Are your holidays heading near? Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life? Do you plan to enjoy the beautiful views of beaches, special shopping, and dining during these vacations? Well, we are here to help you out to enjoy the most refreshing trips to the cosmopolitan melting pot, Shanghai. 

Shanghai, the china’s most prosperous city, is also known as the Oriental Paris. It is considered the birthplace of modernity and advancements of nearly everything in china. This china’s largest city is a hub of glamorous hotels, skyscrapers, fascinating museums, tranquil parks, and traditional temples. The city gives competition to Paris and New York in terms of modernity and enhances the West and the East’s blended culture.    

Here we have listed the ancient sites, restaurants, and weekend gateways from Shanghai. Let’s head out from your houses and get an escape from the dull, busy life.  

Day trip from shanghai for peace and quiet

1.   Water Village Of Zhujiajiao朱家角zhu jia jiao

The water village of Zhujiajiao is popularly known as Pearl Stream. This place is near to the busy modern center of shanghai. It takes only an hour’s drive to get there. Once you enter the water village of Zhujiajiao, it will feel like an entirely different world from ancient times. Canals and rivers boost the beauty of this Venice of shanghai. Enjoy the boat ride and admire the ancient architecture of this popular day-trip destination. 

Although there are a couple of similar water villages in shanghai, Zhujiajiao is worth visiting. The unique bridges, gently flowing water, temples, and gardens are the beauty of this resort. Undoubtedly it’s the best place to relax and to enjoy the serenity of nature.   

2.   Yuanjin Buddhist temple圆津寺yuan jin temple

For almost 600 years, Yuanjin temple is situated at the junction of Pearl River and Caogang River. This impressive building is also called Expresses Temple, which reserves the Sculpture of the Holy mother of Chenzhau. Moreover, the magnificent artwork, Tong Tian He pharmacy, and the ancient post office surround the temple. 

Whenever you visit the temple, don’t forget to check the 2000 sq. meter Y-Art Gallery near it.   

3.   Tongli Water Town同里古镇tong li old town

The beautiful Tongli water town is also known as Venice in the East. The ancient arched bridges and unhurried canals enhance the charisma of this place. It takes almost 2 hours to reach Tongli water town from Shanghai. The town is divided by almost 15 streams, and approximately 49 historic bridges and 7 islands join with the town. 

If you want to see the beautiful canal lifestyle, then prefer the boat ride. Moreover, the Tutsi Garden of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is found in this water town. It’s a saying that a wise person finds peace and pleasure in the water’. Let’s go and relax.    

4.   Changshu常熟chang shu

Changshu is a town that resembles Suzhou and Hangzhou cities. But unlike the other two cities, it is a peaceful and quiet place, 1 ½ hour away from shanghai. 

Whenever you visit, you will find the huge mountain ranges, beautiful traditional houses and a lake surrounding the town. Moreover, the attractive canal network with bamboo banks makes it the best place to walk along. 

Further, when you stroll along the sides of the town, you will notice the tea plantations surrounding the forests.    

5.   Dongqian Lake 东钱湖东钱湖

Do you want an escapee from the busy life of town? Looking to enjoy the solidarity of life? A beautiful Dongqian Lake standing close to Ningbo city and is the best day trip from Shanghai for tourists and locals. Among the three lakes in the region, Dongqian is the most popular one. 

The mountains and shores packed with temples, Sculpture Park, and ancient small villages add charm to this place.   

6.   Yangzhou扬州yang zhou dong guan street

Yangzhou is also one of the most famous traditional Chinese lakes, an amalgam of Suzhou and Hangzhou. The small Shender West Lake manages the appeal and beauty of the larger counterpart. You can easily wander around the peaceful Ge Yuan Garden, covered by bamboo forest. 

One of the spotlights of this place is the Tomb of the ancient Muslim Prophet, Puddin. His grave surrounds gardens and a mosque, which beautify the unique Islamic and Chinese blend. 

7.   Holland Town (/fake-dutch-town-shanghai)上海高桥荷兰小镇fake-dutch-town-shanghai

You need to have a ride of only 1 hour from Shanghai to reach the Holland town. The town of Gao Qiao, crowded with tourists and locals, connects with this town. It is a very calm and quiet place which looks exactly similar to the village in Holland. 

Though it lacks the shopaholics’ attraction due to the absence of cafes and shops, the peaceful atmosphere must demand a tour. So if you are planning to visit, must bring lunch or snacks with you. A huge windmill present at the center of the town and is possessed by a wedding agency.

8,   Xianghai Temple香海寺xiang hai temple

The large Buddhist temple locates in Jiaxing, an area almost at the ride of 1 ¾ hour from shanghai. All the temples in the region are constructed due to certain good reasons; however, the main purpose of the Xianghai Temple is to improve the body’s health and promote a peaceful mind and soul. 

So, Tourists from all over the world flock to the temple seeking to learn great meditative classes and relaxation techniques from the monks. Temple is the must-go day trip from shanghai. It may take a week or more to end the classes of inner peace and strength.       

2 days trip from shanghai

9.  Zhoushan and Donji Dao舟山和东极岛dongjidao

Are you tired of the chaos of the big cities? Looking for eye-catchy sceneries, clean air, and open spaces to calm your mind? A 2 day trip to Zhoushan and Dong Jji may be the best destination. 

The enchanting views and relaxed atmosphere of these beautiful islands make the best gateway from Shanghai city’s busy life. You can easily get the best seafood at the beaches of Zhoushan and Zhujiajian. Further, the stunning islands of Dong Ji also welcome you with an entirely different landscape, having barren rocks, yellow grass, and limited vegetation. 

Interestingly, these places consist of various traditional tombs of unique shapes. 

10.  Suzhou苏州su zhou

Suzhou is situated at only a 1 ½ hours ride from shanghai. It is 2500 years old city, which is the epitome of eye captivating landscapes and outdoor arts. Humble Administrator’s Garden, Master of the Nets Garden, Tiger Hill, and Lion Grove Garden are the real beauty of this place. 

The ancient kings and folklore used to rest at this place, and they enjoy the sceneries. It is a spot of attraction for tourists due to surrounding water towns, Hanshan temple, Suzhou Industrial Park, and Suzhou Museum. 

11.  Chongming Island崇明岛chongming island

Although the island stands only a few minute’s rides away from Shanghai, once you enter this place, you will feel an entirely different world with unique eateries and culture. The island is loaded with fertile soil and luxuriant forests. It has other natural resources which are favorable for the breeding of fish and cultivation of rice. 

If you are a seafood lover, this island is ideal for a day tour. The refreshing water and clean atmosphere offer you an opportunity to relax and feel revived. 

12,  Tantou Island 檀头岛tan tou island

You can do everything at Tantou Island. It might seem impossible, but yes, you have to get ready for a bus ride of 4 hours from shanghai to reach this island. But it’s well worth’s to explore this beautiful place. The sight of sunrise at 5 am, tent camping, and BBQ enhance this place’s uniqueness. 

Be careful because the island gets very hot for the sunbaths in summer and very cold in winters. Follow a boat ride from ShIpu Harbor and enjoy at Tantou Island.  

13.  Mount Putuo普陀山pu tuo mountain

Mount Putuo is 4 hours away from Shanghai. If you plan to visit this place, noon is the best time. Have lunch and visit Bukenqu Guanyin Temple, Hundred Step Sand, and eye-catching statues of Guanyin Bodhisattva. The seafood and night stay are just matchless. Further, Heaven of the Sea, Huiji Temple, and Fayu Temple are the favorites of tourists. 

The scenery and peaceful environment make it best for the two day trip from shanghai. The Guanyin statue is the highlight of Mount Putuo. If you love ambling around the beach and bathing in the sea, the Hundred Step Sands and Thousand Step Sand offer a good time.     

Cool day trips from shanghai

14.  Moganshan莫干山mogan shan

Also called Mount Mogan. Moganshan is a highland, which is the best place to get away from Shanghai’s crowded city. It is located around 60 km far from Hangzhou, an area highly popular among wealthy locals and tourists due to the breathtaking mountain ranges, resorts, and villas. 

Hiking over the green hills and valleys is particularly the top attraction in Moganshan. You would love the routes through the bamboo forests and tea fields.

15.  Ningbo宁波ning bo

The port city of Ningbo lies at the ride of 2 hours from Shanghai. Coincidently it is an ancient Chinese city that confirms the presence of Buddha’s. The Buddhist gives it resemblance with the temples, so it worth a visit this weekend. 

The famous Asoka Temple and the ancient houses are the antique masterpieces of the Sakyamuni, a founder of Buddhism. Further, the best-preserved Baoguo Temple is of its own type in Ningbo.

16.  Nanxiang南翔古镇nan xiang

Another best day trip from shanghai is Nanxiang. It is a classic and beautiful Chinese water town that comprises of canals and water channels passing through the city. In reality, it’s a part of shanghai but due to the 30-minute drive, refer to its own town. Throughout the city, a wide variety of shopping places, eateries, and museums are present. 

A must visit an Ancient Town, which consists of historical places, cafes, temples, and street vendors. Nanxiang also holds five captivating gardens that can be easily seen by everyone around the year.       

17.  Linhai临海临海

You must have heard about the Great Wall of China. Are you still into its beauty? Get out of that because Linhai, a charming city, is a great alternative. It surely offers you a fantastic, cheap tour to a widely popular Great Wall of China.

Linhai city dates back to 265AD to 420AD, an era of Eastern Jin. The city hugely resembles its counterpart, and it’s amazing to explore it. The Ling River, architectural history, and a beautiful traditional street crossing the center of Longxing Temple are even more fascinating.      

18.  Shengsi Island嵊泗岛sheng si island

This small island is situated just a few miles distant from the coast of Shanghai. The hills and trials keep their natural and serene. If you are looking to experience fishing and swimming, then this local wide life is best. Moreover, diving and snorkeling are the other services offered by locals in this region. 

You can rent the bike or scooter to have a 3 hours tour over the island. 

19.  Thames town泰晤士小镇泰晤士小镇

Similar to Holland town, Thames town also depicts the culture and beauty of China. It shows a resemblance to a traditional town in the UK. Germany and Canada also have replica towns. 

The development of the Thames town aims to get people away from the overpopulation of shanghai. However, this replica town turned into a ghost town. The shopping and dining facilities scare in this region. But this place offers a nice change of mind. 

Because of the captivating British architecture, Thames town is used for wedding photos.

20.  Yu Garden豫园yu garden

The next best day trip is a tour of the Yu Garden. If you are fond of the indigenous culture and want to visit such places, then yu Garden worth’s a visit. This Garden dates back to the Ming Dynasty. 

In Chinese, Yu means something pleasing and satisfying. Great Rockery, Wanhua Chamber, Sansui Hall, Cuixiu Hall, and Exquisite Jade Rock are the major attractions. You can also enjoy shopping, dining, and handcrafts in the area. The Yu Garden remains open from 9 am to 4:30 pm.  

Day trips from shanghai by train

22.  Shanghai Disneyland上海迪士尼shanghai 上海迪士尼

Shanghai Disneyland is a fun place for families and couples. They enjoy visiting the park that is featured by 6 theme lands such as Treasure Cove. 

Currently, the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel are the best hotels to stay in when you are at the park. Just outside Disneyland, Disney town welcomes you to provide the best dining and shopping experience. 

How to get there? Take the metro line 11 and take the train at the terminal. When you at the Disney Resort, have a walk of 5 minutes to enter the park.    

23.  Nanjing南京nan jing

Nanjing is popularly known as the Historical Southern Capital of China. Infamously this fourth ancient capital of China is the favorite picnic point for the locals and foreigners. 

For a long time, the modern governments and big empires try to alter Beijing with Nanjing. You can enjoy the historical sites of the temples and mausoleums located around Nanjiang’s Purple Mountains. Besides strolling the purple mountain, you can also explore Xuanwu Lake. Nanjing Massacre Memorial and the feast on Jinling Roast Duck are great additions to this place. 

Bottom line 

Shanghai is a tourist spot which is famous for ever-expanding skylines and historical landmarks. If you are a shopaholic, then some places definitely worth a look as shanghai also offers an unforgettable shopping experience. Being a metropolitan city, the best day trips can easily be enjoyed by bus or train in shanghai. Moreover, elevated highways make places easily accessible. 

Visit these fantastic places of tourist attraction around the city and enjoy a happening day trip from shanghai.

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