Many people like to display photos in their homes or in the workplace, a suitable picture hang solution could help you save time and energy. Or you might need a photo display system in order to display photos in a gallery. Some people also like to hang photos in their bars or restaurants, especially photos which depict them meeting a celebrity! So we come across photos everywhere nowadays, but they are most effective when they’re displayed with an appropriate photo display system.

A Photo Display System Works In the Background

The idea is that the photo display system should be as unobtrusive as possible. You might see some thin cables hanging down from the ceiling, but the rest of the hardware that makes a photo display system possible should be virtually invisible. This includes ceiling attachments, clamps, grips etc.

A photo display system is a little bit like the pillars which support a building. They’re absorbed into the design of the building which makes them virtually invisible. Yet the building would not be standing without them.

Practical vs. Aesthetic Arrangements of Photos

Before you decide on a photo display system, you need to decide on the placement of your photos. What photos do you plan to use and for what purpose? When people hang photos in their offices, restaurants, shops etc., their aim is generally a practical one. They want to provide some information to their potential customers. They want to show them what they’re selling and give them a reason to buy it.

But when people put up photos in their homes or in museums or galleries, their purpose is an aesthetic one; they just want the photos to look good and to beautify. At times, they may hang photos which are also though-provoking.

Practical Photo Displays: Clarity and Height

So the type of photo display people create is informed by the purpose for which they’re hanging photos. In general, if you’re just creating a practical display, you want to make sure that each photo is clearly visible. The photos should be an appropriate size for people to be able to appreciate them, and they should be hung at the appropriate height.

Of course, if you’re hanging a number of photos, then some might be at a lower height and some might be at a higher one. But as long as the viewer can make out the content of the photos, they will end up serving their purpose.

Aesthetic Photo Displays: Color, Theme and Size

When you’re hanging photos in order to create an aesthetic display, you’ll need to consider more factors.

  • Are the photos color or black and white? Or are they a combination of the two? It can be tricky to hang these two types of photos together though it is not impossible. In general, it’s easier to stick to all color photos or all black and white photos.
  • Additionally, you’ll have to consider the theme of the photos. Can you see the photos being hung together in a harmonious way? Or are they so different that some space is required between them?
  • When it comes to photos, you also have the option of using a smaller size print and a larger size one. And you can also combine large and small photos together. The larger photos will, of course, become the focal point. So you need to choose them with care.

No matter what type of photographic grouping you’re going for, you can get a photo display system to fulfill your needs. Many of these systems are also adjustable. So you can play around with your display until you find a grouping that feels just right.

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