For those of you who are going on vacation to this amusement park, of course, you will be wondering, can you bring food to Disney Shanghai?

Because most tourist attractions do forbid visitors even to bring various kinds of snacks or drinks. Here’s the answer!

Disney is one of the favorite family tourist destinations today because Disney provides journeys that are very fun, relaxing, and family-friendly.

Disney is an entertainment industry that originated in the United States but already has many branches around the world, including Shanghai.

A vacation to Disney Shanghai

Disney Shanghai is a theme park located in Pudong, Shanghai, and is part of the Shanghai Disney Resort. This tourist spot has been operated by Walt Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products with the Shanghai Group through a joint venture.

Disney Shanghai has been built since April 8, 2011, then opened and started operating to the public on June 16, 2016.

For those of you who like Disney characters, you will certainly not be disappointed if you choose this place as your destination when visiting Shanghai.

Interestingly, you can find Sleeping Beauty Palace in Disney Shanghai, which is not owned by other Disney-owned theme parks in other countries. Don’t forget to make a special plan before visiting here to be satisfied with exploring all the exciting things in this park.

What Are the Foods Policy at Disney Shanghai?What Are the Foods Policy at Disney Shanghai?

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All amusement parks, both at home and abroad, have policies for visitors to bring certain types of food. This rule also applies to Disney Shanghai. So for those of you who will visit this amusement park, it is obligatory to pay attention to this:

  1. Bring a Drinking Bottle

Surely you are wondering what the function of this empty bottle is. Disney Shanghai, in fact, provides free cold water for its visitors. Of course, this is very unfortunate if it is not used, and of course, this is beneficial for people if they are feeling thirsty while playing.

Generally, this cold water filling spots can be found in every corner of Disney Shanghai, visitors often forget this. Unfortunately, they also forgot and preferred to buy drinks at several restaurants within this playground.

So for those of you who want to keep enjoying the fun of Disney Shanghai while being able to save money, don’t forget to bring a drinking bottle!

  1. Do Not Bring Cooking Utensils

This must sound ridiculous. In fact, several cases show that visitors do bring cooking utensils when visiting Disney Parks such as Disney Shanghai.

Generally, this mistake is made for tourists where they come for the first time, or they do not know the rules.

Many people admit that they took them because they were carried away accidentally or even on purpose. So you are lucky to know this information, don’t bring cooking utensils and enjoy the fun!

  1. Prohibited from Carrying a Drinking Straw

Visitors are prohibited from carrying a straw when visiting Disney Parks. Especially if you are entering an area that features animals such as the Animal Kingdom, this prohibition needs to be followed in order to prevent them from accidentally eating and swallowing it. It is known that straws, especially those made of plastic, are at risk of endangering the health and lives of animals at Disney Shanghai.

Those caught carrying plastic straws to enter Disney Shanghai will, of course, be confiscated or asked to throw them away.

Visitors can immediately buy drinks inside Disney Shanghai because they are readily available.

Is It Safe for People with Allergies to Eat at Disney Shanghai?Is It Safe for People with Allergies to Eat at Disney Shanghai?

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For people with certain allergies, they must be careful to know what composition of food they are eating. Some of these allergens usually come from milk, eggs, nuts, fish, soy, and others. So what are the dishes at Disney Shanghai considered less safe? Here are some foods that people with allergies should avoid when visiting Shanghai.

  1. The Snackin’ Kraken1. The Snackin’ Kraken

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Of course, you already know that the main ingredient of making bread is wheat flour. For people who are allergic to this kind of ingredient/food, they should avoid eating it.

One of the foods at Disney Shanghai, which is based on flour is The Snackin ‘Kraken. This doughnut is really loveable and adorable because it has a look like Minnie. Unfortunately for people with wheat allergies, it is strictly forbidden to consume it.

  1. Olaf Waffle2. Olaf Waffle

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For those who are allergic to milk and its processed products, don’t buy Olaf Waffle when visiting Disney Shanghai. Because this dish is covered with ice cream and butter, of course, it is hazardous if this allergen is eaten.

As the name implies, Olaf Waffle’s shape imitates the face of the Frozen character, the snowman named Olaf. This dish is very popular with children who love the character and the movie – Frozen. Unfortunately, parents must prevent their little ones from eating it if they have a milk allergy.

  1. Rice Krispie, Candy Apples dan White Chocolate Donut3. Rice Krispie, Candy Apples dan White Chocolate Donut

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Who doesn’t like the sweetness of chocolate? Of course, only a few of them should be forced to avoid this dish because they have allergies. It would be best if you refrained from eating Rice Krispie, Candy Apples, and White Chocolate Donut while at Disney Shanghai.

The reason is that the three dishes will be covered with thick chocolate when eaten warm. Surely this food is liked by everyone, especially children. Unfortunately, they have to avoid eating Rice Krispie, Candy Apples, and White Chocolate Donuts.

  1. Barbequed Fish4. Barbequed Fish

Photo source

You can find this menu while entering the Pirates of the Caribbean area. Barbequed Fish is indeed very tasty and delicious to serve with vegetables and rice. No wonder many parents will choose this dish for their little ones because it has a unique appearance.

Unfortunately, it must be avoided, especially if you have allergies to seafood, especially fish or other kinds of seafood. Because Barbequed Fish is indeed made using these raw ingredients. Of course, this dish is hazardous for those who have side effects of this allergen.

  1. Laksa5. Laksa

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Laksa dish is proven to have many components that are relatively complete—starting from noodles, chicken eggs, shrimp to vegetables. Very good, right? You can find this dish when visiting Disney Shanghai when you enter the Mickey and Pals Market Café area.

Unfortunately for those who have allergies to shrimp and chicken eggs, they should choose not to consume them. Another alternative is to eat it but avoid the two components in order to prevent possible side effects (allergies).

  1. The Beef Brewat Rolls at Restaurant MarrakeshBeef-Roll

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For those of you who have allergies to eating chicken eggs, you should avoid one of the menus at Disney Park, namely The Beef Brewat Rolls. One of the ingredients does contain these allergens, so it is not safe to consume for people who are less able to digest it.

The Beef Bread Rolls have several components, such as beef, eggs, and also sprinkles of sugar and cinnamon powder. You can also ask not to put certain ingredients in it so you can still eat it.

  1. Fajitas Platter at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café7. Fajitas Platter at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café

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For those of you who rarely eat ethnic cuisine, you will certainly be unfamiliar with the name of the dish or can’t even guess what it looks like. Indeed, this is quite confusing for people with certain allergies because they have to re-ask and make sure what components are in it.

For those who have problems with chicken, it is better not to consume the Fajitas Platter at Pecos Bill Tall Inn and Café. The reason is that it has these components in it. As additional information, this dish also consists of rice, roast beef, vegetables, green beans, tortillas, and toppings according to the customer’s request.

  1. Disney’s Croque Madame8. Disney’s Croque Madame

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Surely you are wondering why this dish has allergen properties even though it has quite a cute menu name. Disney’s Croque Madam is a sandwich topped with a fried egg, cheese, and sauce.

This dish is certainly dangerous for those who have allergies to eating chicken eggs. So it would be best if you avoid it, so you don’t consume it because it is dangerous and causes side effects.

Is It Safe to Eat at Disney Shanghai for People with Lactose Intolerance?

For those who don’t know, that lactose intolerant is the inability of a person to digest the lactose sugar in milk and its processed products. We recommend that you avoid some menus at Disney Shanghai, so you don’t see effects such as pain in the stomach, stomach pain, diarrhea to stomach cramps.

  1. Hard Floats at Beaches & Cream Soda Sop1. Hard Floats at Beaches & Cream Soda Sop

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One of these menus can be found when entering Disney’s Beach Club Resort area. Some of the components in this dish are ice cream with certain alcohol content. Certainly, this composition has a few percent milk, so it is not suitable for lactose intolerants.

This menu does sound refreshing, especially if you’re feeling tired after playing around Disney Shanghai for a long time. Unfortunately, people who are unable to digest milk sugar should avoid dishes such as Hard Floats at Beaches & Cream Soda Sop.

  1. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich2. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

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In general, you can only find some menus at Disney Shanghai in certain areas. It is different from the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, which can be found in many locations in this playground, so it is not difficult if visitors want to buy it.

It is said that this light dish does provide authentic ice cream, which of course has a very fresh and delicious taste. Unfortunately, people with lactose intolerance should avoid it so as not to interfere with the fun of playing at Disney Shanghai because it causes side effects.

  1. Baked Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork at Flame Tree Barbecue3.	Baked Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork at Flame Tree Barbecue

Photo source

You can find this Baked Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork at Flame Tree Barbecue menu when entering the Animal Kingdom area. To most people, this dish sounds really good because it has several delicious components, namely pork, and cheese.

Unfortunately for those who are unable to digest dairy products, namely cheese, you should avoid these foods. Muslim visitors must also refrain from eating it because it is made from ingredients that are considered not halal when consumed.

  1. Ohana Bread Pudding at Tambu Lounge4.	Ohana Bread Pudding at Tambu Lounge

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Again, people with lactose intolerant must be careful to determine what components are being eaten. For example, if a dish does not appear that it has a composition such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and other such as Ohana Bread Pudding.

You have to really make sure what the composition is. In fact, the dishes that can be found at Disney’s Polynesian Resort at Disney Shanghai do contain vanilla ice cream. Of course, this composition is dangerous for people with lactose intolerance when consuming it.

  1. Disney Citrus Swirl5.	Disney Citrus Swirl

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As the name implies, this dish has a fairly sour taste when eating it. Many visitors prefer this ice cream because it has a fresh sensation when they feel tired after being tired of playing at Disney Shanghai.

This ice cream has two flavors that combine into one, namely vanilla and orange. Both are the most suitable dishes if you want to eat breakfast in the morning. In fact, this snack is not eligible for consumption by people with lactose intolerance because the main ingredient is milk.

  1. Disney’s PBJ Shake6.	Disney’s PBJ Shake

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This drink is indeed cheap enough to get, which is only around $6. Unfortunately, if you have a lactose intolerant, you should avoid drinking Disney’s PBJ Shake, so as not to cause side effects afterward because it is made from a milkshake.

This milkshake is indeed very refreshing if you drink it during the day. Especially if Disney’s PBJ Shake is equipped with several fruits and jelly. Unfortunately, this drink is not fit for people with lactose intolerance because it is made from whole milk.

  1. Disney’s Mickey Ice Cream7.	Disney’s Mickey Ice Cream

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Don’t ask why this dish is not safe for people with lactose intolerants. All ice cream products do contain milk as the main ingredient—likewise, Disney’s Mickey Ice Cream, which can be purchased at Disney Shanghai.

However, this dish is very tempting to try for everyday people. Not only is it sold for a low price of 5 dollars, but the shape of Disney’s Mickey Ice Cream also has a very adorable shape which is very similar to the head of the Mickey Mouse character.

Can Visitors Bring Foods and Drinks from Outside?

Please note that all visitors are prohibited from bringing certain foods and drinks. However, it is still allowed as long as it is not a product that requires processing before being eaten or is not ready for consumption such as instant noodles, smoked meat, and other examples.

So don’t be afraid to bring some types of food with you when visiting Disney Shanghai as long as you stick to the rules. You can only eat it yourself without sharing it with animals in the Animal Kingdom or even throwing away scraps and packaging carelessly.

Make sure that the food is safe, legal, and not dangerous. Keep in mind that all visitor’s bags will be checked when entering Disney Shanghai entrances to avoid any suspicious or even dangerous luggage.

Well, good news for those of you who want to visit Disney Shanghai but are lactose intolerant and have allergies to certain foods. Because you are allowed to bring your own food that is comfortable and safe for you to consume. But remember the rules, foods that can be brought are foods that are ready to be consumed, not products that require processing before eating such as bacon, BBQ, and others.

What Types of Food are Allowed to Bring to Disney Shanghai?

Visitors are still allowed to bring food when visiting Disney Shanghai. Do not put in the bag some products that are not ready for consumption and must require prior processing such as heating and cooling to a certain temperature.

In addition, it is also not allowed to bring instant noodles because it requires hot water to brew it. Do not carry products that have a strong odor such as durian, shrimp paste, or others. Of course, if you are violating the rules, your luggage will be automatically confiscated by the officers.

You only need to pay attention to some of these rules when visiting Disney Shanghai. All types of food are still allowed to enter this playground as long as it is not the conditions that have been mentioned earlier.

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