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Shanghai contained above 24 million persons in 2014, and the figure has undoubtedly grown since. We can say that Shanghai is huge. Moreover, this incredible city is located in the People’s Democracy of China, also known as Mainland China.

The journey to this city can be among 12 and 15 hours, dependent upon where you are going from in the US, therefore be prepared to amuse yourself on the airplane. The company you travel with; you will be presented either Chinese or western foods.

1.Travel around Shanghai via Hop-On/Hop-Off Bus:
This bus service is a fast and easy approach to go around Shanghai. The open upper deck city exploring bus tours are planned to provide you a with the preview of the culture of Shanghai. The loop trips proceed with you near the main places in Shanghai. If you are a stranger to Shanghai, it is suitable to continue a loop Shanghai Bus Trip.

The Spring Trip city visiting bus monitors two main routes: One is Red Line, which goes over Puxi, and the second Green Line pathway in Pudong. These two bus lines start their routes ahead of the Shanghai Urban Planning Demonstration Centre in Public’s Square.

The more extensive red line goes adjacent to the Shanghai Exhibition hall and turns to West Nanjing Road having numerous famous stops. The one-day ticket is legal for one individual (with the choice of an accompanying kid below 1.4 meters in height) and contains one pair of headphones.

shanghai city bus
shanghai city bus
  1. Climbing Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai
    Shanghai Trips not complete without climbing the Jin Mao Tower containing 88-floor and having a panoramic sight of Huangpu River, and the city of Shanghai.

The Jin Mao Tower is situated after Oriental Pearl Tower as well as Shanghai World Economic Center in the Lujiazui region of Shanghai. It contains headquarters as well as the Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The 88-floor observation area remains open for visitors from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm. It is superior to take the tower visit on a clear day or on a bright evening. You would enjoy different sights exploring Jin Mao Tower during the daylight or in the evening.

jin mao tower
jin mao tower

3.Shanghai World Economic Center:
The Shanghai World Economic Center is another main building in China having a full height of 492 m. The tower is situated in the Pudong district, a prominent building on the outstanding Pudong Skyline. Kohn Pedersen Fox deliberated it. The foundation of the tower was laid on 27th August 1997, and it was completed on 17th July 2008.

shanghai world economic centre
shanghai world economic center
  1. Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai Bazar:
    This region is the ancient core city from which the city has been established. Yuyuan Garden was constructed as a private garden generated by Pan Yunduan (1368 – 1644). He utilized nearly two decades and all of his money to build a garden in attempting to satisfy his parents in their old ages.

Next to the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai’s bazaar, the previous old downtown region, nowadays having a large number of minor streets and tracks where sellers sell their goods and foodstuff to the travelers and native people. Yuyuan Garden is usually a Chinese region; you cannot have enough money to miss.

yu yuan garden and shanghai bazaar
yu yuan garden and shanghai bazaar


  1. Cruise Huangpu River:

There are many ways to visit the Huangpu River. Whenever you have time, a three-hour (60km) journey along the Huangpu River to the main point of the Yangzi River permits for the relaxation and complete gratefulness of the river.

There are shorter river tours too (1 hour) that trips the central waterfront part among the two bridges, such as Yangpu Qiao in the northern side and Nanpu Qiao in the southern area. Now, 19 tour boats having different sizes are present for boating on Huangpu River.

The biggest cruise boat (Huangpu River Boat No.01) grasps around one thousand travelers having the smallest boat with a capacity of 80 people.

Take the tunnel line 2 and go at Nanjing Dong Lu, then stroll alongside the Bund to the Shiliupu Wharf.  When you contain a hop on and hop off voucher, you can get to the Shiliupu Wharf as the double-deck bus course includes a stay at Shiliupu Wharf.

huang pu river
huang pu river
  1. Shop and Eat at Tianzifang Street:
    Tianzifang should be incorporated into your travel plan. Tianzifang is a sculpture, expertise, and Shikumen (stone-door-frame homes) area established from an old inhabited area of the previous French franchise, a shikumen housing made in the 1930s in Shanghai.

In the 1980s entertainers, designers and merchants began to arrange their studios, art corridors, craftsmanship stores, teashops, bars, and cafeterias a type of innovative industry area in an old inhabited area of Shanghai.

It is a famous place to buy something and eat, though a bit costly. However, you do discover some creative gifts and souvenirs in this area.  If you are not a huge fan of spending money and eating, only concentrate on its structural design.

The most suitable way of going to Tianzifang is using subway line 9 and go at the location of Dapuqiao and through of Exit 1, and then the Taikang Road (where the three roads are situated) is opposite to the Exit 1.

tian zi fang
tian zi fang
  1. Visit the Shanghai Museum:
    Shanghai Museum is wonderful! What can be superior to go to a free museum occupied with Chines remnants and noticeable cultures? Inhabiting a construction place of over twenty-eight thousand square meters.

It contains four exhibition halls having bronze ware, script, paintings, ceramic objects, chinaware, jade ware, stone statues, Jiaguwen royal seals and more. Several exhibitions from this museum have been shown to Hong Kong, the US, and other countries.

Take tunnel line 2 otherwise eight and go at Public’s Square and the stroll to Shanghai Museum.

shang hai musuem
shang hai musuem
  1. Walk from West Nanjing Highway to the Bund:
    It is a huge stroll from West Nanjing Highway to the Bund. You can stroll from Public’s Square to West Nanjing Highway, reaching to the Bund.

Nanjing Road is a strolling street that is constantly crowded with people seeing other people. It is considered as the first profitable road in Shanghai. It is the busiest and wealthy street in Shanghai.

The Bund (Waitan) is the famous architectural signs of Shanghai. The word “Bund” comes from an Anglo-Indian term for an embankment alongside a mud-covered waterfront.

The Bund, or the lakeside, is nowadays enclosed by around 50 several buildings having different architectural charms containing Gothic, Romanesque, Classicism, and the Revival.

nan jing highway to the bund
nan jing highway to the bund
  1. Eat the Local Shanghai Foods
    Shanghai has a good status in Chinese gourmet groups, claims one of the most distinguishing and distinctive foods of China. Throughout your Shanghai visit, you can escalate the beautiful background and love the local foodstuff as well.

    shang hai local food
    shang hai local food
  2. See Gymnastic Show in Shanghai:
    The Gymnastics at Shanghai should not be neglected. They Gymnastic Show occurs at night and remains for almost 2 hours. A Gymnastic Show has become very great entertainment for visitors in Shanghai. You may like gravity-defying expression, juggling, riding, chair-loading, and plate-rotating amusements at the subsequent stages.

Possessing the trend in the improvement of both gymnastics and circus at home and overseas, Shanghai Gymnastic Group is endeavoring for new and greater aims of outstanding city and outstanding culture.

Gymnastic show shanghai
Gymnastic show shanghai
  1. Leisure Tour to Qibao Water Town:
    If you feel and want a glimpse of an old-fashioned China after observing too much beauty of Shanghai city,  Qibao Water Town would be a good substitute if you do not want to make it further water towns such as, Zhouzhuang Water Townas well as Tongli Water Town.

Qibao Water Town is also an ancient town in Shanghai. It is situated south of Qingnian Highway in Min-Hang District. The word Qibao means Seven Treasures known as after the similar name of temple –  Qibao Temple present in Qibao Water Town.

qi bao water town
qi bao water town

The ancient town generally consists of 3 stone arch bridges, two waterways, and four chief streets and numerous side lanes. It is a city inside the city of Shanghai.  You need to take Shanghai tunnel line 9 and go at the location of Qibao Water Town and utilize the exit 2.

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