Shanghai is one of the richest and prosperous cities in China. It is also called the Paris of the East for relatively suitable reasons. Furthermore, you will find contemporarily equipped shopping malls selling the most stylish labels, and markets that indicate traditional Chinese philosophy.

Nightlife in Shanghai are a great approach to experience native life. These are usually food streets as well as grocery streets. Locals choose these markets because they can obtain almost all things at a reasonable price, starting from garments to books, CDs, blossoms, shoes, caps, outfits, and more.

Here are some of the top night markets in Shanghai 2020 you should go.

  1. Tian Zi Fang

This market is an ideal combination of global charisma and healthy life in Shanghai. This night market remains open for 24 hours and is truly a supernatural place. You will find several new cultural and creative studios being established here. This night market contains several antique Shanghai shikumen constructions.

  1. Changli Road Street Food Market

Tourists visit this night market, and native people love to queue up to eat up pleasant chicken drumsticks as well as kebabs prepared from seafood when several people in the municipality are fast asleep.

If you want to obtain a sense of Shanghai’s trustworthy street food culture, you should visit this food market at night, where you can taste local treats.

  1. Tongbei Road Street Food

If you love seafood, this food street will the best place to go to Shanghai. The wide range of fresh seafood is the best part of this night market. Do try out the regular seafood here that is not accessible easily in other areas.

  1. Shouning Road Street Food

This is one of the main active food streets in Shanghai. Once you reach the toad, you will be welcomed with the smell of fried rice, spikes, and the most delightful crayfish. Crayfish is very prevalent in China, and it is viewed as the star allure of nighttime appetizers.

  1. Linfen Road Night Market

This night market is one of the stars lures for the starving night owls in Shanghai. It provides a wide variety of attractive street foods that will basically keep you hungry for more. You should not miss the cooked chicken organized Chinese style.

  1. Dongchang Road Night Market

It is one of the most popular night markets in Shanghai, and it can provide a solid rivalry to the Linfeng Road night market. You will find a wide range of accessories for women containing key chains, wallops, purses, jewels, and more.

  1. Zhongshan Park Station of Metro Line 2

This place is one of the busiest metro lines in the city, it has several cafes and multi-level grocery shopping malls, and it is a famous destination for foodies as well as shopaholics. Enjoy the delightful views and the luxurious architectural styles in this market.

  1. Yuyuan Market

It is situated next to the Yu Garden, Yuyuan market is a pleasing venue to experience native life. There are above a hundred malls and shops in this region, retailing a mish-mash of goods containing Chinese tablets, walking brushwood, silk parasols, bamboo furniture, and goldfish, etc.

  1. Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market

This night market provides far more than only the pearls. Hong Qiao market is a huge shopping place which is spread out above three floors and delivers customers a large variety of products. You can get knock-off bags, shawls, Chinese junk & assets on the first building, and products on the second one.

  1. South Bund Fabric Market

This market is originally called the Dongjiadu Fabric Market. It is a three-story construction full of cloth shops as well as tailors. Visiting the South Bund Fabric Market, you can find yourself completely lost in a mess of hundreds of cloth stalls.

  1. Qipu Road Clothing Market

It is the biggest wholesale and selling outfit market in Shanghai, which provides a huge number of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and children’s clothing. It contains a history of more than 100 years.

There are numerous of products retailed here, both for the local market and global market, for example, clothing, children’s garments, underclothing, shoes, pants, T-shirts, personal belongings, and other associated products.

  1. Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market

The sellers in this market generate their own brands rather than the previous fake. It is a great venue to purchase cheap souvenirs: pillow covers, T-shirts, chopsticks, and pashminas. Sellers here are very honest; however, they want to make as much profit as they can. Only bargain more before you purchase.

  1. Flower, Bird, Fish, & Insect Market

This market contains everything that you guess to get. You can find Spring’s orchid, the lotus of Summer, Autumn’s mum, and plum of Winter, which are variable following the seasons. It is value the tour for the strange and rare & you will take some amazing pictures.

  1. Weekly Friday Muslim Street Market

This market is situated opposite the Huxi Mosque, which is a small part of the street, along with roadside retailers, which gather vending Muslim foods as well as products. This market is an exciting place to observe some non-Han Chinese ethos.

Look into the different contributions, taste some street foodstuff & even have a walk around the mosque. Several sellers come from Xinjiang Region, and their cooking is very dissimilar from eastern China.

  1. Shanghai Cybermart

Shanghai Cybermart is situated at Huaihai Middle Road, enclosed by several well-known department supplies as well as office buildings. It is the most essential and trustworthy place for all types of electronic and CPU gear, containing DVD players, USBs, iPods, and laptops, etc.

  1. Hong Kong Famous Shops Street

This market is situated at Renmin Road; it is the first subversive shopping street of Shanghai occupied with closets on both sides. With the launch of extra shopping malls of its category and the growing price of hiring a booth, items here are further expensive as compared to other places; however, it provides a good collection of items.

  1. Dongtai Road Antique Market

This market was formerly a well-known street together with the home as well as abroad for its antiques in the city. At its crucial time, this market was an open bazaar around 200 meters long, having almost 125 stores unlocked on each side of the highway. Nowadays, the ancient market has been locked because of the urban renewal of this region.

  1. Shop Electronics (CPUs, Tabs, iPads, Laptops……) In Xujiahui District, Shanghai

There are three locations in Xujiahui Region: Bainaohui, Pacific CPU Mall, and Pacific Digit Marketplace. All these places are situated in the same region (grouped together). Take Tunnel Line 1 and arrive at the station of Xujiahui and departure from Exit 5.

  1. Shanghai Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is situated just next to the Jinjiang Amusement Park; it features 42 shops selling above 70 different types of street food. The shops were invited from Taiwan & will remain open until the start of November.

Here, you can assume the typical Taiwanese enjoyments like dachang bao xiaochang (lightly explained to large sausage covering small sausage) and oyster omelets, together with quirky stuff such as ice cream obliged in a small toilet bowl.

  1. Jingan Temple Jewelry and Curio Market

This place is frill jewelry and antique market. Jade, wood models, teapots, equipment, and jewels, from Europe & China, can be obtained here. Also, the market choices to several foreign visitors are the old-fashioned Chinese portrait and lettering shops. Costs of the masterworks there can easily surpass 1,538 US dollars.

  1. Wangjia Docks Silk Fabric Market

This is the best shopping point during the holidays. Thousands of overseas visitors visit this market not only to purchase silk but also to see local culture. It is exciting to observe and pay attention to Chinese folks negotiating and speaking in the Shanghai language.

  1. Shanghai Mantangchun Tea Market

This marketplace is not very large; however, the diversity and worth of tea are both pleasing. Tea sets are a distinct feature of the Mantangchun market. Clients will learn about the culture of tea as shop holders present tea sets. Frequently, it takes over 30 minutes to make tea; however, just 1 minute to take it.

Lunar New Year is the best time to visit this market, as they beautifully prepare their stalls and bouquets for the festivities.

  1. Shanghai Optical Glasses Market

This market situated on Muling Road. In this market, sellers provide glasses of all companies, color, and grace at frighteningly reasonable prices. Must visit this surprisingly wide place at night, do not be fast, and collect something exceptional.

  1. Shanghai Shiliu Puhong Qixiang Cloth Market

This place is very similar to the other cloth markets on the list; however, it is much discreet and has significantly fewer outsiders looking confused. This market has three floors of clothing:

Cashmere, cotton, linen, and silk.

  1. Caojiadu Flower Market

Visit this market to realize the flower values of China, having two flats of flowers. You can also buy gifts from this market. Particularly for the duration of Chinese New Year, the plants & flowers are just astonishing.

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