WeChat is the leading platform of social media in China, a step by step guide of how to add the international number to wechat is neccessery to help expats to use this polular social tool. Having more than 963 million users, WeChat is a prompt messaging app; but, there are several additional features than just instantaneous messaging.

We Chat Introduction

WeChat is the livelihood of everyday life in China. In addition to that, it is an important part of your vacation. You will want it to talk to your friends and colleagues, and even purchase your coffee by using this app!

WeChat sign up help

It is straightforward to create your WeChat account. The method is just like WhatsApp, as you will download this app from the playstore and make an account by using a mobile number.

1.Download the WeChat by Playstore or AppStore if you are using i phone.

app stone

Kindly remember that you can register your WeChat account on the mobile phone. It is dissimilar in the case of QQ. Even though you can utilize your WeChat account on your computer, but you cannot register your account PC. Thus, download the WeChat app and go to the following step.

  1. Open the WeChat app and then tap the Sign Up button.wechat sign up button
  2. Click on Sign up button by mobile

The additional option is to Sign up by the use of Facebook is very complicated, as if you need to link your Facebook account with WeChat account; still, you have to give your mobile number finally. Therefore, select to sign up by phone will be easy to go.

  1. Type your number and press sign up, select the correct region code, e.g., USA, China, UK, etc.

sign up by mobile number

5. Approve the Privacy Policy.wechat privacy policy

6.Follow the directions and approve security confirmation.

wechat security

7.Contact a user of WeChat for scanning the QR code.

wechat security verify

8.Fill in the Confirmation Code and acquire your WeChat account

  1. Everything is ready & this is your private WeChat account!

How to add the wechat friends?

Now your WeChat account is ready to step, and its time to make friends. There is very easy to add individuals on your WeChat account; thus, it is perfect for making friends. You can add people by following some ways.

Primarily, you need to search their mobile number or username, and you can add them by scanning their personalized QR code. Follow these steps given below.

1.Press the + sign at the upper right corner of the home screen of your WeChat account.

add friend on wechat
add friend on wechat
  1. Tap the space next to the search icon, indicating WeChat ID/ Phone.
    type friend's ID and search
    type friend’s ID and search
  1. Type the mobile number or username into space, which states WeChat ID/ Phone.
    type name
    type name
  1. Once you type in your username, then press the green search button appearing on your home screen.
    friend's name show up
    friend’s name show up
  1. After that, you will get their contact card on your home screen. Tap Add, now you are connected!
    click add friend tap
    click add friend tap

Adding Contacts by using a QR Code

1.Press the + sign at the upper right corner of the home screen of your WeChat account.

add friend by OR code
add friend by OR code

2. Choose Add Contacts, after that Scan QR Code

choose add contacts
choose add contacts

3. Request your friend to expose you to their Account QR code.

OR code to scan
OR code to scan

4. Locate your mobile camera at their QR code to scan it.

5. Then you will get their contact card on your home screen. Tap Add, now you are connected!

How to delete the WeChat account?

You may need to cancel your WeChat account if you do not want to use it any longer. However, you may be questioning how to delete your WeChat account. Do not worry, follow these steps if you have to delete your WeChat account.

1.Open your WeChat account and click on {Me} in the lowest right corner of your home screen.

delete wechat account
delete wechat account
  1. And then, press {Settings} button.
wechat setting button
wechat setting button
  1. Go to see {Account Security} and tap it.

wechat account security

  1. Click on {WeChat Security Center}.

wechat security center

  1. Click on {Account Cancellation}, which appears at the bottom of your home screen.
wechat cancellation
wechat cancellation
  1. If your account runs into the following requests, then you can delete your account permanently.wechat cancellation request


When you request account cancellation, you cannot get back your account again. It means that this deletion is permanent, your data will be removed, and you will be unable to modify anything to your account after cancellation.

If you are unable to cancel your WeChat account, you must do as the taught and try again.

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