No trip to Shanghai would be complete without tasting how delicious and unique Chinese food are. The dining trip would be more perfect, much more perfect if accompanied by the Bund’s beauty, looking at how amazing the Shanghai Skyline is in the Pudong district, Shanghai.

Near the Bund, many restaurants offering Chinese food and dishes, here are 18 of the best Chinese restaurants close to the Bund, Shanghai.

  1. Jin Xuan Chinese Restaurant#1 Jin Xuan Food

Traditional Cantonese cuisine, friendly service, and elegant style décor earned this restaurant its first Michelin star in 2017. That alone proves that Jin Xuan is a quality restaurant. The restaurant is furnished elegantly.

About food, there were so many of them, and all of them appeared very delicious! Meat or fish lovers, vegetarians – everyone can get something for themselves!

The wine menu was also big and well-organized (white/red/country, etc.), and for sure, before the waitress filled your glass – you could taste it and see if it has a good taste for you. In this restaurant, your cup will never run out of tea; the plate was never too dirty and got changed according to the next dish.

If you sat in a secluded restaurant area, you fill looking directly out at the Shanghai skyline as the city lit up throughout the evening. You can enjoy your delicious traditional Chinese meal with a modern twist while overlooking Pu He and the Shanghai Skyline.

Certainly worth every cent you spent.

 Location: Pudong, Shanghai IFC Mall, No.8 Century Avenue, Lujiazui, Pudong 53 Floor, The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong, Shanghai 200120 China

+86 21 2020 1717

  1. Shanghai Haidilao Hot Pot (Zhangyang Road)#2 Shanghai Haidilao

This restaurant is a Hot Pot Heaven.

They provide various soup ingredients: hot, moderately hot, and extreme hot style, non-hot style. So, fellow spicy-food lovers: the spicy pot here is hot, crazy hot

The sauce making station is also incredible – so many ingredients to put together. The array of sauces and condiments made an amazing adventure.

It’s entertaining to look around and see what the locals are cooking up and entertaining to see the noodle-tossing floor show.

The waiter performed noodle-making right at your table, and you cook it right away, which is an extraordinary experience you never have!

 Location: 6F,588 Zhangyang Road, Shanghai China

+86 21 3871 3936

  1. Lost Heaven on the Bund#3 Lost Heaven

In this restaurant, you will experience beautiful and unique dining moments. Lost Heaven is a large restaurant and located just off the Bund. 

If you are craving for authentic Yunan food, Lost heaven is really the right place to eat. Its authentic Yunan food, nice ambiance and convenient location make you miss this place. This restaurant is tucked on Gaoyou street in French Concession. The design and cultural decors of the restaurant make it look a little bit like a museum.

The food is very exotic and enjoyable—a great atmosphere with amazing exotic interior design.

So, if you are in Shanghai and looking for authentic regional food, this is definitely the place to go. 

Get your palette ready for a party, as the flavors abound and wake you up with tase!

Come to this place, and you will glad later you found lost heaven.

 Location: No.17a Yanan East Road Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002 China

+86 21 6330 0967

  1. Yang’s Fried Dumplings (Huang He Road)#4 Yang's Dumpling

A must-try when visiting Shanghai! They have very juicy and yummy dumplings.

If you’re walking around Bund, Shanghai, this is an excellent place for a quick dumpling stop. You will get dumpling-adventure in this place.

You pay hand to slip through a window and get your dumplings. Fun to watch them being cooked by professional chefs.

The dough is thin and crispy, and the stuffing is juicy and super tasty. Cheap, quick, and always delicious!

 Location: 97 Huanghe Road, Shanghai China

+86 21 5375 1793

  1. Din Tai Fung (Shanghai New World)#5 Din Tai Fung

Another yum yummy yum dumpling restaurant near Bund, Shanghai.

You must try their soup dumplings – excellent and highly recommended.

Yes, the soup is actually inside of the dumplings. If this is your first time, be careful, as the soup is pretty hot (fresh cooked), and you could burn your tongue if you aren’t careful.

You should also try their Shrimp dumplings. The light, well-seasoned fried rice, and the crunchy refreshing col cucumbers, a dish always overshadowed by the focus on the glamorous dumplings.

Their beer is perfect and pairs well with the dumplings. You also can see when they are making dumplings, excellent, and perfected the process.

To highlight: their dim sums, simply amazing! The variety of dumplings and dishes is incredible. 

Make Din Tai Fung as your go-to dumpling restaurant in Shanghai.

 Location: Unit 11A, 2/F, New World Plaza South Section, Lane 123 Xingye Road, Luwan District, Shanghai 200021 China

+86 21 6385 8378

  1. Din Tai Fung (Nanjing West Road)#6 Din Tai Fung Food

Din Tai Fung is a high-quality chain restaurant. They have 170 locations around the world; their restaurants are amazing. They have the best dim sum you have ever had.

The most exciting thing is you can watch them make it through the glass, freshly cooked dumplings.

The dumplings are made in a kitchen surrounded by windows, and it is fun to watch the lightning-fast hands of the dumpling makers as they cut out and crimp the dumplings.

This restaurant is well-known for its Soup Dumpling (Xiaoling Bao), but the spicy shrimp and pork dumplings here are something that you don’t want to miss.

Din Tai Fung Restaurant also offers vegetable dishes, other small plates, and soups to round things out. You can have drinks and great food. It’s a great combo!

So, if you love and want to try soup dumplings and many tasty dishes, definitely try this restaurant. 

 Location: JingAn Distinguish Nanjing West Road 1376, ShangHai ShangCheng 1 Floor A104 near Xikang Road, Shanghai China

+86 21 6289 9182

  1. SH.D (Mao Ming South Road)#7 DSHD Food 2

Spicy-food lovers? This restaurant is your heaven.

They offer spicy foods. No mercy. Try their General Mao’s prawns — it will burn your tongue like fire! You also can try other dishes such as Cumin ribs, Cumin lamb, steamed fish with garlic, and chillis. The list goes on.

But the Cumin ribs are an absolute must! A truly unique and compelling blend of not only cumin but other haunting spices.

This Di Shui Dong is located at South Maoming Road, near the French Concession area, and serves Hunanese food.

If you want an authentic Hunan food experience in Shanghai, you must try this. This restaurant is the best Hunan-style kitchen in Shanghai.

Location: No.56 Maoming South Road, Huangpu District 2/f, Shanghai China

+86 21 6253 2689

  1. Yang’s Fry-Dumpling (Wujiang Store)#8 Yang Dumpling Wujiang Store

Craving for fried dumplings? Then this restaurant is your place.

Their fried dumplings were tender, juicy, and delicious—crispy skin with juicy meat and hot soup within. The spicy, sour soup noodle will make you want more and more if you like the sour taste.

They have three different kinds: pork, prawns, and vegetables. Try them all and find your favorite.

Pay first; they have a picture menu, so it’s easy just to point. Hand the ticket to the person at the kitchen and soup dumpling bliss is yours.

And the good news is it will not burn your pocket, because dumplings here are affordable.

Location: No.269, Wujiang Road F2, Huangpuhui, Shanghai Cina

+86 21 6136 1391

  1. Sichuan Citizen#9 Sichuan Citizen banner

The right solution for people who would like to tase Sichuan food. Situated in a lovely building, this quaint restaurant serves Sichuan cuisine with a slight twist.

Here you will get a bit of a fusion experience. Super delicious, surprisingly reasonable price, great atmosphere, and waiters.

Before you can get your foods, you can have a Basil martini to start with, and that is fa fantastic. The signature cocktail Basil Drop was also crisp and refreshing and perfected with spicy Sichuan food.

Classic Szechuan cuisine, great deco, stylish atmosphere, excellent cocktails. There is beautiful wall decoration, warm lightning, a good-looking bar counter, and elegant furniture.

Make this restaurant as your go-to-Sichuan dishes. Feel the experience.

Location2/F, No.378 Wukang Road, Shanghai China

+86 21 5404 1235

  1. Jia Jia Tang Bao#10 Jia Jia food

If you are in the Bund, Shanghai, you must try the Xiao Long Bao (Pure Crab Soup Dumplings), and the best place to get that is Jia Jia Tang Bao, you can find the best Xiao Long in Shanghai in this restaurant.

These delicious dumplings are wrapped fresh crab flavored soup and minced porn in thin dumpling sheets. It is soupy, savory, juicy, and well-seasoned.

But to get these fantastic dumplings, you have to queue, but you won’t have to wait long as the turnover is quite quick. So, worth the wait!

If you come to Shanghai, you have to go here at least once you will be disappointed if you don’t.

Location127 Huanghe Rd, Shanghai China

+86 21 6327 6878

  1. Shanghai Grandmother#11 SG Food

This super restaurant is close to the Bund, within walking distance.

If you want to experience Chinese food, which is not hawker fare, and this restaurant must be in a local restaurant setting.

While you at this restaurant, don’t miss the roasted peanuts, spicy tofu, and green bean. Everything in this restaurant is lovely. With the variety available, you will be hard-pressed not to order more than you can finish.

After eat, walk out to the Huangpu river walk and enjoy the magnificent views of Shanghai.

Location: 70 Fuzhou Rd, Wai Tan, Huangpu, Shanghai, China

+86 21 6321 6613

  1. Dragon Phoenix#12 DP Peking Duck

When you are visiting China, food that comes to mind is Peking Duck. And Dragon Phoenix is a great place to start with. Their Peking Duck or “Crispy Skin Duck” is delicious. It had to be pre-ordered when you make the reservation.

The chef is also very highly skilled when cutting out the duck skin while trimming the fat at the same time.

Well located at the heart of the bund, Dragon Phoenix is on the 8th floor of Fairmont hotel. The visit to the Fairmont Hotel, the review of its history, and a visit to the open-air lounge for a drink and more views of the city make this an unforgettable experience.

 Location: 8F, Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing Road East, Shanghai 200002 China

+86 21 6321 6888

  1. Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine#13 Imperial Treasure

This restaurant is one of the restaurants in Shanghai that received two Michelin Stars. When you enter the restaurant, you will see the main seating area is spacious and looked elegant with long lightbulb ornaments hanging from the ceiling.

The Peking duck was tasty, delicious, and crispy. They had you youtiao and shrimp wrapped in rice flour rolls – this was spectacular. 

This is a restaurant that you should visit while in Shanghai. Right in the middle of the Bond, with high quality on the meals, and at the right cost. There are private rooms as well as a large dining space.

LocationL402-403, Yi Feng Gallery, 99 Beijing Dong Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002 China

+86 21 5308 1188

  1. Chenglonghang#14 Chenglonghang

Just in the back of the Bund, Chenglonghang in traditional style specializes in Shanghainese cuisine. Shanghainese love eating crab, and when you come to Shanghai, you definitely should try, and when you want to find the perfect one, here it is!

This restaurant serves special dishes made out of freshwater crabs other than some traditional Shanghai-style food. They offered services to dissect the crab if one feels too much trouble or doesn’t know how to eat a freshwater crab.

A very pleasant atmosphere that looks like an old palace with musicians playing while you dine. You go here for hairy crabs, a Shanghai specialty.

This is an exclusive restaurant for freshwater crabs. You will get a more amazing experience if you visit Shanghai during the hairy crab season. 

Location: 216 Jiujiang Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai, China

+86 21 6321 2010

  1. Wei Jing Ge at Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund#15 Waldorf

The restaurant is gorgeous, with a solid wood decoration, dark color scheme, and dimmed lighting. If you lucky and sit near windows, you will see a glimpse of the beautiful Huangpu River and the skyscrapers on the east side of the Bund.

Their dishes are amazing, an array of dim sum and a selection of soups will amaze you. This restaurant is a highly-recommended when you are in Shanghai.

You also can have a fabulous dim sum brunch in this restaurant. All the dishes are freshly prepared. Therefore you’ll need to be a little patient because it is absolutely worth the wait.

For sum: Great dim sum selection, efficient and attentive service, lovely relaxed atmosphere, and elegant decor. You will get a luxurious experience in this restaurant!

LocationNo. 2 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road Waldorf Astoria Club 5F Huang Pu District, Shanghai 200002 China

+86 21 6322 9988

  1. WUJIE – Shanghai The Bund#16 Wujie

WUJIE is a taste of vegan heaven!

This restaurant is on the fourth floor of a building on the Bund and was opposite to Hyatt on the Bund.

This restaurant is one of the rare fine dining vegan restaurants to be found anywhere in Shanghai – even in China.

After that finish with the beet and avocado appetizer, you must try their yellow curry veggie pot and the lotus root mushroom dish. Wonderful flavors!

One can say that WUJIE is a vegetarian artist.

Location4/F, No.22 Zhongshan East Er Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai China

+86 21 6375 2861

  1. Traditional Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant#17 TB

When you read the name, you must know the dishes of this restaurant. Duck – more than duck.

While near the Bund, this restaurant is a great place to eat. You must try their Roast Duck, this food is clearly the top specialty of the house, the tastes were delicious and delightful.

Sure, this establishment specializes in Beijing duck (which is not a local delicacy), but it is so much more. The duck was sliced and served by a sous chef at our table.

This is very much on the high end of restaurants, and one would expect an almost perfect dining experience.

 Location: No. 1 South HeNan Road, Shanghai China

+86 21 6373 4515

  1. Lao Beijing Restaurant#18 Lao Beijing Restaurant Peking

Another excellent restaurant for Peking Duck.

This one has the authentic roasting Peking duck. You can have the superior duck cooked in 3 ways: classic roasted, soup, and pulled duck meat with vegetables.

All are delicious. The crispness, the taste, the amount extracted, and the presentation are amazing and beautiful.

Location: 1050 Wuzhong Rd, Minhang District, Shanghai, Tiongkok

+86 21 6465 0707

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