More and more people come to living or travel in shanghai, living in shanghai pros and cons is the main concen for all those people who haven’t come yet.Shanghai is a big city in China which is famous for its population density. The world calls it “New York from the East”. Many people from abroad migrate and decide to live in a city which is called “Dragon Head” by this local mythology.

With a variety of unique cultures, it’s no wonder most people want to travel there. Want to know the pros and cons of living in Shanghai? This is the review!

How are the Living Conditions in Shanghai?

Each region has its own image and characteristics that make it known to many people. Shanghai is certainly different from another city in this world, Shanghai is modern-Chinese..

Those of you who want to visit there, stay or want to study, must know how the living conditions are there for reference to start a new atmosphere. Here’s the review:

  1. Dense Population

1.	Dense Population

From the past until now, China is the country with the highest population in the world. The percentage can reach about 20% of the total human population on earth.

Shanghai is one of the cities that accounts for the largest population. For you who like the crowd’s atmosphere, it seems like you would be suitable to live here.

There are so many Chinese residents in Shanghai, in particular, it’s no wonder that every day in the corners of the city, there will be many people doing activities. Always queuing and jostling in public places has become a commonplace and everyday sight.

  1. There are 4 Seasons in One Year

Since Shanghai is part of China, so the changing of the seasons will follow. There are 4 seasons in one year in this city.

Spring is from April to June, summer in July and August, fall from September to October, and the rest of the winter.

If the weather is hot, temperatures in Shanghai can reach 40 degrees Celsius. In such conditions, people usually leave the house even though it is late at night. Some try to get into the water to reduce body heat. Can you imagine how hot it is? Extreme weather.

  1. Exorbitant Living Costs

Many people think that the cost of living in Shanghai China is cheaper than in any place in China. Perhaps this assumption stems from the fact that Chinese goods are often sold cheaply.

But the facts turned out to be wrong. Prices such as food, fashion items, housing, and other necessities are not as easy and cheap as imagined..

  1. Extreme Cold Weather in Winter

When winter arrives, usually the wind will also get stronger. This will clearly affect the air there. If measured, the temperature can reach a minimum temperature of around 0 or 1 degree Celsius.

Maybe you can make ice cubes there, or your hot coffee will quickly turn into iced coffee. Don’t forget to bring all the clothes for the change of 4 seasons.

You also need to know that houses in Shanghai rarely use heating or temperature control devices. So while there, make sure to prepare a thick jacket and warm clothes so that the body doesn’t freeze.

  1. Locals Behaviour

According to most of the immigrants who have lived in Shanghai, the indigenous people there are known for their “harshness”. Usually evenly distributed in the Shanghai and Beijing areas. If they really came from the inner village area, it might be understandable because the people there were educated very hard.

Well, you immigrants living in Shanghai seem to have to be very clever in front of the natives. Don’t get into trouble.

Think carefully and be careful when you want to do something. Because there is a wise adage that says, “Where the earth is stepped, that is where the sky is upheld”. You have to follow the rules where you step your feet.

Job Opportunities are in Shanghai

Actually, looking for a job anywhere has its own challenges. You will definitely encounter difficulties and ease. Including the opportunity to work in Shanghai, not much different from other big cities. But there are no wrong with looking for references first for initial perspective.

  1. Competitions

The dense population can be a factor in the availability of job opportunities. This will certainly be a primary challenge when looking for work in Shanghai. If there are too many people, automatically there will be fewer job opportunities, and there will be more competitors (especially local residents).

There are actually two possibilities. If people in Shanghai prefer to create job vacancies, it will require a lot of labor.

Otherwise, be prepared to compete and improve your abilities. Because companies will look to people who have expert skills.

  1. Work Under Pressure

The high cost of living in Shanghai requires residents to work harder. Those of you who want to earn money there, don’t be surprised if you have to work under pressure every day.

There, workers or employees are required to do everything quickly and minimize mistakes.

According to a survey from Regus, a company that provides office business services and international facilities, about 80% of workers in China experience high levels of stress and it increases every day. In fact, it reportedly has an impact on product quality.

What is it Like to Live in Shanghai as a Foreigner?

Having immigrant status in an area does need time to adjust to the environment, lifestyle, relationships, and people around them.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of being a new person in a society with a very different culture and tradition. Want to know? Check out below:

  1. Communication and Language Barriers

Another thing you should know about the residents of Shanghai is the people who tend to be “too local”. They get along less well with strangers and are more reserved. Usually, most of them prefer to interact with their own compatriots.

There are many factors that influence it. Apart from the inherent character of Chinese people, it is also uncommon for them to speak English.

Due to their fear of being wrong and trained not to make mistakes, they prefer not to just communicate. In fact, they are comfortable with it.

  1. A Little Hard to Get Along With Locals

Well, this second point is still related to the point above. This could be the impact that will be felt by being a newcomer. Nowadays, finding true friends in one’s own area is very difficult, especially in dealing with new people whose characters are unknown.

Don’t be afraid, you can still overcome this social problem. By being a good person, honest, friendly, and flexible, will be the right solution. It is true that being a newcomer has to struggle first in adjusting to a new place. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Shanghai is a fun place, enjoy the atmosphere and fantastic views it offers.

  1. Demanded to be Self-sufficient

Actually, behaving independently does not have to be in Shanghai, you have to be independent in any place. In China, you have to be able to take care of yourself. This is because of the nature of most of the people there tends never to want to take care of other people’s affairs and focus on their own affairs.

Even though humans definitely need other people, independence will be very beneficial for life.

There are wise words, “A quality life is learning to be independent without complaining. Because successful people will not depend on other people but stand on their own feet”. Moreover if you are a traveler or newcomer, you have to take care of yourself.

Understand the “Bad” Things in Shanghai

Before discussing what good things are in Shanghai, you must know the things that are not good. Besides being an insight always to be careful and take care of yourself while there, it can also be a consideration before deciding to stay in Shanghai. Check out the following:

  1. Food in Shanghai uses a lot of MSGfood in shanghai

For MSG lovers, this looks like it will be good news for you. in Shanghai, You will have no trouble finding good food that suits your taste.

In fact, almost all places to eat, be it a cafe or restaurant, certainly always add MSG ingredients for flavor.

But keep in mind that too much or frequent use of MSG in food is also not good for the body. MSG is safe to consume if the dose is right and not excessive. Because the glutamate content in it can accelerate metabolic processes in the body.

  1. Traffic Jam and Pedestrian Crossing

As a city that is very modern, busy, and a favorite destination for many people, of course, it makes Shanghai crowded and bustling. You will often find traffic jams in Shanghai, especially places that are famous and crowded. During rush hour, traveling around Shanghai by vehicles seemed impossible, exhausting due to the long traffic jams. Sure, you can use a trip with a train, but you have to be wise in choosing the time because commuters can get caught up in the flow of crowded people that never stops, because remember: Shanghai is a busy city.

Not only that, if you are walking the streets of Shanghai, you need to be more careful. Not being careful in doing something always leads to bad things. If you have ever come across public transport drivers who are reckless while driving, it is likely that this will also be found in Shanghai. The public bus drivers there often stop casually on the streets.

  1. Pickpocketing, Scam and Reckless Behaviour

Shanghai is one of the areas in the world that has a very low crime rate. This is because along the streets of Shanghai, especially in crowded places, you will see the police. But even so, tourists visiting Shanghai should still be careful. Because as a favorite destination for travel, Shanghai is very prone to scams and pickpocketing. In crowded places, you have to be careful of pickpocketing if you don’t want to lose your valuables such as a phone or wallet.

  1. Foods are Delicious but Tends to be Unhealthy

Apart from the excessive use of MSG in food, the food vendors in Shanghai also provide processed meat for food. But sometimes the animal meat that is sold is far from being worthy of eating, usually, because of dirty and messy processing.

This, of course, will be detrimental to the body’s health because food ingredients are not processed properly. Besides being unhealthy, it can also be a hotbed of disease for many people.

It is better if you are more selective in choosing food. Choose one that is really safe, clean and can be sure of health.

  1. There are No Strict “No Smoking” Regulations

In China, people are free to smoke everywhere. It can be on the road, places to eat, public places, tourist attractions, stations, bus stops, and others. For people who do not like the smell of cigarette smoke will be very disturbed by this habit.

Before deciding to live there, you should also know that most residents in Shanghai are active smokers. Smoking in public places has become common and everyday sight. You should bring a mask and stay away from people who smoke.

But this does not happen everywhere, only in a few places. Important places such as hotels, airports, restaurants, and others have smoking restrictions.

Pollution is also one of the biggest problems in Shanghai.

  1. Restrictions or Censorship by the Chinese Government

6.	Restrictions or Censorship by the Chinese Government

As a newcomer, one of the things that will really surprise you is the restrictions or censorship forced by the Chinese government. Censorship like social media, internet networks, and others. In China, you will not be able to access social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and even the Google search engine. Indeed you can use a VPN, but the results will not be optimal. You will still have difficulty accessing these social media.

This is the “good” Thing About Shanghai

Shanghai is included in the list of cities that must be visited when on vacation in China. In this city, there are many interesting things to enjoy.

Even, there are also cool tourist destinations. Every weekend, people usually visit often. Here are the good things you can see and do in Shanghai::

  1. Ordering Food Very Easy and Fast

Not inferior to America in technology, China is increasingly aggressively developing various facilities for people to help their activities. For example, in ordering food, there is a local app created for fast food ordering.

You only need to click instantly with the gadget, you can get the food you want in conditions that are still hot and fresh. The food delivery process is also very fast.

No more worrying about hunger. If there are still people who say that Shanghai is an ancient city, that is wrong, because in reality, they are more advanced and modern.

  1. Dilligent Locals

Every day, students in China really value time. They even prefer to spend time in classrooms and libraries. Even when they are in the park or cafe, they are studying. You could say, students in China are “crazy” studying.

The cool thing is that most cafes not only make coffee or drinks but also provide reading books that are neatly arranged on very large shelves. You’ll find lots of books, and you can borrow them if you want to read them. Wow, that’s a good habit.

  1. Easy to Find Super Transportation

6.	Restrictions or Censorship by the Chinese Government

Shanghai has indeed become a megapolitan city which is famous for its convenience because of its complete and superb facilities. While there, you will have no trouble finding public transportation. If the bus is full of passengers, subway or other transportation can be an option.

Public transport cars such as taxis are also very easy to find. You can easily find them along Shanghai street.

The Chinese government has also implemented a transportation card for a long time. Remarkably, from one mode of transportation, it can be connected to another. All only need 1 card.


Those are the reviews about the good and the bad of living in Shanghai that can be used as a reference before going there. This city, which is also nicknamed “Megapolitan”, turns out to have many unique things and characteristics of its own. in essence, wherever you are, you must always behave well.

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