1. Shanghai overview

Shanghai, also called ‘Shen’ in Chinese. Shanghai is one of the four cities directly under the central government of China. Shanghai, literally also called ‘the port on the sea’, and it is one of the largest seaports of the world.

With the developing reform, Shanghai, previously crowned as the economic and trade center of the Far East, and it is playing a major role in improving the economic growth of China. In the meantime, this city has appealed more tourists from all over the world.

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  1. The ultimate guide to Shanghai travel

Shanghai is the largest city in China and has something to provide every kind of traveler. Some people might get a complete size and pace a little overwhelming; however, when you start knowing this city, it is difficult not to get something to be delighted by, be it a lovely park occupied with natives doing tai chi, an innovative art gallery, and merely a sight of the dazzling horizon when the sun goes down.

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  1. Two days in Shanghai

If you have completed your way by “one day in Shanghai,” your next day trip should be slightly more comfortable, yet no fewer eclectic, & it holds a much extensive swath of land. Start your day quickly in northwest Puxi by defeating the crowds to see some beautiful jade Buddhas, and hurtle into the future of Shanghai by staying at the tallest building of the city in Pudong.

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  1. Shanghai drink deals during normal days of the week

This blog contains the list that is organized so that locations only appear one time; however, some campaigns run several days (prominent in the text) & numerous venues contain additional deals on different days.


Extra noteworthy deals and joyful hours are incorporated into this blog. Promotions are, as always, matter to change & may take limited validity. Read more:


  1. 7 things you should know about while visiting Shanghai

Shanghai has some precise coincidences you might not come across elsewhere; however, although the Customs negotiators might not look particularly welcoming, a tour to China is really an inspiring experience.

This blog will guide you to know about the facts while traveling to Shanghai, culture and the food. If you are in search of a place to see and experience, Shanghai is the right place for you.

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  1. Cost of Living in Shanghai

This blog tells about the summary of cost while staying in Shanghai. You can compare the cost of living in this city to your own city. Four-person monthly charges: 16,968.63¥) without rent. A single person monthly charges: 4,587.54¥) without rent. Shanghai contains a cost of living index of 48.38.

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  1. How much cost is required for traveling to Shanghai?

This blog will discuss about how much cash will you require for your tour to Shanghai? You should decide to spend almost ¥665 ($94) each day on your trip in Shanghai, which. Past tourists have spent around ¥124 ($17) on food per day and around ¥22 ($3.16) on public transportation.

To know more about expenses while staying in Shanghai, click the link below.  https://www.budgetyourtrip.com/china/shanghai

  1. Best times to visit Shanghai

This blog is about when to visit Shanghai. Your best time to visit Shanghai will start from October to November. During this time, this season will boast comfy temperatures. This season lacks the gatherings, rain showers, and the peak travel season.

Winter tourists can experience chilly weather; this makes urban survey less enjoyable. Read more:


  1. Shanghai Weather

Shanghai revel in a northern subtropical nautical monsoon weather, described by plenty of rain and suitable sunshine. Shanghai climate is usually mild and moist, having four characteristic seasons.

This blog covers everything about Shanghai weather. Click the link below to get more information.


  1. Ten best Souvenirs to bring home from Shanghai

This blog tells us about what to bring home when you visit Shanghai. It is the biggest city in China and its trading center. This city is a doorway to China culture. Once you set food in this city, it is when you have attained access to all the finest products of China. Read more:


  1. Shanghai sweets and confectioners

This blog covers sweets as well as confectioners as Shanghai is famous for its candy production culture and its lovely collection of sweet shops. This blog will help you find some enjoyable almond cookies, handmade truffles, & quality chocolate. Read more:


  1. Where to stay in Shanghai?

Shanghai is one of the top visiting cities in China; the sprawling capital has developed symbolize modern China; however, as this city large and spreads out over lots of kilometres, which is why it can be difficult to select the best place to stay.

This blog will cover the best places to stay in Shanghai, so if you want to visit Shanghai and know the best places to live, this is the right blog for you to get information.


  1. Banks and Money Changers with Finest Exchange Rates in Shanghai

When we talk about money interchange, Shanghai and Seoul have one common thing: The best exchange rates originate from the banks. If you are visiting Shanghai, you must worry where to exchange your money and bank offering the best rates, so this blog will cover everything regarding money exchanges.

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  1. Bank branches near travel areas in Shanghai

Banks in China give better money exchange rates as compared to change offices. Fill up some documents and wait for your opportunity to involve service, this blog will help you to find branches of some main banks such as Bank of China, Bank of Shanghai, China Merchants Bank, and Commercial Bank of China.


  1. United money in Shanghai

United Money is the first currency changer value a visit while in search of a place to purchase CNY in Shanghai. This Beijing-based corporation runs 33 openings in several cities in China. They operate around five branches in Shanghai at easily available locations. To get more info about united money, follow the link below.


  1. Top 10 dishes in Shanghai you must eat

This blog is about the best Shanghai dishes to eat. Shanghai claims one of the best distinctive cuisines of China. The Shanghainese are famous for having a ‘sweet tooth’. People use more sugar in Shanghai’s best dishes.

To get detail information about these dishes, you must read the blog thoroughly. Read more: https://www.chinahighlights.com/shanghai/food-restaurant.htm

  1. Must visit Shopping center, Markets, and Streets of Shanghai

This blog highlights the best places, markets, streets, and shopping malls in Shanghai. All of these places are a bit too much for your visit; therefore, you can select as you like. Click on the link below to get more information about these places.


  1. Shanghai Old Street

Situated near to Yu Garden as well as Temple of God, Shanghai old street provides local specialties goods with several of the buildings containing old-style Chinese architecture. Visiting Shanghai Old Street, you look to have reimbursed to the bustling market 100 years ago in Shanghai.

Click the link below to know more about this street.


  1. The ultimate guide to the Fake Market in Shanghai

The counterfeit productions in China copy several goods; then you can catch them in touristic municipalities like Shanghai. There are several fake markets in this city, but this blog will only focus on the leading one: The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum’s fake market.


  1. Shanghai hill station visit packages

Do you find it hard to explore the hill-station packages to reach a specific target and vice versa? This blog contains a list of hill-station packages to allow for fast and easy searching in Shanghai.


  1. Shanghai to Diamond Hill Station

This blog describes 10 ways to reach from Shanghai to Diamond Hill Station by train, plane, bus, or car. Pick an option and see step-by-step guidelines and to relate ticket charges and travel times after reading this whole blog. Read more:


  1. Shanghai beach

If you are staying in Shanghai, you must visit beaches. This blog has a list of these beaches in Shanghai, and they are perfect for fleeing the dense crowd of the city. You should read this blog if you want to visit beaches in Shanghai. Click the link below to get complete guide. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/galleries/worlds-best-city-beaches/shanghai-beach/

  1. The best restaurants in Shanghai

This blog will help you find the top restaurants in Shanghai. Shanghai has no termination of fabulous restaurants to eat. Start your daytime fueling up beside locals on dumplings full with juicy meat and potatoes at a local diner. Read more:


  1. Most glamorous nightlife spots of Shanghai

Shanghai remains an attractive prospect at the end of the day. Slide onto a velvet bar seat at an impressive jazz bar, wear the nines and bar around stylish rooftops, or den in trendy ‘anti’-speakeasies guzzling down punch. In this blog, there are a few choices from China expert Lee Cobaj to start.


  1. The advantages and disadvantages of living in Shanghai as an expat

Are you want to live as a Shanghai expat? You can get more after reading this blog. This blog will cover the pros and cons of becoming Shanghai expat. This blog provides great information and means for new Shanghai expatriates.


  1. The Best entertainment in Shanghai

This blog will cover the best entertainment in Shanghai like Shanghai Circus World Venue, Shanghai Grand Theatre Ballet, Yifu Theatre Shanghai’s leading venue, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Concert Hall e.tc. To get more info, click the link below.


  1. Top soup dumpling cafes in Shanghai

Whatever the situation, there are numerous regional selections of soup dumplings in Shanghai, comprising Nanjing-style, also known as tāngbāo (汤包), and old-fashioned Shanghainese xiǎolóngbāo. Get more information dumpling restaurants by clicking the link below.


  1. Top Chinese Food Recipes from Shanghai

To know the top food recipes of China from Shanghai, this will be the right one. Shanghai is considered a more user of soy sauce as well as sugar as compared to other parts of China. This city emphasis on raw constituents, original flavors, and the use of seasonings. Read more:



  1. 36 Hours in Shanghai

This blog will help you how to spend the first 36 hours in Shanghai. Shanghai has a lot of money and Ferraris; however, under all the excess, it has more creative and culinary ingredients than ever. Read this blog thoroughly to know more about Shanghai. Click the link below:


  1. Three outstanding cafés to look into this winter in Shanghai

For soapy cappuccinos, outgoing neighbourhood vibes, this blog contains three new spots distinctive enough to visit. Click on the link below to get complete information about these locations.


  1. How to amuse your Disney-obsessed child in Shanghai?

This blog will provide you with several means to keep your Disney kids entertained in Shanghai. Shanghai Disneyland renewed with a succession of new protection measures, and there are also a lot of techniques your children can get close to their beloved characters online. Read more:


  1. Qipu Road Clothing Wholesale Market

This is the inexpensive clothing market throughout Shanghai because the expense is very low rather than the mall shopping malls having the same product. Click the link below to get more info about this market.


  1. Living and Working in Shanghai

This guide provides a lot of resources and useful advice for working and living in Shanghai. If you want to work in Shanghai or you need information about how to work in Shanghai, then you must read this blog. Click the link below:



  1. Events in Shanghai

This blog contains a list of events in Shanghai like Gucun Cherry Blossom Fair, Shanghai International Arts Festival, Yu Garden Light Show, Longhua Temple Spring Festival Ceremony, Shanghai Yufo Temple Spring Festival Ceremony etc.


  1. Shanghai-style Culture

Shanghai-style Culture is also named Hai Pai Culture. It represents Shanghai culture, containing the food, outfit, buildings, tradition, and language. The unique Shanghai culture is the result of being exaggerated by many cultures, comprising cultures of several areas of China, Asian countries culture, and Western culture.

To know more about Hai Pai culture, click the link below. https://www.topchinatravel.com/shanghai/shanghai-style-culture.htm





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