You can’t help but notice there is something big about Elia. Perhaps its the robust and assured quality of the food, or maybe the larger-than-life interior design, but Elia offers some definite yang to Asia’s yin in the form of fine Mediterranean dining.

The freestanding Elia building has eastern Guyang Lu all to itself for the time being, though the recently bulldozed street is optimistically awaiting more fine establishments. Inside, Elia also enjoys a wealth of space, with a long bar on both the first and second floor and a breezy, open kitchen. The second floor is just asking for a big Greek wedding party to take it over, balcony and all. Broad tables and chairs, and rich primary colors set the tone for a full-grown dining experience.

Entrees and dishes at Elia enjoy rustic influences and refined presentation. There are some Greek classics, like grandma’s rabbit stifado, but the expertise coming from the kitchen is not limited to the Greek culinary zone of the Mediterranean. The starters list is exemplary of the range Elia has to offer. Origins aside, the menu benefits from exceptionally high quality ingredients. The truly enjoyable Elia salad is built from fine Grecian olive oil, parmesan, plump raisins and pine nuts covering a nest of garden-fresh greens. The seafood was of such fine quality it stands on its own, no need for excessive dressing up. Our selections were all served up in celebratory portions.

Elia offers lunch sets, though if you choose to come for lunch you’ll experience a fine Valentino coffee, but just a small taste of the kitchen’s potential. Those with an appetite for Mediterranean dining’s true colors will want to come for dinner, and come hungry. Oh, and save room for desert! Their crisp and flaky chocolate pyramid pastry is worth every kuai and the lost face from licking your plate.

Author: Enjoy Shanghai

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