AliPay is an app from China used for several purposes; however, it mainly, pays for services as well as goods. Chinese citizens primarily use Alipay in shops/cafes and nearby stores to purchase goods. This app can also be considered to pay for conveniences, purchase movie vouchers, and even buy airplane tickets.

Furthermore, foreigners can also use this app. Meanwhile, Alipay is used by several individuals; it has a common, consistent app informs where the needs can alter. This is particularly the situation if you are an outsider and want to use this app without having a Chinese bank account.

What can I use Alipay for?

  • You can purchase from most of Chinese websites, comprising Taobao and Tmall.
  • Can transfer cash to your loved ones
  • Pay debit card bills
  • Check bank balance
  • Get a cab
  • Pay telephone bills
  • Go Dutch
  • Spend in mutual account with Alibaba
  • In-store acquisitions for selected superstore, cafes and retailing machines

Additionally, in this article, you will learn create an account on Alipay and how to use Alipay without a Chinese Bank Account.

How do I set up Alipay account for foreigners step by step?

  1. First of all, download this app
  2. Click on the Me part of the APPclick the tab
  3. Go into the My Account section.Go into the My Account section
  4. Click on the My Cards button.Click on the My Cards button
  5. Set a payment PIN with six digitsSet a payment PIN with six digits
  6. Click on My Cards again
  7. Then enter the bank card numberThen enter the bank card number
  8. Fill the information of your bank card.

Add your ID information:

  • For foreign citizens- Choose Passport as ID
  • For HK as well as Taiwan consumers- Use Home Visit Authorization as ID
  1. Add the SMS mobile verification code.Add the SMS mobile verification code

And, you have successfully created your Alipay account.

How do I verify my Alipay account for a foreigner without a China card?

  1. Sign in to your Alipay accountSign in to your Alipay account
  1. Tap on Verify Now.Tap on Verify Now
  1. Enter your information as neededEnter your information as needed
  1. Enter your bank card infoEnter your bank card info
  2. Upload Your Passport ImageUpload Your Passport Image
  3. Submitted effectively, a confirmation will be finalized in one day.confirmation
  4. When the verification is accepted, then you will contain a verified account.verification

Can tourists use Alipay in China?

Yes, visitors can use Alipay in China. For visitors, paying for goods in the country’s progressively cashless culture has been a leading hindrance. Now, outsiders can shop like residents: by using Alipay on their mobile.

Temporary visitors to central China can create an Alipay account to pay for goods using QR encryptions, as stated by Ant Financial corporation. Tourists can use the Tour Pass package of Alipay, which permits them to utilize a prepaid card facility by the Bank of Shanghai. Moreover, tourists can refill their cards in Chinese yuan through their regular debit cards.

How do I top up Alipay China?

The method is quite simple to use AliPay without a Chinese bank account and topping up by an overseas bank card. After opening the AliPay, you have to click on TourPass present in several options accessible on the screen.How do I top up Alipay China

You can tap on MORE to see it. You can place it to your favorites option, so it remains on your first page each time! After taping the Tourpass option, you will get your Tourpass account, as shown in the picture to top up alipay 2

Simply choose the amount you need to top up after that add your card information from your abroad bank. When entered, tap on top-up, and you are good to to top up alipay 3

Can Alipay transfer money to a bank account?

The following steps can complete the transfer method using Alipay.

  1. Find the Global Transfer Function in AlipayFind the Global Transfer Function in Alipay

You must select More, followed by Shanghai International Transfers. Then, the large blue button will start the transfer method. Click on this button to go on the transfer page.

  1. Add the Receiver Banking InfoAdd the Receiver Banking Info

Enter the suitable info for the outside international receiver bank. This contains designation, address, routing number, SWIFT code of the bank, and account number.

  1. Enter the Information of Sender in the AppEnter the Information of Sender in the App

Before starting the transfer, enter the sender’s data. This contains the cash you want to send and the purpose of the transfer. And more, reasons contain traveling, paying education between other descriptions of why a Chinese individual would want to send cash overseas, etc.

  1. Consider Terms & Conditions before proceeding

After entering the sender’s info, you will go to a page of terms & conditions where will review the transfer terms before continuing. After a few seconds, the subsequent button will show where you can continue with accepting the transaction.

  1. Submit the Request for TransferSubmit the Request for Transfer

Before approving to the wire transfer, the app requests follow-up queries depending upon what is registered for the aim of the transfer. You can record whatever you like. This is important for tracking wealth outflows.

Can Alipay use foreign credit cards?

Alipay is a famous mobile payment procedure in China; in addition, most individuals pay on Alipay by barcodes, called QR codes, on their mobiles. Not numerous places admit foreign cards such as Visa or MasterCard, besides visitors have few choices to use money; however, all is about to adjust.

Alipay can support worldwide debit cards. After getting Alipay, visitors can record for the international account of Alipay using their overseas mobile number. Visitors can top up cash onto a pre-paid essential card and start using the app across China. As stated by Ant Financial, Alipay will support JCB of Japan, Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club cards of Singapore.

What Cards work with Alipay?bank card

Alipay cooperates with the main banks of China including Bank of China, China’s Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank of China, Merchants Bank of China, etc.), and covers several countries through payment administrations and international cards. Supported payment approaches contain Western Union, Visa, JCB of Japan, MasterCard, Boleto, bank transfer, WebMoney, and more.

How to use Alipay outside China?

Alipay is now available in several countries, including the US, Brazil, Russia, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Italy, and more. The merchants from outside china allow acquisitions to be paid through the Alipay account.

To use Alipay as a payment method for shopping/acquisitions online, individual user requirements for opening an account on Alipay. Once you open the Alipay account, if you use the Alipay repeatedly within a definite time frame, your account will be locked.

In this case, if you want to unlock your Alipay account, you have to undergo an identity confirmation process. At present, this process needs you to have an Identity Card Number from China, Taiwanese Identity Card Number, an Identity Card Number of Hong Kong, or a Macau Identity Card Number.

Suppose do not have any of the above. In that case, it means you are an outsider and three additional requirements are desired: your national ID Card Number, Chinese Permit that indicates you are a traveler or a Chinese citizen (in whichever municipality and accepted by the native Public Security Office) and a Chinese credit card allotted by a LOCAL Bank of China (keep in mind that bank card allotted by a Chinese bank situated in any other country except China is not deliberated as LOCAL).

Thus, Alipay payment is primarily useful for citizens of China who have Alipay account; however, needing to pay for their acquisitions, particularly when outside China. Without any doubt, this is also one of the leading marketing gears (by Alipay) and charm for businesses outside China to open the payment process to invite Chinese purchasers to their businesses.


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