Watching movies is one of the entertainments of a million people. You must also have a hobby of doing it yourself, right? If so, now you will definitely start to look at Chinese productions because they present a fairly complete genre ranging from action to romance. One of them is in selected channels from Netflix.

Must Watch Chinese Movies On Netflix

For additional references, check out the following 25 must-watch Chinese films on Netflix:

  1. The Wandering Earth (2019)流浪地球

    The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth is proof that the Bamboo Curtain Country is not only good at royal and martial arts genres but also in science fiction. This film is an adaptation of a novel with an identical title by Liu Cixin, a Chinese sci-fi novelist who has won various awards for his work.

The hype for The Wandering Earth is still quite high today, so you shouldn’t miss watching it on Netflix. This film tells about the future of the solar system when the sun stops shining and the mission to save the earth from a potential collision with the planet Jupiter.

  1. IP Man 2 Legend Of The Grandmaster (2010)叶问2IP Man 2


Ip Man’s character must be familiar to lovers of the action genre. You can watch season 2 of it on Netflix. Set in the 1950s, this film tells the story of Wing Chun, who has to move from Fosha to Hong Kong.

There, he experienced economic difficulties and took the initiative to establish a martial arts college. In addition, the British police who were occupying Hong Kong often belittled local people because of the political uncertainty.

Even one British boxer had beaten all the local fighters making their self-esteem drop even more. As a teacher from a martial arts college, Ip Man is here to heal the nation’s dignity.

  1. Next Gen (2018)Next Gen


Netflix also provides Chinese animated films, one of which you must watch is Next Gen. Kevin R. Adams and Joe Xander as directors this time carried the exciting action-adventure genre about human and robot life.

The main character named Mai, is a child who feels less attention from his mother, so Mai hates human and robot life. One day Mai met the robot 7723 and actually brought her to a new friendship.

  1. Shadow (2018) 影Shadow


Shadow is director Zhang Yimou’s best offering for fans of the wuxia (martial heroes) genre. Offering a complex story with highly artistic visuals, this film received critical praise.

The choice of monochrome color is the thing that stands out the most from Shadow. The black and white visuals in it managed to build an atmosphere of a power struggle story, namely in the Ancient China period and were able to attract the curiosity of the audience.

  1. Nezha (2019)哪吒Nezha


This animated film attracted Chinese audiences, earning it the 2nd place in China’s all-time box office. What is the charm of Nezha? You will find the answer after watching it yourself on the Netflix channel.

This film tells the story of the birth of a swapped incarnate god. Instead of a spirit of goodness, the embryo of King Zhou’s wife was possessed by an evil spirit so that it became a curse for the birth of a half-demon human.

The premise then brings the audience to follow how Nezha’s daily activities try to blend in with the surrounding environment.

  1. Triple Threat (2019)Triple Threat


This is the latest action film project for Indonesian actor Iko Uwais with Tiger Hu Chen. Triple Threat is worth watching because it contains a complete package of Asian martial arts choreography action with the Hollywood model fights full of weapons.

Triple Threat tells the story of Xian, a billionaire’s daughter who wants to uncover a big crime syndicate until her own life is threatened. Finally, she hired a group of assassins to protect herself.

  1. Love Of The Cuff (2017)春娇救志明Love of the Cuff


Love stories will always be a topic of interest for the audience, including Love of the Cuff. This is a selection of Chinese films on Netflix for those who like to watch romantic comedy-dramas.

As the director, Pang Ho Cheung chose Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue as the main actors in this work.

This film tells the story of the feeling of vibrations between Cherry and Jimmy, who grew up in a special place for smokers. Their relationship developed from smoking friends, close friends to the power of love to encourage them to “live clean.

  1. The King’s Avatar (2019)全职高手The Kings Avatar


Gamers must be familiar with the name The King’s Avatar. Yes, the game from the web novel has indeed been made into a film version. In the live-action version, you can see the handsome actor Yang Yang acting as Ye Xiu.

This film tells the story of a pro player named Ye Xiu, who was expelled from the Excellent Era team for several reasons. His story gets even more interesting when he not only needs to retire but also has to hand over his account to the talented young player, Sun Xiang.

  1. Us And Them (2018)后来的我们Us and Them


Us and them is a romantic drama film that has become a Chinese box office hit since its premiere in 2018. Even now, you can still watch it on Netflix. In this film actress, Zhou Dongyu and Chinese actors play Xiaoxiao and Jianqing’s lovers.

Their story begins with a meeting on the way home on the train. The couple works and lives separately in Beijing. A decade later, they reunite on a flight.

  1. Operation Red Sea (2018)红海行动Operation Red Sea


Operation Red Sea is a gift from the party’s 19th National Congress and the anniversary of the founding of the 90th Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Carrying the war action genre, you will be amazed by the quality of the player’s acting and the dramatic effects of the explosions.

The focus of this film tells the story of the evacuation of nearly 600 Chinese citizens and 225 foreign nationals from the port of Aden. The reason is that during the end of March 2015, the Yemeni civil war took place.

  1. Meteor Garden (2018)流星花园Meteor Garden


Even though it is identical to the martial action genre, China also has a romantic film that you must watch at Netflix entitled Meteor Garden (2018). This is the most recent remake of the popular manga Hana Yori Dango.

The story begins when a girl from a humble family named San Chai enters a rich children’s university.

The story gets even more interesting when she becomes the only student who dares to oppose the rule of F4, a group of 4 boys from the campus council.

  1. Secret In The Hot Spring (2018)切小金家的旅馆Secret in the Hot Spring


If you want to watch horror comedy on Netflix, Secret In The Hot Spring must be on the list. Even though it has a scary impression, you are sure to be satisfied laughing from the beginning to the end of the film. Besides, there are also many plot twists that will surprise the audience with the ending.

Secret In The Hot Spring tells the story of a young man who receives a call from his grandmother to take over the family resort business because his grandfather is sick.

On the internet, The Hot Spring resort looks luxurious, but in fact, it is outdated as if it were uninhabited.

  1. Double World (2020)征途Double World


Double World is director Teddy Chan’s latest work that airs on Netflix. If you like the action-fantasy genre, you must include this film in your watching list when you want to relax while watching.

This film takes a fictional setting called Central Plains, consisting of ten countries. The story itself focuses on the desire of a soldier named Dong Yi Long (to follow a challenge from a warlord).

He wanted to prove that his abilities as a warrior were the greatest in the whole country .

  1. Animal World (2018)动物世界Animal World


Animal World includes a complete package for those of you who want to watch the action, romantic drama, and comedy simultaneously. This film by director Yan Han is an adaptation of the Japanese animation of the same title.

The Animal World story centers on the story of Zheng Kai Si, who is in debt to make ends meet and pay for his mother’s hospital care. Continuing to deal with debt collectors made him want to try his luck at the gambling table.

  1. The Island (2018)一出好戏The Island


Are you in the mood to laugh? Just watch The Island on Netflix. This film by writer and director Huang Bo offers a comedy genre for the audience.

The story centers on the main character named Ma Jin, who is a humble worker who dreams of winning a lottery with his little friend. One day Ma Jin actually won the lottery of RMB 60 million while traveling with his partner.

However, not long after that, there was a giant asteroid meteor toward Earth, causing a tsunami wave. This leaves the group stranded on an empty island.

  1. All In My Family (2019)All in My Family


All In My Family is a documentary film about the clash of Chinese traditions with homosexuals. If your leisure time is limited, then you must watch it because it only lasts 39 minutes. This is a Netflix original by writer and director Hao Wu.

This film tells the story of the main character as the only son of a mother who adheres to Chinese traditions.

Conflict arises when Hao Wu does things that go against his mother’s belief, namely choosing same-sex partners. Will he reveal this fact to his family? Watch more on Netflix.

  1. Cities Of Last Things (2018)Cities of Last Things


This option is suitable for viewers who like films with great character movements. Cities Of Last Things offers various things for you to explore, including love, loss, revenge, and redemption. The story itself also has many sides.

Cities Of Last Things tells the story of a man named Lao Zhang who kills three people, including his ex-wife and an old man in a hospital. Do you wonder what prompted him to do something like that? Find the answer by watching this film on Netflix.

  1. The Foreigner (2017)The Foreigner


Discussing Chinese action films is not complete without the work of action actor Jackie Chan. If you want to watch the action on the Netflix channel, then The Foreigner can be an option. Even though it is quite old, it does not reduce its totality in executing fighting scenes.

The Foreigner tells the story of a Chinese restaurant owner in London who seeks terrorists from Ireland. The group has destroyed his business and resulted in the death of the child. Overall, this film is very entertaining with a fairly heavy storyline but easy to digest.

  1. A Little Thing Called First Love (2019)初恋那件小事A Little Thing Called First L


This is an adaptation of the Thai film called Crazy Little Thing Called First Love. If you are a lover of the romantic genre, it is mandatory to watch the Chinese version of A Little Thing Called First Love on Netflix.

Moreover, the main character is a former member of the Kpop boy group Wanna One, Lai Guan Lin will definitely make you feel the romance.

The movie tells the story of an ordinary girl who likes famous students. If you look at it from its looks, it seems that Xiao Miao Miao could not possibly win Liang You Nian’s heart. However, love doesn’t just look at the physical, so he tries to be the best person.

  1. Sky Ladder: The Art Of Cai Guo-Qiang (2016)Sky Ladder


You can also find inspiration to create a work of art while watching a movie. One of them is by watching Sky Ladder: The Art Of Cai Guo-Qiang on Netflix. The show featured a documentary of leading Chinese artists based in New York.

This documentary film discusses some of Cai Guo-Qiang’s works but focuses more on his personal project called Sky Ladder. The 1,650 feet high fire staircase that seemed to climb the heavens above the Chinese sky became an explosion of exquisite and very emotional work.

  1. Manhunt (2017)追捕Manhunt


Manhunt offers an action genre with players across Asian countries, namely from China, Korea, and Japan. The story in it is an adaptation of a novel entitled “Kimi Yo Fundo No Kawa o Watare” by Junko Nishimura.

This film is a comeback from director John Woo who is famous for his stylish depiction of action scenes using slow-motion effects.

The film Manhunt tells the story of a young lawyer who suddenly wakes up with a knife. What was even more shocking was that the coworker beside him had been killed. Then he fled to clear his name while avoiding the killers.

  1. Our Shining Days (2017)闪光少女


Our Shining Days is an interesting and refreshing scene for those of you who want to see school children’s films with a simple plot. It contains the spirit of youth, the search for youth identity, friendship, spices on the issue of bullying, and romance rom-com.

Carrying a background in an academy, this film tells the story of Chen Jing, who is a specialty that is attracted to Wang Wen, a handsome piano player.

However, his feelings were unrequited because his idol was skeptical of his instrument. That actually made him want to form a group to introduce traditional music.

  1. Line Walker (2016)使徒行者Line Walker


The line walker carries the action genre with thick suspense. You must watch this film on Netflix if you want to feel the tense sensation of every scene. It is a sequel to the hit drama of a Hong Kong TV network and has won several awards.

The film version still presents the same premise of the story, namely about the two sides of the undercover police between normal life and the criminal world.

  1. Tik Tok (2016)惊天大逆转Tik Tok


Tik Tok carries the exciting action-crime genre for you to watch alone or with friends. The director of this film is Li Jun, and the screenwriter is Ding Xiaoyang. This film tells the story of a genius man with 2 double characters.

He is the mastermind of a dangerous crime that the city police officers want to arrest him. They must act quickly so that the chaos that has occurred does not add up. Then did he gets caught? Watch the full story on Netflix.

  1. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)功夫Kungfu Hustle


It feels incomplete if you don’t discuss Kung Fu Hustle. Do you like the action genre but in the mood for something that invites laughter? This film is the solution. Released since 2004 and always managed to attract the attention of the audience with martial arts scenes combined with humor.

Kung Fu Hustle tells about the struggle of a young man named Sing (Stephen Chow) to join the Deadly Ax Gang or the Red Ax Gang.

Its leader, Sum (Danny Chan), has the goal of taking over the city and will kill anyone who wants to thwart his plan.


These are the 25 Chinese films on Netflix that you must watch. Watching has become a hobby for some people, so sometimes you need lots of references from various genres such as the information above.

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