There are lots of hidden costs to traveling, finding a laundromat near me is always a chanllenge for travelers. You may not even think about these costs if you’re new to travel, but rest assured – once you start traveling for a few days and are left with naught but sweaty smelly clothes, the importance of laundry services will become all too clear.

The solution, however, may seem anything but, as hotel laundry prices can sneak up on you and be incredibly costly.

Thankfully, an independent hotel laundry service in Shanghai (or wherever else you’re traveling) can do the job more faster and more affordably – and here’s how.

1. Wash and Folding Services

First and foremost, you need to get your dirty clothes washed and refolded, but certainly don’t want to waste valuable travel time doing that yourself. Hotels can take longer than you’d like, do a worse job, and stick you with a hefty bill at the end.

That’s why you should always call upon a local laundry service instead. Google search the area and see which services, such as, are located closest to your hotel for maximum convenience.

These services often also boast superior washing machines than the run of the mill options offered by hotel services, and treat your clothes with greater care. The result is that your clothes emerge feeling softer, smelling fresher, and are delivered perfectly folded and ready for your next big adventure.

2. Fast Dry Cleaning Services

If you get a blazer or dress dirty during your trip, it can seem like a disaster. Hotels can rarely get these tough stains out, and the cost of trying is even more exorbitant than with clothing. What’s more, your sport coat or gown is likely to be more expensive and feature more sensitive qualities that you simply don’t want to entrust to the hands of a hotel staff that won’t give them the proper care.

Instead, take your clothes to a local service that offers dry cleaning services. Be sure to speak to the staff beforehand to make sure they are able to accommodate the type of fabric used in your dress or suit. In addition, you’ll also want to ask about delivery services. A good local laundry service understands that travelers hardly want to spend their precious time and money fighting Shanghai traffic to get to and from the shop. That’s why many of the best dry cleaners in the city not only offer same-day dry cleaning but can also deliver your clothes to you back at the hotel.

Their turnaround time is fast, too, so even if you have an event in the evening, you can get your suit or dress dry cleaned during the day and still be ready to look and feel your best come nightfall.

3. Bag Repair

One of the more frustrating elements of travel has to be when your bag starts to tear or wear out. You become surprisingly dependent on your bag while you travel, and the last thing you need is for it to burst open at the seams as you’re moving through one of the biggest cities on Earth. At the same time, you aren’t likely to have the equipment necessary to fix a bag, don’t want to waste time doing so, and definitely don’t want to entrust the hotel staff with it.

Fixing bags is definitely something beyond the purview and skill level of most hotel laundry services, which is why you’ll want to look for local laundry experts in Shanghai who also offer bag repair. They will quickly assess the nature of the damage done to your bag and work to repair it in a quick and timely manner.

4. Toy Cleaning

If you travel with small children, you know how attached they can be to their stuffed animals. You also know that, while they may love their stuffed animals, they don’t always treat them in the most sanitary fashion. These toys can get incredibly dirty incredibly quickly. You don’t want your children exposed to all the germs they may get on their toys, but you know how painful it will be for them to be separated from their beloved stuffed friend (and how they’ll never give you a moment’s peace until they have them again).

This is another area where local laundry services can prove an excellent alternative. Not only can they clean stuffed animals and other toys faster than hotel laundry services (which may not do so at all), but they can also repair them. If your child’s precious stuffed animal has suffered a tear or is starting to look a bit grody, a local laundry service can have it cleaned and freshly repaired in no time.

5. Affordable Rates

Let’s be honest – traveling isn’t inexpensive, and the last thing you need are laundry bills adding to that cost, especially in a city as expensive as Shanghai.

That’s why one of the best tips for reducing travel costs when visiting Shanghai is to always look for local laundry services with low rates. Not only are these rates often lower than hotels but, as demonstrated above, they cover a wider range of services.

6. Experience on Your Side

When it comes to getting your clothes cleaned and pressed, dry cleaning your dress or suit, having your child’s favorite toy washed, or getting your bag repaired before you head to the airport, you’re going to want to make sure you’re handing your goods over to a team you can trust. This is one area where hotel services are notoriously suspect, as they don’t always handle customers’ clothing with care.

That’s why you always want to check to find local laundry shops which can boast experience and quality reviews. These services know how to get a stain out or stitch up a tear, and just as importantly, they know how to treat their customers. They’ll be able to offer the kind of fast and effective laundry service that only comes with experience with customer service you can trust.

For all of these reasons, you should always choose a local laundry service over the hotel’s own laundry.

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