After a motorcycle accident left him with two fractured vertebrae, Dr. Steven Johnson abandoned his former career path as an art teacher in 1960s San Francisco and devoted his time to the study of chiropractic theory. Under the guidance of Virgil Strang DC, Dean of Anatomy and Chiropractic Philosopher at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, Dr. Johnson was amazed at the enthusiasm he found for his new path. It was “so simple and uncomplicated,” he says, describing it as “good body ecology.”

“The science and art of chiropractic deals with the relationships between the articulations of the spinal column and the nervous system, and the role of these relationships in the restoration and maintenance of health.”

After 27 years of practice across Italy, Croatia, and Peru, Dr. Johnson came to Shanghai and now works for Landseed Hospital‘s orthopedic rehab unit, which deals with all musculoskeletal problems, particularly spinal correction.

landseed hospital shanghai
landseed hospital shanghai

During a chiropractic examination, the first step is a medical history assessment, followed by an initial alignment analysis to see how your body compensates for any problems relating to the spine. Only if it is deemed absolutely necessary will an X-ray or radiograph be requested.

To help the body compensate for any shock or injury that may have occurred, a very gentle and non-invasive soft tissue massage, employing the Logan technique, is prescribed. This chiropractic care is aimed at the rehabilitation of the spine – to help you to regain your strength and coordination, effectively re-training your body.

Landseed doesn’t just offer chiropractic services; it has a full complement of health facilities, including Dentistry, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Health Examinations and Internal Medicine. The clean, comfortable surroundings are replete with professional, friendly practitioners and administrative staff, generating an atmosphere in which hygiene and expertise combine to create a reassuring hospital environment.

The Bottom Line: A private hospital offering hygienic services, a range of treatments and experienced staff.

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