Top o’ the mornin’! Where’s me gold? Kiss me I’m Irish! Tickle me pig! Twist a Cork langer from yer stopper flannel! A lil’ warp-spasmin’ tipple from the ol’ tip o’ Cu Chulainn’s sword if ye ken me!

What’s that? “Ken” is actually Scottish slang? But it’s Saint Patrick’s Day tomorrow, everyone’s Irish and therefore Irish is everyone! Let’s not get hung up on semantics, let’s instead have a piss up and then get hungover. And here’re 9 places to do just that.

St. Patricia’s Day Night @ Zapata’s TONIGHT

Where: 5 Héngshān Lù, by Dōngpíng Lù (横山路5号,近东平路)

When: 16th March – TONIGHT – 9 PM

It’s Ladies Night as usual at Zapata’s but this time it’s St. Patrick’s Day themed! We’ll call it St. Patricia’s Day Night, and it’s TONIGHT.

A 4-Day Craic @ The Blarney Stone

Where: 77 Yǒngkāng Lù, by Tàiyuán Lù (永康路77号, 近太原路)

When: March 17th – 20th

Craic means party. We think. The Blarney Stone is partying all weekend. Including a recovery day on Sunday. How considerate. No word on if they’re providing blankets and bunkbeds but feel free to bring your own so you don’t miss anything.

Luck and Liver of the Irish @ The Camel Bar

Where: 1 Yuèyáng Lù, by Dōngpíng Lù (岳阳路1号,近东平路)

When: March 1 – 31st, 2016, Whole Feckin’ Month of March

Camel Bar’s holding a special MONTH-LONG do where if you buy 5 Guinneses, you enter a draw for a chance to win your own Guinness keg party. That’s for both the Puxi and the Pudong locations of Camel Bar, so if you’ve got both the luck (and the liver) of the Irish, you could win TWO Guinness keg parties.

St. Patrick’s Day EXTRAVAGANZA @ Boxing Cat Brewery

Where: All Three Boxing Cat Breweries

When: March 17th – 18th

Extravaganza. Extravaganzzzzza. Irisih Food and drink and you get free things if you wear green!

Lucky Leprechaun Lager IRISH IRISH IRISH @ Liquid Laundry

Where: 1028 Huáihǎi Zhōng Lù, by Dōnghu Hú Lù (淮海中路1028号, 近东湖路)

When: March 17th – 18th March, 11 AM – Midnight

Lucky Leprechaun Lager! That sounds Irish as feck! If Boxing Cat wasn’t to your preference, try Liquid Laundry instead.
Beer and Butcher’s Cut @ Kartel

Where: Xiāngyáng Lù, by Jùlù Lù (襄阳北路1号5楼, 近巨鹿路)

When: March 17th, 8:30 – 10:30 PM

You might associate Kartel with fancy wine-drinking and tapas stuff, but hey, they’re nothing if not adaptable. 200 RMB for free flow beer between 8:30 and 10:30 PM and a 200g tenderloin fillet? How about you get St. Pissy’s Day padded with a bit of class?
All Hail Saint Maltfun @ Maltfun

Special Cocktail 78RMB. Starts 7pm till late.

Where: Both Maltfun Locations

  • 123 Húnán Lù, by Wǔkāng Lù (湖南路123号, 近)
  • 100 Fùxīng Xī Lù, by Yǒngfú Lù (复兴西路100号, 近永康路)

When: March 17th, 730 PM – late

What better way to celebrate St. Paddy’s than at a whiskey bar? The Waistcoated bartenders at MaltFun have put together a special cocktail for the occasion, called St. Maltfun. A bit presumptious really, but if they’re confident enough to give it a sainthood already, it’s probably worth a try.

Price for the cocktail is 78 RMB (pretty cheap for a swanky whiskey spot), and serving starts from 7 PM.


Where: All the Windows. All of them.

When: 5 PM til Late

It’s Windows. All the Windows. You know exactly what to expect. Buy 1 Get 1 Frees and 25 RMB Green Drafts. If you want to get hammered and pass out with your face in the lap of a person you’ve just met, this is the spot.

A Real Irish Jig  @ The Tipsy Fiddler

Where: 135 Fǎhuázhèn Lù, by Xìngfú Lù (法华镇路135号-6, 近幸福路)

When: 17th March

That’s “ALL NIGHT LONG” with three exclamation marks, so they probably mean it for real. There’s no replacement for live Irish music when it comes to making you feel like less of an idiot for earing a green hat and red wig.

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