Shanghai is a city that offers something for everyone. It is located on China’s central coast and is the biggest city in the country. It is a financial hub and a city that offers a beautiful skyline, a famous waterfront that consists of dozens of colonial-era buildings, and lots of pavilions, ponds, and towers.

This eclectic city is home to nearly 25 million people and if you’d like to be one of them, you’re in good company. Although large, Shanghai has a comfortable feel to it that everyone enjoys. Below are 30 of the many reasons to moving to Shanghai and why this is a decision that you’ll never regret.

  1. Bad Hair Days

In Shanghai, you can step into one of their many area salons and get some basic hair care for around $5. A lot of these places even give you a great scalp massage in addition to a hair wash and many salons are open until midnight for all you night owls out there.

  1. A Different Kind of Park

Visiting Fuxing Park is always a unique experience because it offers backward power-walkers, elderly people flying kites, and even community karaoke sessions. If you love to sing and perform, come on by any day and enjoy the activities.

  1. Personalized Shopping

At the South Bund Fabric Market, you can get fitted for the perfect outfit without paying high designer prices. Some of their many fabrics include leather, cashmere, and linen, to name a few.

  1. Life Is a Cabaret

The Pearl is a historic theater that is a must for visitors and residents alike. It is now a nightlife hotspot and truly offers something for everyone. It is easy to enjoy both its architecture and its many activities.

  1. The Pearl Tower

One of the most recognizable buildings in the city, its uniqueness and sheer size make it one of the best reasons to move to Shanghai despite all of the phallic jokes that you hear about it!

  1. Night Owls

Shanghai has dozens of things to do in the middle of the night. You can even buy a giant teddy bear right off the street, which makes the perfect souvenir for anyone. Come cuddle with your own giant teddy bear and enjoy the trip.

  1. Feeling at Home

Moving to Shanghai means growing with and becoming part of this city that never sleeps. You’ll feel right at home regardless of how long you’ve been there. It is indeed a very welcoming city.

  1. DVDs, Anyone?

Whether it’s movies or music, Shanghai is certainly the DVD capital of the world. There are so many DVD stores here that you won’t know what hit you!

  1. PJs Any Time

The city that never sleeps also likes to wear pajamas any time of the night or day. If you’re a casual person who doesn’t like to dress up, this is the place to be.

  1. Free Exercise

All around Shanghai, there are gyms that allow you to work out for free. That’s right — it will cost you zero money to exercise in Shanghai!

  1. Great for Entrepreneurs

Shanghai makes it easy for small business owners to get started. If you’ve ever wanted to own your own business, come to Shanghai!

  1. Shopping Till You Drop

Of all the great reasons to move to Shanghai, this is one that will appeal to a lot of people because you can find everything there that you want.

  1. A Very Eco-Friendly City

Fashion designers in Shanghai work hard to bring you eco-friendly clothing including un-dyed baby clothes and bamboo evening gowns, among others.

  1. Great Manners

In Shanghai, everyone says “thank you.” They mind their manners always and that’s not something that you find everywhere.

  1. A Delivery Mecca

Regardless of what you’re looking for — fresh flowers, groceries, airline tickets — it is very likely that it can be delivered right to your door.

  1. The Bund

Likely the city’s most famous attraction, it is home to infamous clubs, respected businesses, and tons of restaurants. When you’re in Shanghai, this is a must-visit location!

  1. The Maglev

Giving the city tons of bragging rights, this powerhouse goes more than 250 mph and is the perfect way to get to the airport and numerous other places as well.

  1. The Food

Naturally, you’ll find tasty authentic Asian foods here, which includes everything from homemade dumplings to Muslim noodle soups, teppanyaki, and Di Shui Dong ribs plus a whole lot more.

  1. History Buffs

If you love history or the modern era, you can take a river cruise or a walk and discover hidden treasures such as classic colonial buildings and neon-lined skyscrapers, to name a few.

  1. Artsiness

If you’re a creative person, Shanghai is the place to be. There, you can enjoy tons of interior designers, architects, and, of course, quite a few up-and-coming artists. Whatever type of creativity you’re looking for, you can find it here.

  1. Cheap Massages

A good massage works wonders when your body is tired from working or sightseeing and a traditional Chinese massage is both easy to find and easy to afford in Shanghai. Plus, it can make the whole world look rosier.

  1. Social Conscience

If you care about the people around you, the city will make you feel right at home. Lots of charity organizations are housed here and this is one of the many reasons to move to Shanghai if you love helping people.

  1. Lots of International Appeal

Regardless of what country you’re from, the city of Shanghai will welcome you with open arms. Think of it as New York City, only it’s located in China instead of the United States!

  1. More Reasonable Prices Than You Think

With all this excitement and activity, you might think that Shanghai is expensive but the fact is that it is very reasonably priced. So never let your personal budget stop you from visiting or moving here.

  1. The Weather

If you hate cold weather, do not worry because this city never gets all that cold or bitter. It may get chilly during certain months but it is never bone-chilling cold.

  1. Proximity to Several Other Great Cities

As if Shanghai isn’t great enough, the city is ridiculously close to areas such as Nanjing, Hangzhou, Mount Huangshan, and Chongming Island as well as several others that you are certain to love.

  1. Efficiency

When it comes to mass transit, you can’t get any more efficient than Shanghai. The buses are cheap and well organized, the metro system is fast and efficient, and the entire city is built to accommodate them.

  1. A Great Place to Marry Off Your Children

If you have children of marrying age, you can come to People’s Square on Saturdays and help find them mates. Meet up with dozens of other parents; who knows, you might just get your two kids together!

  1. Memorabilia of Mao

If you love items with Mao on them, Shanghai is the place to visit. You can find everything from pocket watches to porcelain figurines and even cigarette tins and t-shirts.

  1. Decadent Lunches

When you live in Shanghai, you can satisfy your big appetite almost everywhere. Lunches and brunches that are downright gluttonous are the norm and you can get much more than just Chinese food!

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