Losing Fat And Gaining Muscle

In order to reduce body fat, the best way to burn fats without losing muscle is to eat fewer calories than we spend daily. There are no foods, supplements, or magic properties of a cream to lose weight, everything is summarized in the calories you end up consuming daily.

The problem arises when we propose to lose weight too fast because if we go too fast we can lose a lot of muscle mass. If this situation of rapid weight loss is maintained, it could give us anemia, tiredness, discomfort, smoke changes, and loss of muscle mass, so it must always be controlled.

Looking to lose weight from scratch or as a muscle definition period is a process that you must control yourself or through a nutritionist or personal trainer.

The best way to lose fat without losing muscle mass

In this article I bring you some tips that you can apply when it comes to losing weight or more specifically body fat in a healthy way, reducing the risk of causing anaemia or loss of muscle mass.

It is necessary to lose weight little by little

But before starting with the tips, you should know that the most common, especially on the days after deciding to lose weight or burn body fat, is that we want all the fat to disappear at the same time while keeping the muscle mass intact.

If you have been training in the gym, you will understand that for this a definition stage is carried out, to eliminate the body fat that we have been able to accumulate in the period of muscle volume. But, it must be done slowly, lowering the calories little by little until achieving a deficit that allows us to lose weight.

In the event that we go too fast with the calorie drop, it is most likely that in addition to being too tired, we will lose much of the progress made.

That is why I bring you some tips so that they can help you reduce body fat while losing as little muscle mass as possible.

Keys to burn fat without losing muscle

Here you have 5 essential keys so you can achieve your goal of burning body fat without losing muscle mass. Take note!

Don’t try to lose body fat too fast

Going too fast in the process of losing fat will drastically reduce your muscle mass, so you must go little by little in the definition stage.

It may seem that the faster we lose fat the sooner we will see results, but this is not true. By drastically reducing calories, our body will go into “survival mode”, we will burn more muscle mass, we will be much more tired and we will be weaker. And this, only without taking into account the detrimental effects on our health.

How should you do it?

Go reducing calories in small amounts, start by reducing 50 calories a day the first week, and 150 the next, you will see that your percentage of body fat will gradually decrease. You can plan your weekly menu, adapting it to the calories you need each day.

As you get closer to your goal, reduce the caloric deficit to avoid as much as possible the loss of muscle mass.

If you see them necessary, you can include a few minutes of cardio exercises after your weight training routine.

Train heavy

Many people think that when we seek to lose body fat without losing muscle, we must do exercises with much less weight than what we usually take and do 20 or 30 repetitions to burn fat.

That’s not true.

Although the goal is to lose fat without losing muscle or simply to lose fat, it is not an excuse for not training heavy.

Our body needs stimuli to continue improving if to do 10 well-made repetitions you need to take 8 kilos, take those 8 kilos, don’t be afraid of them.

If you can do more than 8 – 10 repetitions, it is high time to increase the weight of the load. Remember that a strong muscle will burn more calories and thereby eliminate more fat in the long term.

It would even be good if you combine a strength routine with your usual routine to increase the stimuli and not become too stagnant.

Increase protein intake

Keep in mind that being in a caloric deficit, your body can use some of your proteins as energy instead of conserving muscle mass.

Increase protein consumption so you can use it in both processes and thus minimize the loss of muscle mass.

You can increase the consumption of these between 5% and 10% of your total nutrient intake.

That is if in your volume stage you distributed your total intake by 60% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 25% fat, now, for example, you could stay at 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat from total daily calories.


Supplementation can be a help but make sure to get discounts with Amazon coupon code, you can use it only if you don’t get the protein you need on a daily basis. The recommended amount is in the range of 1.8 – 2.5 grams for each kilo of body weight, you just have to multiply it by your total weight.

If you see that you reach the daily protein, supplementation will not be necessary, you can see goals through real food.

Likewise, many of you ask me why supplementation to take, I really am no longer taking any protein, and I did not notice any difference between taking it and not taking it, because with my weekly menu I perfectly reach the amount of daily protein without supplementation.

Your genetics is unique

It is true that genetics plays an important role in this process, but it does not mean that it makes it impossible for you to achieve your goal.

There are people who tend to lose fat more easily, and other people who are the opposite, tend to accumulate more body fat. For this, the diet must be adapted to each person and not follow a generic one, each person is different.

In addition, you should also know that if you have never had body fat it is even more difficult for you to accumulate it than another person who has already had body fat or problems related to obesity.

I mean with this, that you do not follow nutrition plans that you get from the internet, because surely you will not see results. Each person is different and needs different plans. Some use treadmills to get their fat loss fastly and some go on a proper diet. 


If you need 2,000 calories to maintain yourself, for example, and consume 1,900 every day without exceptions, you will end up losing fat, and if instead, you consume 2,100 every day without exceptions, we will end up gaining weight in the long term.

But obviously, not every day we will consume exactly the same number of calories. We are human, and we will have unexpected matters, or someday we don’t feel like something, or I don’t know, things in life.

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