyscraper: the height and its modern features. This building has the world’s fastest elevator and the world’s highest observation deck (546m floor), and there you can appreciate the fantastic sightseeing of the broad area of ​​Shanghai downtown and feel as if you are standing in the sky.

Being in this tower is as if you are on a plane. Just visualise and imagine if you are on the 118th floor in Shanghai Tower, facing 360° glass windows, you can see the other notable skyscrapers within the Lujiazui area such as Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) (492m), the Jinmao Tower (420.5m), , and the Oriental Pearl Tower (468m), and so on below you. What a feeling, right?

Being in this building provides you to get the feeling of reaching the boundary of the sky. Walking on highest-floor is like dancing on the edge of the cloud!

The beauty of the Shanghai Tower at night is stunning, the Tower will shine brightly with its striking design and structure. People sometimes say that this tower is an impressive engineering feat and a symbol of Shanghai’s emergence as a global city.

Never miss a visit to this Tower when you are on a trip to the Lujiazui area, Shanghai.

This tower is a remarkable example of what smart architecture can achieve. The structure is mind-blowing, and this makes for a great visit. You may want to visit just for those experiences.

Shanghai Skyline Important Landmarks

Shanghai skyline Important Landmarks


Where is the Best Place to See the Shanghai Skyline?

But to get the best results or views of the Shanghai Skyline, you need to know the right spots. Here are some popular places to experience and enjoy the incredible and breathtaking sights of the iconic Shanghai to make your trip even more memorable.

  1. The Bund

The BundImage by Sean Sheng from Pixabay

The beautiful Huangpu riverside makes the Bund one of the favorite destinations in Shanghai. This place is a well-known business district in downtown Shanghai. On the edge of the Bund is a pedestrian area, but not an ordinary pedestrian area, because the beauty of the surrounding scenery is fantastic — Huangpu river.

Shanghai is a bustling city. Suppose you can stand all the pushing and shoving of the millions walking along the Bund in Shanghai. So, you can get up to the riverside track and take pictures of the colourful and architecturally distinguished modern skyline. No visit to Shanghai would be complete without a visit to the Bund to take pictures of beautiful Shanghai Skyline.

  1. The Peninsula Hotel

The Peninsula HotelImage from TripAdvisor

One of the best way to enjoy Shanghai Skyline wonder is through rooftop bars. The best one so far is the Sir Elly’s Terrace bar and the U-shaped Rooftop Bar at The Peninsula Shanghai Hotel. From this spot, you can enjoy the fantastic and beautiful view of the Shanghai Skyline completed by gorgeous and luxurious architecture and hotel services.

On the 13th floor, you will find Sir Elly’s Restaurant and one floor up is the appurtenant Sir Elly’s Terrace, with a prime location right on the major bend in the Huangpu River, you will see spectacular views of the Pudong skyline and all the boats gliding by in the water outside. The terrace is stylishly decorated with a very open and airy feel, and here you can enjoy well-mixed signature cocktails, chilled wines, rare whiskeys and a selection of light dishes—the perfect venue for some fancy and relaxing drinks.

From this spot, you will be able to see The Bund, Shanghai Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai WFC, Jin Mao Tower and Huangpu River. Complete package in one place!   

Shanghai skyline at day time

Shanghai Skyline at day timePhoto by Zhang Kaiyv on Unsplash

If you are planning a vacation to Shanghai and it happens to be a clear day with blue skies and good weather, you are so lucky. It’s ideal on a sunny day as the skyline you see is quite surreal and vibrant.

Looking at the buildings soaring into the sky, it is wonderful. As if the buildings are pointing towards the sky, especially when the weather is in mood and the sky is clear, your trip will be a very memorable moment.

If you make a trip at day time, you can do many things, take photos, go to the Bund at sunrise for a stroll or a run, or you can catch a glimpse of the locals exercising, jogging, practising Tai Chi and so. You will feel an exciting moment.

Not only that, if you are lucky, you will feel a breathtaking sunset, and the lighting against the skyline is unique, memorable and of course, photograph worthy.

Shanghai skyline at night

shanghai skyline at night timePhoto by Li Yang on Unsplash

Day trips in Shanghai are pleasing, as well as trips at night. Its spectacular to see the contrasting sides of the city so clearly, you will see tall buildings coloured with lights that will amaze you. As if seeing the world of fairy tales and science fiction, the Shanghai sky is embracing the Shanghai Skyscrapers.

The unique lighting also makes the Huangpu river very beautiful, reflecting the lighting from the buildings.

Is shanghai safe for tourists?

Maybe you are thinking about travelling to Shanghai and wondering, is Shanghai safe for tourists?

The cosmopolitan city of Shanghai is China’s economic and financial hub in the east.

It is a city that connects the modern and the traditional way of life which tends to be extremely attractive to all fascinated travellers around the globe.

With towering skyscrapers and colonial buildings dotting the skyline, it’s easy to see how Shanghai draws in millions of visitors each year. Yet for a busy metropolitan city, Shanghai is okay to visit.

Safety is a broad topic that it’s almost impossible to give a single answer. If we refer to international standards, Shanghai is fairly a safe city for tourists, and violent crime is rare. The streets are quite safe to walk about at night.

In any part of the world, especially big and busy cities, crime can happen. One of the biggest threats to tourists is pickpocketing and also scams. In Shanghai, keep an eye on your belongings, especially when visiting major attractions such as People’s Square or East Nanjing Road.

The most significant risk you would need to be careful about is to avoid pick pocking and tourist scams.

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