Thrill- and challenge-seekers who want a more exciting way to explore Shanghai shouldn’t bother with a casual walking tour, or a simple walking tour. Instead, feel the breeze hitting your face as you explore with this motorcycle sidecar adventure, with a guide to take you around Shanghai.

Explore the beautiful city of Shanghai in an unforgettable way on an open sidecar tour. On an adventure day or night, cruise and enjoy the spectacular drive through the town to see scenes like the Shanghai Skyline, People’s Square, and more.

For one-of-a-kind and unique touring pleasure, don’t miss this special Shanghai journey where your guide will show you around on a motorbike sidecar. Your guide can explain to you the story about Shanghai, the history, its tradition, the culture, and why Shanghai is such a unique city.

Why Motorcycle Sidecar Tour?Shanghai-sidecar-MICE

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There are many unique and fun experiences that you can get when doing a tour with a Motorcycle Sidecar, such as:

  • Explore the city of Shanghai in an enjoyable and unique way
  • You can freely choose to visit the attractions and travel destinations in Shanghai. You own the control!
  • Create your own itinerary, if you wish.
  • Drive down little-known streets and hear exciting stories from the driver
  • This is the most unique way to get around Shanghai the way you want!


Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the unique moments and magnificent views that the city of Shanghai has to offer. The Motorcycle Sidecar tour is highly recommended for those who want to get a different perspective on getting around and getting to know Shanghai more.

This Motorcycle Sidecar tour is also perfect for those of you who don’t have much time to go around Shanghai. Because only with a 2-3 hours tour with this Sidecar Motorcycle, you can go around almost the entire city of Shanghai. You can already gain new experiences and knowledge about the sides of the very magnificent city of Shanghai.

You can get more out of this quick excursion with this Motorcycle Sidecar tour experience, where your guide and driver take you around Shanghai on a motorbike sidecar.

Is it safe for a Motorcycle Sidecar tour in China?Shanghaiinsiders-Rides-05-1

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The Motorcycle Sidecar tour is one of the unique attractions. It is a favorite of many people to tour the beautiful city of Shanghai, which then makes Motorcycle Sidecar tour service providers very serious in operating this tour. This is what then makes this type of tour very safe.

Because every provider must have understood and obeyed the safety rules for their guests. In general, Motorcycle Sidecar tour service providers provide safety concerns as below:

  • Professional Driver/guide: You will be accompanied by a driver who will ride a Motorcycle Sidecar tour and also guide you along the way. The driver will guide you about the safety regulations and also the convenience when traveling around the city. Not only that, but a driver can also be your buddy to talk to, share knowledge and stories about Shanghai, be it its history, destinations, unique places, and more.
  • Use of helmet: Helmets are of course essential when driving around town. This tour service provider will provide a helmet and other necessary things when driving.
  • Gloves and Goggles (if necessary): This Motorcycle Sidecar tour provider will also provide gloves and goggles if you need them. This is used to avoid dust and a scorching sun that is too hot. This is optional. It’s up to you to use it or not.
  • Well maintained vehicles: This is the most important of all. The motorcycle Sidecar used in this tour is in a fit condition and is regularly maintained to avoid damage or other problems while traveling. This is very important to prevent difficulties and avoid unpleasant experiences when traveling around the city. Sidecar motorcycles are not fast vehicles; they are built for a pleasant tour, not for high-speed driving.

How to choose a Motorcycle Sidecar tour?shanghai-things-to-do-sidecar-tours

Traveling in Shanghai on a sidecar provides a unique experience that is rarely tried and even hard to find in some countries. You and your partner, family members, or friends will get a unique experience and access to the city’s main sites and destinations with your personal driver and tour guide, without the hassle of parking or getting lost. Get ready to share smiles and greetings from the people of Shanghai and take pictures together, capturing the fun moments.

But still, you need to pay attention to how to choose the right Motorcycle Sidecar tour. This is important to get a unique and precise experience. Here are some ways to choose the right Motorcycle Sidecar tour in Shanghai:

  1. The exact tour and route you want

You should pay attention to whether the Motorcycle Sidecar tour provider has the right travel route and suits you. This is important because the experience will be different if the route is not by your expectations. It would be even better if this Motorcycle Sidecar tour service provider gives you the option to plan and determine which routes and areas will be visited on this tour.

  1. Safety and comfort

Before choosing the right Motorcycle Sidecar tour provider for you, make sure the service provider has clear and good safety. This safety is included:

  • the quality of the vehicle, whether the vehicle to be used is of good quality, is regularly maintained, has complete equipment, and so on;
  • sufficient gear and equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the service provider provides the required gear and equipment when driving around the city. Gear and equipment including helmets, gloves, goggles, and other supporting equipment can make your traveling experience even more enjoyable.


  1. Testimonials and reputation of service providers

Reviews from customers are a representation of a Motorcycle Sidecar tour service provider. Make sure the service provider you choose has good reviews and reputation. The reviews provided by previous customers can also illustrate how your Motorcycle Sidecar tour will run. That can be a clue and a recommendation on how you can enjoy this trip even more fun.

  1. Request an itinerary and ensure completeness for the trip

If you have decided to choose a travel agent to take care of your trip, don’t hesitate to ask them for an itinerary, because it is your right.

Then, ask the DOs and DONT’s during the trip and also ask what you can’t get. For example, your travel package does not include entrance tickets to tourist attractions, and so on.

If it is approaching the day of the trip, don’t forget to follow up again and ask whether your trip is complete or not.

    Where can I try a Motorcycle Sidecar tour in Shanghai?

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Shanghai is a unique, magnificent city and is currently one of the favorite tourists for traveling. Imagine walking around the beautiful and majestic city of Shanghai in a unique way – a Motorcycle Sidecar tour. A trip using a Motorcycle Sidecar can be the right choice for those of you who want to get around and also get to know more and more about the city of Shanghai.

Shanghai Insiders is one of the most popular Motorcycle Sidecar providers in Shanghai. Since its establishment decades ago, Shanghai Insiders has had a good experience and reputation in the Motorcycle Sidecar sector. You can visit the Shanghai Insiders website to find out more about their Motorcycle Sidecar tour service.

What do I need to prepare for the Motorcycle Sidecar tour?Shanghai 190711

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In order to have a unique, fun, and unforgettable travel experience, it is necessary to pay attention to what things must be prepared before the trip is carried out. The things that you need to prepare before the Motorcycle Sidecar tour must be tailored to your needs, but here are the essential things that you must provide to get an unforgettable Motorcycle Sidecar tour experience:

  1. Itinerary dan route plan

This is very important so that you know the routes and length of your trip. Before compiling an itinerary, you must determine what places or locations you must visit. Suppose you are confused about how to determine the right route or itinerary. In that case, you can ask for help and guidance from the Motorcycle Sidecar tour service provider that you have chosen. This itinerary and route plan are significant for you so that this trip suits your needs and desires. Don’t forget to plan exciting schedules and routes so you can enjoy the trip.

  1. Cameras

Surely you don’t want to forget this one item. Cameras are one of the mandatory needs of travelers to capture their travel and journey moments. This camera is essential when traveling using the Motorcycle Sidecar because you will pass and find lots of buildings, places, or attractions that you must capture during the trip. You can also make a vlog or record fun moments while traveling. But the principle of caution must still be applied to maintain your safety and your camera while the vehicle is running. Don’t forget to share your fun moments with your partner, friends, or family.

  1. Regulation and Safety

This is very important because your safety and comfort when traveling must be considered. Every Motorcycle Sidecar service provider must have had rules or guidelines that must be followed by every guest. You must be able to understand and comply with these rules for your safety as well as the driver. Concerning safety, you must also be able to ensure the completeness provided by Motorcycle Sidecar service providers such as safety gears, comfort extras, pick-ups and drop-offs, individual insurance, souvenir kits, and others. All of these things must be considered to have a fun and unforgettable Motorcycle Sidecar experience.

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